At ten, Lens offers a comeback! – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (RCL 2-2 FCN) – Football

Outnumbered, RC Lens showed great courage to score two goals behind FC Nantes (2-2) this Saturday in Ligue 1 Bollaert.

Lens answered Simon’s double.

Quickly led 2-0 and again reduced to ten, Lens achieved a small feat by managing to win the draw against Nantes (2-2) this Saturday on the occasion of the 35th matchday of Ligue 1.

However, this result does not suit Racing, 7th, in the race for Europe and serves as a reminder for FCN one week before the Coupe de France final against Nice.

Simon fills the atmosphere

Driven by a glowing Stade Bollaert, Sang et Or entered the game well and put pressure on the opponent’s field, an image of a first alarm on a shot by Sotoca, which did not hit the target. But the Nordics lacked technical precision and were afraid of losing balls. A few moments after Leca’s check, Simon took advantage of these approximations to open the scoring on a rejected by Lafont (0-1, 8th).

Goal ten more!

Not sharp enough in the opposing field, Franck Haise’s men left huge avenues at the bottom of their three-man defense and Simon took advantage of it again to give way to them, before being violently hit by Leca’s exit after attempting a lob. . Undisputed red card for the Lensois goalkeeper, who left ten to his teammates. Another time…

Going in to replace him, Farinez did not reject Cyprien’s shot enough and Simon took advantage of it to concede the brace (0-2, 32nd). It was then necessary to wait for the last minutes before the interval to finally see Sang et Or attack with more intensity, an image of this action concluded by the 2-1 ball missed by Da Costa.

Reassembled the Nordic

Upon returning from the locker room, the two teams clashed blow for blow. Lens started to be sharper but Lafont fought Haidara while Simon was too short to block a cross from Coco. After a lot of work by Fofana, Da Costa finally scored the goal of hope (1-2, 67th). Galvanized by their audience, the Lensois did not stop there and the referee, after the intervention of the VAR, logically assigned a penalty to the RCL after the failure of Lafont on Sad. Kalimuendo turned him to overturn Bollaert (2-2, 81st)! Even though the striker missed the match point in the crowd, the Nordics, saved in the last moments by Farinez and then Gradit, once again showed that they have heart!

The score of the match: 7.5 / 10

In a Bollaert stadium of the big days, we witnessed a great match, full of intensity, despite the technical approximations of Lens. The two teams challenged each other blow for blow to offer us a twisted scenario, with a breathless suspense until the last seconds.

The objectives :

– With permission from Lafont, Coco forces herself into the air and swerves towards Simon. The Nigerian gets behind the Lensois and goes to beat Leca with a cross shot (0-1, 8th).

– Cyprien tries a straight shot, from off the surface. Masked, Farinez pushes towards the axis where Simon leaps to crucify him at point blank range (0-2, 32 °).

– Moved to the area after the hard work of Fofana, author of a superb oriented control, Da Costa ends by beating Lafont with a restart of the right rebound (1-2, 67 °).

– Sad is only on the left of the surface and Lafont is forced to intervene and mow down the attacker. Kalimuendo transforms the current penalty into axis (2-2, 81 °).

NOTES from players

Maxifoot scored (out of 10) comments for each player.

Man of the match: Moses Simon (8/10)

Having scored his first brace in Ligue 1, the Nantes winger would have been a constant poison for Lensoise’s defense. His speed, already at the origin of his first goal, punishes the mistakes of the opponents and leads to the expulsion of Leca, who hits him. At the second goal the Nigerian showed all his talent, before narrowly missing the hat-trick in the second half, replaced in the 70th minute by Osman Bukari (not no).


Jean-Louis Leca (4): important stop at the start of the game then serious foul with consequences. Though his defense left him alone on the spot, the north goalkeeper nearly precipitated his team’s downfall with his failed and dangerous exit leading to his early red card.

Jonathan Gradit (4): probably embarrassed by the sun, the central defender misses his intervention and makes a big mistake on the action of the red card. Apathetic at 2-0, Lensois will have had the merit of finding more solidity in the second period, like his save at the end of the game, even if it is not enough to save the game.

Massadio Hadara (3.5): author of several ball losses at the start of the game, badly placed on the first opponent’s goal and absent on the second, even the central defender experienced a first nightmare period. Less feverish after the break, the Malian gets a chance, rejected by Lafont. Replace the 63rd minute with Deiver Andrs Machado (not no).

Christopher Wooh (5): abandoned by Hadara, the central defender is behind on the first opponent’s goal and apathetic on the second. More reliable than his rearguard comrades and his technical quality was good on the ball in comeback.

Jonathan Clauss (5.5): He was not the Clauss of the big nights, and the right piston lacked precision in his overtaking. But the Habs fought well and embodied, with his attitude of him, one of the faces of the awakening of Lensois in the second period, with several attempts, not frames. Captivating in the hallway of him.

Cheick Oumar Doucoure (5.5): Solid in duels, the midfielder limited the risks in his broadcasts and delivered a satisfying match.

