8 affordable ways to create an entertainment room

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The market for family and indoor entertainment centers is booming, with the sector expected to exceed $ 69.55 billion by 2030, according to results from Allied Market Research. We not only see this trend increase at the industry level; we also see it take off in our own homes. US spending on digital entertainment reached a record high of $ 32 billion in 2021, an increase of almost 8% by 2020.

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Of course, people need a space to consume all this media, and this is where the home entertainment center comes into the picture. Think surround sound, mega-TV and game consoles. It provides a heavenly retreat, but it can cost a fortune to create.

“The cost of turning a room into a home entertainment center depends on the size of the room, the type of equipment purchased, and the level of installation and work required,” said Chloe Hughes, editor-in-chief of Foter. “Generally, a basic home entertainment center will cost several hundred dollars. This would include a TV, DVD player and sound system. More elaborate systems with multiple screens and surround sound can cost thousands of dollars. The installation can also be expensive, depending on the complexity of the installation. ”

Thousands of dollars? In this economy? No thanks. Let’s look at some ways to save on turning a room into an entertainment center.

Assess your space, your needs and your budget

“Before you do anything, measure the space you have available, find out what you want to buy and do your research to find the best products and prices available to fit your budget,” Hughes said. “Then, and only then, buy then.”

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Tap Memorial Day Sales

“If you’re looking for technical finds during Memorial Day weekend, your best bets for best sales are Best Buy, Dell, HP, Newegg and Samsung,” said Mackenzie Shand, a shopping expert at BlackFriday.com. “If furniture and home furnishings are also on your shopping list for your new entertainment center, you’ll want to go to Ashley HomeStore, Kohl’s, Macy’s and Target to get Memorial Day deals not to be missed. Some of the best Memorial Day sales is also hosting home improvement retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s, so it’s a smart time to stock up on tools – especially for those who need more tools when turning their room into an entertainment center. ”

Time your TV purchase to save

“A TV is often the centerpiece of an entertainment-focused room,” said Katie Roberts, a consumer analyst at DealNews.com. “You can get great deals even on big screens, but when you buy it matters. Black Friday is consistently the best time of year to buy a TV if you want to get a great discount, and we’ve seen many TV deals show up in Outside the holiday period, March can provide a large number of TV offers. ”

Use a wall as a screen for a projector

“Investing in a good quality projector will not only save you money on buying a large TV but will also eliminate the need to buy a TV stand or mount,” said Volodymyr Barabakh, co-founder and project manager at Structural Beam. “It’s a great option for those with less space because it will seamlessly turn any room into an entertainment center, only to become invisible when turned off. This gives you the freedom to double a living or dining area with an entertainment center, which saves money and space. ”

Do-it-yourself decor with stools and drawers

“Not only are pallets and trays available at almost every woodworking workshop, they are also inexpensive and can even be DIY,” says Brian Lee, founder of Drill & Driver. “This provides a different environment for your entertainment center without spending large costs on store-bought furniture. A rustic interior is always inside and never goes out of style, plus it can create a much more engaging atmosphere when you want to relax. Drawers and stools are also more unique, which will make your entertainment center stand out, regardless of the home’s interior details. ”

Lee added to make sure you get the right dimensions so that your entertainment center in the wooden box / stool looks polished.

“Whether you’re buying one from the port or building your own, it’s best to keep exact measurements to make your piece look more appealing,” Lee said.

Go locally and used for gaming tables

“Ping-pong, soccer and other gaming tables tend to pop up in places like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and yard sales,” Roberts said. “Often people will decide to get rid of these bulky items when moving or cleaning the house. If you are not set on getting a brand new game table, it can be a good way to save choosing a used one from one of these local sources. “

Think of an all-in-one table

“Maybe you or the kids want a room where they can play billiards, air hockey, table tennis … the list goes on,” Roberts said. “Buying separate tables for all these games can both take up a lot of space and be a drain for your wallet. Consider getting a combined gaming table instead, as these usually contain three or more table-based games in one product. That way, you can still enjoy the games you want without paying for several different tables. ”

Decorate with your favorite movie memorabilia

“If you’re a movie lover, you’ve probably been looking for a place to show all your favorite movie posters,” says Kerry Sherin, Consumer Advocate at Ownerly. “Add curtains to your screen and any windows. Your favorite movies can even be displayed in their cases on the wall. Add a lock to the door to prevent burglary.”

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