Bottega Veneta, history of the brand and stylists

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The Bottega Veneta logo it is one of the most famous in the world. The Italian fashion house has the best of Made worldwide in Italybest known for her own leather products with interwoven craftsmanship† But let’s go back in time, when was Bottega Veneta born? The house has been founded in 1966 in Vicenza by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro† Since that distant 1966, it has been acquired for the first time since Gucci Group and then from Kering grouphowever, despite the changes, Bottega Veneta has always managed to stay true to its origin

Who Made Bottega Veneta?

Bottega Veneta was born thanks to Renzo Zengiaro and Michele Taddei. At the end of the First World War, Renzo Zengiaro she is just 14 years old. Times are tough and even the youngest have to work to support the family. It’s gonna be like this apprentice craftsman in a tailor shop† After a few years, thanks to the advice of a friend, he managed to find a job in Marisa company specializing in the production of bags in series† Renzo immediately shows that he has talent for this job and at the age of 18 he comes to him offered the opportunity to design a few models of bags yourself† He doesn’t have the skills of leather goods behind him, but a great will to do and creativity to sell. starts to based on tradition and making soft bags who know how to respond to the needs of the time as best as possible.

Although he continues to work for the Marisa company, opens his own lab† With the passage of time, yes he decides to leave the company to set up his own business† To accompany him on this adventure, Michele Taddei, son of the representative of the company Marisa† That’s how they found the Bottega Veneta brand† Renzo is engaged in the design and production of bags. Michele, on the other hand, takes care of the commercial and administrative part of the company.

Over the years the two give life weaving, a processing technique which is not initially welcomed, but which over time becomes the symbol of the company. The fabric is made to meet a need of the company, or the lack of machines suitable for thick leather† The two then decide to try the striped leather with soft leathers and then weaving them together to create a single panel. Just an idea ingenious

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The History of Bottega Venice

Bottega Veneta was therefore born in 1966 in Vicenza† In 1972 he opened the first Bottega Veneta store in the United States of America, none other than New York. After a few years the house starts to also produce shoes† At the the end of 70s the founder Renzo Zengiaro decides to leave the company† Also the other founder Michele Taddei makes the same decision after a short while. Deliver the house in the hands of his ex-wife, Laura Braggion who starts directing it? together with second husband Vittorio Moltedo† Laura Braggion is very good at her job, aware that you need to circulate her name to grow the brand moves to New York and finds a way to join the local jet set and to talk about.

He succeeds in his aim and the Bottega Veneta products come to the cinema world, entertainment, art. In fact it was 1980 when actress Lauren Hutton wearing a Bottega Veneta bag in woven leather in famous cult movie American gigolo† In the 1985 Andy Warhol directs the short film Bottega Veneta Industrial Videotape and 5 years later the Bottega Veneta brand is ready launches its first ready-to-wear collection

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The 2000s and the discreet luxury of Bottega Veneta

In the 2001 Bottega Veneta is acquired by the former Gucci Group† A decision that was undoubtedly painful, but necessary. In fact, the brand is going through a very intense crisis period. After this takeover, the expression was coined for the maison secret wealththat is, discreet luxury† They were years of big changes, which the brand also threw itself into high jewelry sector† These are the years of economic recoveryallowing Bottega Veneta to increase its sales by 15 times.

In 2005 the brand presented its first ready-to-wear fashion show for women and in 2006 for men. In 2011 the first Bottega Veneta fragrance† Sales continue to grow and the brand opens the Bottega Veneta’s School of the Master Pellettieri which also offers postgraduate training. In 2013 the Headquarters Bottega Venice, the house moved to Montebello Vicentino, in an eighteenth-century villa. Opens the Bottega Veneta flagship in Milan and to follow the flagship a Beverly Hills, on the prestigious North Rodeo Drive. Among the other stores that opened later is that one Ginza, Tokyothat’s 6 floors and one a New York with an area of ​​15,000 square meters† The launch of the pouch clutch takes place in 2018, one of the brand’s best-selling bags ever. This is also the year ofBottega Veneta’s release from Instagrama small revolution if we can say it in a world intensely devoted to social media.

Other production locations and stores will open. Over the years they come and go various creative directors† Then there is another impasse for the brand. We are in 2019. After a decline in sales Bottega Veneta becomes part of the Kering group† in 2021 becomes creative director of the maison Matthieu Blazyborn in Paris in 1984. It has a very respectable curriculum that makes it perfect for this role† In fact, he has already worked for Raf SimonsMaison Martin Margiela, Celine, Calvin Klein.

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