Aqui Happens – Drivers and tourists alike praise Aracaju’s organization and quality during the Northeast Kart Championship

April 25, 2022 – 10:25 am

This Saturday, 23, Aracaju hosted the finals of the eight categories of the Northeast Kart Championship, held by the Sergipe Automobile Federation (FSA) and the Sergipe Kart Association (ASK), with the support of the Municipality of Aracaju, through the Municipal Youth Secretariat and dello Sport (Sejesp).

The event took place at the Kartódromo Emerson Fittipaldi, located on Orla da Atalaia, a space recently renovated by the municipal administration, with one of the objectives precisely that of hosting major competitions such as the Championship.

One of the objectives of the city hall’s strategic planning to strengthen tourism is to support and attract events. The measure, in addition to generating tourist demand and heating the tourism supply chain, projects the capital of Sergipe into the competitive tourism market of the entire country.

“Whenever we host events of this size, in addition to the economic benefits, we also gain from spontaneous marketing. Those who arrive are surprised by the quality of the city, we are highly praised, and this look of our visitors on our city reaches the places of origin, the famous ‘word of mouth’, observes the municipal councilor for Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Jorge Fraga .

For the president of the Sergipe Federation of Automobilism (FSA), Kennedy Fonseca, the success of the Northeast Kart Championship must be shared with the Municipality of Aracaju, through the departments of Sport and Youth (Sejesp), Industry, Commerce and Tourism (Semict) and the municipal companies of Works and Urbanization (Emurb) and Urban Services (Emsurb), “which from the beginning supported the entity for the Northeast Kart Championship to be held in Aracaju,” says the leader.

Kennedy Fonseca reported that most of the pilots and their teams arrived on Monday 20, “they are here in town for about eight days, staying in our hotel chain and consuming products and services in our bars and restaurants”.

“Each driver, out of the 120 in total in this competition, does not come alone, he arrives with a team structure, mechanics, communication and relatives. I can say that in our municipality we have more than 700 people from different states, generating foreign currency for motorsport and tourism, ”says Kennedy.

Drivers from different teams were unanimous in praising the structure and quality of the Emerson Fittipaldi Kartódromo, recently renovated by the Municipality of Aracaju to host the Northeast Kart Championship and the Copa Brasil de Kart, to be held in July.

“I found a very technical track, the perfect asphalt to try to get the best time, good to drive, tire savings, an incredible track”, praises the driver Ana Laura Ogawa, from the municipality of Palmas / TO.

“This circuit is much better than we imagined, the asphalt is very good, the layout is very nice, a really good circuit,” agrees Sisdeli Competições team leader, Allan Sisdeli, of Americana / SP.

Another driver who praised the circuit was Fábio Pereira Monteiro, from Palmas / TO. He congratulated the municipality of Aracaju for “the excellent work done on the kart track”. “The asphalt was very good, everything was very beautiful, I can say that you are on the road that many other kart tracks are not, so I must do it justice and congratulate all those who participated in the organization and realization of this Cup here in Aracaju. “, Praises.

But, in addition to the Kartódromo Emerson Fittipaldi, another point much appreciated by the participants in the event is the organization and quality of the city, with particular attention to cleanliness and tourist infrastructures.

Adriel Fernandes Cabral da Silva is from Pernambuco, city of Macaparana, and has come with his partner, Warney Menezes Nascimento, to accompany teams for which he provides advertising services. Accustomed to working hours in other states, he praised the city and its network of services. “I loved Aracaju. You have an incredible city, we have seen a good variety of hotels, good restaurants and beautiful attractions, it is a city that I intend to return to a lot, both for business and pleasure, I really enjoyed it, ”he reiterated.

The São Paulo engineer, Marisa Gomes José, is in the city accompanied by her husband, Wagner Gonzalez, owner and editor of the magazine ‘Curva 3’, a publication specializing in basic motor racing. The two strolled through the city and were delighted with the organization of the city, cleanliness and craftsmanship.

“My husband and I were very enchanted by the city, it is a very beautiful place, well organized, with lots of greenery and very clean, the cleanliness of the city and your quality of life attracted our attention. We went to the market and saw the craftsmanship, so many beautiful and precious pieces, including party dresses, we loved everything we saw, ”he sums up.

With the roar of the engines and karts whizzing on the finish grid, Jorge Fraga waved the checkered flag for the 23rd edition of the Copa Brasil de Kart, already confirmed for July, with the support of the Municipality of Aracaju.

“Another great event that brings Aracaju, once again, to the podium of national motorsport. We must commend the efforts made by the Automobile Federation Sergipe, through its president Kennedy Fonseca, in promoting this sport, and the extraordinary support that the Municipality has provided for the success of the event. Aracaju is certainly on the radar of national motorsport and this is very positive for increasing our tourist flow ”, underlines the secretary.

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