Calibration Made Easy


Calibration Made Easy
We’ve made the calibration process even easier.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to recalibrate your Aton to ensure optimum flight performance. If your Aton seems to be acting strange or flying erratically, this would be a good time to perform a recalibration. Also, if you have recently replaced any electrical components, such as a rotor motor or circuit board, we recommend going through the recalibration process.

To do a recalibration, open the Traxxas Flight Linkā„¢ app. With your Aton connected, open the Control/Settings screen and select Calibrate. Simply follow the instructions in the app.

Additionally, you can follow along in the “How to Calibrate” video to see how the calibration is performed.
A quick note about calibration: if possible, perform the calibration process outdoors. Since your Aton uses a compass for the calibration process, it can encounter interference indoors.

Don’t forget to use hashtag #ShotWithAton when sharing your amazing aerial photos and videos!

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