ASM return to Rennes, Metz risk relegation after a cruel draw, Clermont and Lorient lose

Louis Mafouta, moved to Prime’s microphone: “I don’t know how to give up”

“Frustrated by the image of the season. I don’t know how to give up. We conceded two goals in the last 10 minutes, where we have to be the strongest mentally, unfortunately today we let go. I am very disappointed. We could have believed in the maintenance, but here we lost the boat again, it will be tough. “

It ended up on the four meadows!

End of this multiplex of the 35th day of Ligue 1. Brest wins against Clermont despite a numerical inferiority (2-0). Reims wins on the lawn of Lorient (2-1), the ASM easily has Angers (2-0) while Metz concedes the draw on the lawn of Montpellier (2-2). In the standings, the Garnets remain last and are close to relegation. ASM, for its part, returns to third place. Clermont and Lorient are still not immune from a descent in Ligue 2.

Metz is captured!

It is cruel to the Messins. The Garnets are joined in the additional time of the match following a mistake by Kouyaté. It was Wahi who took the opportunity to equalize.

Nice stop from Bizot

Clermontois could have raised after Allevinah’s shot, but Bizot made a good save.

Souquet revives Montpellier

Montpellier will put pressure on Metz in these last moments. Immediately after Nguette’s cross, Arnaud Souquet is more clinical and delivers a perfect header from Ristic’s cross.

The bar for Nguette

The Messins were very close to the third goal on the Montpellier lawn. Opa Nguette had managed to get the better of the Hérault defense, but the Grenats striker saw his shot pushed over the crossbar.

Exceptional stop of Mandréa

Wissam Ben Yedder is perfectly served by Badiashile. The French forward controls and continues but Anthony Mandréa makes a superb save.

Metz doubles the bet

As soon as he entered the game, Louis Mafouta found the net with comedic action. Mikelbrencis against a ball from the face, back on the feet of Mafouta who closes in first intention. The Garnets are approaching great success.

Nguette comes into play

Frédéric Antonetti makes a double exchange. Didier Lamkel Zé is eliminated and replaced by Opa Nguette. Nicolas De Préville is also replaced. Louis Mafouta replaces him.

Fulgini’s shot misses the target

It was a great opportunity to question the minds of the Monegasques. Angelo Fulgini tries his luck with a flat foot just outside Nubel’s area but his shot flirts with the ASM goalkeeper’s right post.

Ben Yedder scores!

Wissam Ben Yedder scores his 21st goal of the season and sets a new personal best in one season. ASM lashes out at Angers.

Brest doubles the bet

Incredible! Brestois scores the second goal while Clermontois are in numerical superiority. It was Florent Ogier who scored against his team after a header from Steve Mounié previously served by Belaili.

Brest opens the scoring

It’s the cold shower for the Clermontois. LIlian Brassier scores an opportunistic goal against Ouparine Djoco. The Bretons took the lead, outnumbered by the 22 ‘.

El Bilal Touré brings the advantage back to Reims

Despite having been dominated by the return from the locker room, Rémois returned to Lorient thanks to a goal from El Bilal Touré.

Kamory Doumbia is shown a yellow card

The young Reims midfielder is booked after a poorly controlled tackle on Enzo Le Fée.

Another goal disallowed for Monaco

This time around, it was Ben Yedder who was denied a goal for offside again after another mess.

I also change for Clermont

Pascal Gastien also made a half-time change for Brest-Clermont. Ghanaian midfielder Abdul Samed has replaced Yohan Magnin.

Jaboks replaced Diop

At the Louis II stadium, Philippe Clement made a substitution at half-time. Sofiane Diop has given way to Jakobs.

Monaco has decided to double the bet

It will not be two to zero for the Monegasques. Kevin Volland thought he had scored, but the assistant referee raised the flag for offside position.

What a stop from Caillard

It also goes very fast on the Montpellier meadow. The Messins suffer but Marc-Aurèle Caillard makes a superb save.

What an opportunity for Lorient

A few seconds of play at Moustoir and already a great opportunity to take the lead for Lorient and Terem Moffi. Rajkovic saved the people of him.

Here we go again

Beginning of the second period on the four lawns of this multiplex of the 35th matchday of Ligue 1. Principality of Monaco and Metz. Lorient, Reims, Brest and Clermont are back to back.