Seko Fofana (6.5): Like his team, the midfielder was irrelevant in the first period before losing his horses back from the locker room. From that point on, the northern captain showed the large volume of play we know him and chained the perforations. The Ivorian does a great job serving Da Costa on his goal.

Przemyslaw Frankowski (not evaluated): beaten by Coco, the left piston loses an important duel which leads to the opening of the opponent’s score. But the Pole also showed great activity with several dangerous crosses at the start of the match. Sacrificed after the red of Leca and replaced on 21 ‘by Wuilker Fariz (5), author of a mixed performance. Perhaps masked and bothered by the sun, the Venezuelan is partly responsible for Nantes’ second goal as he pushes the ball back in the center. But in the end he made up for it with a decisive save against Moutoussamy.

David Costa (6): after having missed the equalizer before the interval, the attacking midfielder put in the sights and in the second half scored the goal of hope. Pretty interesting game directions, like his offer for Sotoca at the start of the game. Replace the 82nd minute with Gal Kakuta (not).

Florian Sotoca (5): failed in his two occasions at the beginning of the game, neither foot nor head, the attacker then weighed on the opponent’s defense but without real ammunition to exploit. Replace the 63rd minute with Wesley Sad (no no)who gets the penalty of a draw.

Ignatius Ganago (5): favorite at kick-off in Kalimuendo belittled, the attacker weighed little from an offensive point of view, but the Cameroonian had the merit of making the effort in the defensive retreat. Replace the 63rd minute with Arnaud Kalimuendo (not no)which transforms the rigor of the tie before touching the double in the crowd.


Alban Lafont (4.5): author of a rebound that leads to the advantage and solid against Haidara on his return from the locker room, the goalkeeper has long since copied the image of his season. Solid. But his wrong exit on Sad offers the penalty of a draw and somehow tarnishes his record.

Dennis Appiah (4.5): average game for the central defender, who rejected several central opponents but who was also guilty of avoidable leaks. Not aggressive enough on Lensois’ first goal.

Abdoulaye Sylla (5): The young central defender generally did well by imposing his power in the air. But, like Appiah, he is too static on the opponent’s first goal.

Nicolas Pallois (5.5): he copies the central defender as we know him, with blocking interventions, especially when the Lensoise pushes before the interval, but also gestures and an attitude that often put him on the verge of eviction. Deposited by Fofana on the first opponent’s goal.

Marcus Coco (6.5): fresh from suspension and again aligned as a right piston, the Nantes player showed an interesting face in this role. Author of the decisive deflection at the opening and then a good cross from Simon in the second period, he showed his offensive advantage. Author of some marking errors himself. Replace the 81st minute with Sébastien Corchia (not no).

Samuel Moutoussamy (4.5): the midfielder struggled to win in duels against opposing sizes. The Congolese still has an opportunity in the final but clashes with Farinez.

Chirivella (5.5): fresh from an injury, the midfielder has created an interesting copy with a lot of activity in pressing and an always appreciable passing quality. He is missing a week from the final and replaces the 46th minute with Roli Pereira De Sa (4)entered a second less fortunate period for the people of Nantes.

Wylan Cyprien (5): taking advantage of his chance from afar, the midfielder starts the second goal of his team. Despite everything mixed performance for the former Lensois, hit in the duels. Replace the 86th minute with Lohann Doucet (not no).

Quentin Merlin (5.5): solid match for the left piston, which did not concede anything in his lane. However, the attacking contribution of the young Nantes player will have been more contained than usual.

Moses Simon (8): Read the comment above.

Randal Kolo Muani (5): more discreet than usual, the attacker has not really had the opportunity to shine. He is also the author of an intelligent contest that facilitates the opening of Simone’s score. Replace the 70th minute with Kalifa Coulibaly (not no)which in the end touched the goal of 3-2.

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LENS 2-2 NANTES (half time: 0-2) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 35th matchday
Stadium: Stade Bollaert-Delelis, Lens – Referee: Thomas Leonard, France

Targets : David Costa (67 °) A. Muinga (81 °, pen.) For LENS – M. Simon (8 °) M. Simon (32 °) for NANTES
Warnings : J. Leca (19th)for LENS- R. Pereira de Sa (53rd), W. Cyprien (62nd), S.Moutoussamy (74th), N. Pallois (80th), A.Lafont (81st)for NANTES

LENS : J.LecaJ. Gradit, C.wooh, Mr. Hadara (D. Machado, 63rd)J.Claus, P. Frankowski (W. Fareez, 21)C. Doucur, S.FofanaF. Sotoca (W. Sad, 63 °), David Costa (G. Kakuta, 82nd)I. Ganago (A. Muinga, 63rd)

NANTES : A.LafontA. Silla, D. Appiah, N. PalloisMr. Coco (S. Corchia, 81 °), D. MerlinS.Moutoussamy, Chirivella (R. Pereira de Sa, 46 °)W. CyprienR. Muani (O. Bukari, 70th), Mr. Simon (K. Coulibaly, 70th)

Leca was sent off after just 19 minutes.

Fofana and Lens both rose to power as the game progressed.

Moutoussamy and Nantes will leave with regrets.

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