a candidate of “What if we meet?” tells behind the scenes

INTERVIEW – Nathan, an 18-year-old student from Nantes, took part in the second season of the M6 ​​romance program to meet his Australian friend for the first time, physically.

Il ya un an, M6 lançait “Et si on se rencontrait?”, Une création française produced by Studio 89 où des personnes entretenant des relations à distance via les réseaux sociaux, les forums ou les applications de dating se rencontrent physiquement pour la première ora . “It’s a moment full of very strong emotions”explained the show’s producer, Marc de Suzzoni. “In the virtual world it is easy to lie. We can hide who we really are. The reality of this first meeting allows for very different stories. Each meeting is organized in the romantic setting of the magnificent castle of Ermenonville in the Oise.

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On April 25, M6 broadcast the meeting organized by Nathan with his Australian friend Imogen. The two students, 18 and 19 years old respectively, had been in a friendly relationship through social networks for three years before discovering each other for the first time last February in front of the cameras of “What if we met?”. A program heavily criticized by viewers where the young man from Nantes passed off as a charlatan with very inelegant humor and his friend for the nice idiot on duty. Contacted, Nathan recontextualized this meeting and the exchanges of the two protagonists.

THE FIGARO. – How did you end up in “What If We Meet?” on M6?
NATAN. – I went in without knowing anything about the show, I had never seen it. I had never done TV before and only signed up with good intentions when I found out about the casting announcement. The result today is that the broadcast was bad for me. Everything went very quickly, I took part in the shoot ten days after my recording. In the meantime I had Imogen on her phone, she had to be able to free herself and come from Sweden where she studies.

The question we ask ourselves while watching this show is if you really had never met Imogen before filming?
For the other candidates I don’t know, but for us it was really the first time, our meeting was completely sincere. The only moment during the shoot that was orchestrated by the production was when I asked him to speak French and that was the awkward moment we took part in. It took us out of the context of our meeting and sadly it was kept during editing. Because everything went very well, we had a lot of fun together, I gave him a present, a very nice green bracelet, we laughed a lot and the jokes I could make were taken out of context.

Your remarks sparked controversy when you asked Imogen to repeat phrases in French like “I would like to pick you up” or “Wouldn’t that be my math test so I can end up on my desk tonight?”
They kept these phrases only in French and Imogen’s destabilized reactions in English, as if interpreting it in a language he didn’t understand. She passed for an idiot when I actually systematically translated my words to her and we laughed at it together because we were complicit in this humor. , ed). The editing is horrible and, behind it, people on social networks make abject comments about us.

Did Imogen know where she was getting into this program?
No more than me, it was an opportunity to meet while being paid and remunerated (85 euros on the day of shooting, ed). The production paid for everything: Imogen’s return trip from Sweden to Paris and the nights at the hotel. Everything was organized very quickly. If we had taken more time to think, I don’t think she would have accepted. The “buzz” she caused after the broadcast meant it wasn’t necessarily a good experience for both of them in the end. I am happy to have the opportunity to tell what really happened because the image people have of me after watching the show is very negative.

“In the future I will think twice before agreeing to take part in the filming of a television program”

Nathan from “What if we meet?”

Your meeting ends in a bedroom where you end up kissing, was it premeditated?

Not at all, we were there for a friendly meeting with no intention of going any further and things heated up. We know each other very well, we have been talking to each other every day for three years, we have the same disappointments and this meeting was exciting for us. We had only talked about it for a week and were happy to finally see each other. It wasn’t shown in the montage, but it was Imogen who really took the first step by telling me that I was the only guy she could have a serious relationship with. It was after our discussion turned into seduction.

Nathan and Imogen in “What If We Meet?” M6 screen

How did you meet him three years ago?
At the time, I was a student in the US and as part of an international group created by our respective schools, we chatted via SnapChat and Discord. I was the little Frenchie and she, the pretty Australian, enjoyed flirting with her and, over time, we became very good friends. It was remembering that time I flirted with her that I uttered phrases that sounded horrible on the show but was an accomplice humor, we got it.

What happened after the shooting?
During our weekend in Paris, we were a bit over the moon, went out at night, slept little … We lived as a small couple of our age. I was planning on approaching her for the rest of my studies at economics school, but we quickly realized it wasn’t going to work. Everyone is making a way for her now: she has a boyfriend, I have a girlfriend and we talk a lot less from this experience. We are still on good terms but there is nothing sentimental between us anymore.

Looking back, you regret participating in “What If We Meet?” with Imogene?
No, because I had a unique experience and had a lot of fun. I simply find the turn of events and the derogatory comments that this caused a pity. In the future I will think twice before agreeing to take part in the filming of a TV show.

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