It is the interval on the four meadows

End of the first period on the four lawns of this multiplex of the 35th day of Ligue 1. ASM in the lead against Angers as well as Metz on the lawn of Montpellier. Lorient and Reims are back to back. Same case between Brest and Clermont. Bretons are reduced to 10.

Bamba scores against his team. Monaco opened the scoring

It took a twist of fate for ASM to unlock the score in this match against Angers. After a mess caused by Fofana, Abdoulaye Bamba accidentally pushed the ball into his own net.

Goal disallowed for Montpellier

Wahi was celebrating his goal but the assistant referee raised the flag for offside position.

Kevin Volland takes a yellow

The German ASM striker gets a yellow card for an uncontrolled tackle.

Matazo takes the opportunity

On a badly set back corner, the Monegasque midfielder Matazo strikes with a volley but misses Mandréa’s shot.

Moffi’s sensational goal

Moffi makes Messi! The Lorient striker scores an exceptional goal from his team. Terem Moffi knocked out several defenders before dribbling past the Reims goalkeeper and finishing. The Naselli return to Reims.

Yellow card for Belaili

Algerian international Youcef Belaili is booked for a foul on Akim Zedadka, Clermont team.

Metz very close to the estate

Nicolas de Préville is served by Mikelbrencis. The former Bordeaux player takes over in first intention but crosses too much. For the Garnets it was an opportunity to lead by two goals in this meeting.

Metz returns to Bordeaux in the standings

This goal by Thomas Delaine allows, for the moment, the Grenats to move up to 19th place and relegate Bordeaux to last place before the Girondins match at 17 against Nice.

Metz opens the scoring in Montpellier

Thomas Delaine gave Metz the lead on the Montpellier turf with a subtle shot from the plate. Bertaud can’t do anything.

Del Castillo is excluded

Romain Del Castillo will leave Brest at 10 for more than an hour in this match against Clermont. The former Rennais is guilty of too high a sole on Jodel Dossou.

Zeneli unlocks this multiplex

Arber Zenelli finds the net thanks to El Bilal Touré who serves him perfectly. The Reims striker has no choice but to finish and open the scoring.

Nice parade of Djoco

On a fine shot by Paul Lasne, Clermont goalkeeper Ouparine Djoco made a nice save to block for a corner. Behind the Clermont goalkeeper he still has to work to avert the danger.

Already a change for Metz

Fabien Centonze has to give up his post because he looks injured. He is replaced by Mikelbrencis. First blow for the Garnets in this match.

What an opportunity for Ben Yedder

What an opportunity for Ligue 1 top scorer Wissam Ben Yedder. The French striker finds himself alone against Mandrea but completely misses the goal.

Good start in Angers

Since the start of the match between Monaco and Angers, it is the Angevins who have the ball and are dissolving the game against the Monegasques who are waiting to attack on the counterattack.

Great opportunity for Brest

The Clermontois were hot. On an overflow by Lilian Brassier, the Brests try a cross but no one can recover.

The post for Montpellier

English Montpellier forward Stephy Mavididi caught a cross from the right at the near post but his attempt ended up on Marc-Aurèle Caillard’s post.

First big opportunity for Angers

The first to shine in this multiplex of the 35th day of Ligue 1 are the Angevins of Monaco. Jakolis kicks a cross from the spot but does not find the small goal.

Let’s go!

The kick-off of this multiplex of the 35th matchday of Ligue 1 has just been given on the four fields concerned. Monaco-Angers, Brest-Clermont, Montpellier-Metz and Lorient-Reims have just left.

The kick-off is approaching

The kick-off of this 35th matchday of Ligue 1 multiplex will begin in less than 10 minutes.

The race to keep in the heart of this multiplex

That’s the big problem with this Ligue 1 Matchday 35 multiplex. Four of the eight teams playing this afternoon are worried about maintenance. FC Metz, who travel to Montpellier, are also playing their survival in the top flight. If the Garnets don’t win, the mission will be nearly impossible. Clermont, Angers and Lorient could take flight if successful.

Good morning everyone

Hello everyone and welcome to the RMC Sport website to follow live the multiplex of the 35th matchday of Ligue 1. Four matches are scheduled: Brest-Clermont, Lorient-Reims, Monaco-Angers and Montpellier-Brest.

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