After OM-OL: nine failed shocks, nine symbols of an inconstant season for Marseille

OM – Lens
September 26, 2021
8th day of the championship, defeat 2-3

In Ligue 1, OM has almost everything right at the start of the season. Against Lens it is a shock full of intensity that will give life to Marseille’s first defeat of the season in the league (2-3). Despite a lot of character and clear possibilities, the Focei are surprised and leave the place of the dolphin to their executioners of the evening. It’s the end of OM, all turned on at the start of the season and the start of a great free fall.

League 1

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Galatasaray – OM
November 25, 2021
5th day of the Europa League, 4-2 defeat

After the soft blow, the hard blow. Kept four times in four Europa League matches, OM is playing its future on a match that is not to be lost. Deprived of several leaders, the Focei chain individual errors and live a real nightmare in Turkey (4-2). Doubts are piling up and this spectacular defeat further underscores the troubling performance of the Sampaoli troupe since the fall.

Gerson collapses during the match between Galatasaray and Marseille, November 25, 2021, in the Europa League

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OM – Lilac
January 16, 2022
21st day of the championship, 1-1 draw

The offensive storm that devastated everything in its path became a harmless breeze. While OM had started the season with an offensive bang, Sampaoli changes course: the Phocians trade their unpredictability for an obsession with control. Marseille matches become more readable, even Marseille strikers less effective. Against Lille, despite a numerical superiority of over an hour, a possession close to 80%, the Marseillais struggled to equalize to snatch the point (1-1). Symbolic of Sampaoli’s philosophical change.

February 1, 2022
Late matchday 14, 2-1 defeat

OL’s head is underwater, OM must permanently drown it. When Matteo Guendouzi opens the scoring against an improvised Lyon, where many managers are missing, we think the crowd is said. But, inexplicably, the Marseillais stop playing and turn their cheeks when they have to take the point home. Xherdan Shaqiri rebels unexpectedly, Moussa Dembélé scores an outstanding goal and OL reverses a surprisingly double OM.

Moussa Dembélé tried a scissor before scoring an equally lavish goal against OM

Credit: Imago

February 9, 2022
Coupe de France quarter-finals, 4-1 defeat

One shock, another, where OM passes. While the road to the Stade de France opened after the elimination of PSG, the Phocians are expected in the round. They fall on a Nice team and on a Justin Kluivert in a state of grace (4-1) and leave the Cup prematurely. Two small shots on goal, a defense that takes water: the return to the ground is all the more violent as it comes after an exciting demonstration against Angers (5-2) where Sampaoli’s animation had hit the mark.

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OM – Clermont
February 20, 2022
Matchday 25 of Ligue 1, 0-2 defeat

This time, not a shock but a simple formality at the end of the 25th day, we think. At the Vélodrome, faced with a troubled team, OM must refuel to bring Nice to four points. But the Marseillais are not there, pleased and not very enterprising. Result: 0-2 defeat in a roaring Velodrome but used to poor performance. This season, with 29 points taken out of 54 possible, they left 25 units on their way home …

March 6
Matchday 27 of Ligue 1, 0-1 defeat

Will OM regret this game at the end of the season, when ASM returns very strong in retrospect? At the Vélodrome Sampaoli is putting all his strength to relaunch an attack at half mast: duo Milik-Bakambu in front, a new plant and a quick start. The OM plays but remains desperately inaccurate (2 shots on goal). Milik still expresses a slight discomfort and Marseille start the spring upside down.

Cédric Bakambu (Marseille) in duel with Benoît Badiashile (Monaco), Sunday 6 March 2022. / Ligue 1

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April 17
Matchday 32 of Ligue 1, defeat 1-2

The strength of this OM undoubtedly comes from there: their ability to bounce back very fast and very high after a hard hit. After Monaco, the Phocians chained eight victories in a row and walked on water. At the Parc des Princes, the poster is almost free of posts but it can allow OM to take down the leader and definitively establish himself as the dolphin of a freewheeling PSG. The game plan of Sampaoli, without center forward, is incomprehensible and the Focesi remain to wait. Defeat is masked by a whimsical VAR but, in the game, OM never really tried to win …

May 1
Matchday 35 Ligue 1, 0-3 defeat

Another OL, another sterile domination, another costly confrontation. While the sprint is in full swing, OM sinks after a solid but still ineffective first bout. The arbitration is still identified but against a Lyon at ease on the counterattack, Marseille fall at the worst moment. Joker grilled and a mattress on the competition turned into a sheet of paper. This handling of shocks this season will not fail to quickly return to the standings: OM will travel to Rennes on Matchday 37 before concluding the season at home, against Strasbourg.

Arkadiusz Milik (OM) v OL, May 2022

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League 1

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League 1

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