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Where others can’t, Aton does.

More than just a flying camera platform, Aton is a high-performance quadcopter that is engineered for the real-world. Quickly and easily go from filming and taking photos to enjoying the fun of sport flying.

Sport and Expert Modes increase the fun by giving you more speed, greater control, and quicker response. You also have the ability to adjust the rates. Adjusting the rates is, basically, a built-in performance upgrade. Sport and Expert Modes let you experience all the benefits of the powerful brushless motors and tuned props for a grin-inducing experience.

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David Archy Men's 4 Pack Ultra Soft and Breathable Bamboo Rayon Fiber Boxer Briefs (M,Assorted Colors)

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tick ABOUT THE TAG: Fiber extracted from plants is called Rayon which is the terminology of fiber species. Bamboo rayon, as one of the subdivision of Rayon, refers in particular to fiber extracted from bamboo, which just is one kind of rayon. However, we are requested to strictly indicate the content of fiber species, like Cellulose, Rayon, Cotton...on the care labels.
tick NONE BUNCH UP: The appropriate leg length can avoid riding up. The legs will always stay down, for added comfy.
tick NO-ROLL WAISTBAND: Features a about 1-inch logo detailed no-roll waistband with comfortable, high stretch elastic.
tick CONTOUR POUCH DESIGN: The 3D pouch can make your package more comfortable without any sticky; While flat locked stitching creates a virtually seamless feel in sensitive areas.
tick VERSATILE PERFORMANCE: Bamboo rayon is a kind of cellulosic fiber extracted from natural materials-bamboo. It is featured with good air permeability, instant water-absorbing, lightweight and stable dyeing property.


Oh're going to love these underwear! They may possibly be the softest underwear in the galaxy! Using a groundbreaking new line of Bamboo rayon far superior to cotton, these buttery soft undies will caress your delicate male anatomy; you'll never want to wear anything else but these again. Form fitting and shape suggestive, these trunks enhance your natural male essence so you look sexy, hot and 100% male. Our latest release in 2015 includes a double layer of fabric in the crotch so you stay put but never get mashed down. They give you a thin profile and slim silhouette so your outerwear looks great over them, and the subtle styling on the waistband gives a a contemporary vibe. We've crafted these beauties with a super high bamboo content and threw in a smidge of spandex for flex and give.


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