Branko horoscope today May 12, 2022 / Sign by sign forecasts: Aries, Taurus …

Branko horoscope today May 12, 2022: forecasts for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer

What do the stars predict by standing for the day of today, Thursday 12 May 2022according toBranko horoscope? Let’s find out together the predictions for the 12 zodiac signs spread by the popular astrologer through the radio station Radio Sound Size. L’Aries he must not expect miracles from Jupiter, because he gives nothing for nothing. The relationship that Jupiter will have with other planets should be seen. The only annoyance is the Moon in Libra which begins to quarrel with Venus in the sky and with Jupiter itself, but it does not harm love. Today is a lunar day: for the Bull a beautiful light comes on in the very high point of your sky and then goes to Virgo in Libra. For the man there will also be sentimental news. These are special moments for the family and young people can now make life plans in common. In business you are a fury and you take everything, what you don’t take today you will take tomorrow. Jupiter could bring old legal problems. Some boredom and discomfort for the Twins with close people or at work. In a few hours, the Moon will take its position on the Libra plates. Moon is opposed to Jupiter but you remember that you have Mercury in your sign. This is a beautiful position with both Venus and Jupiter in Aries. This helps you a lot in love and in conquests. In the sector of distances Mars acts which is crazy but which makes you combative like never before. There is no need to fight so much now, the good opportunities will come by themselves. For the Cancer having Jupiter in that position has a good side for success and ambition and a bad side because it can cause problems with the work environment. After the 24th, Cancer with nearby Mars will have to be more careful in dealing with others. Important contacts with near and distant relatives. You can continue with projects of love. Moon in Libra will not be easy, wait for it to arrive in Scorpio, which will be a beautiful time for passionate loves.

Branko horoscope today 11 May 2022: how will the day go for Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio?

As the stars reserve, according to the Branko horoscope predictions for this Wednesday in May for those born under the sign of Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio? Let’s start right from Lion: with Jupiter in Aries you will earn a lot. We cannot yet speak of a 100% clear situation. The Sun in Taurus with Saturn means that you are still challenged at work. They don’t forgive you for what your thinking is. Saturn is the main culprit in times of stress. For the Virgin there may be an unexpected financial windfall. Jupiter can cause a fight with a spouse or a colleague precisely for economic reasons. You are not so anxious but be careful and do not overdo the requests. There Balance she will have some breathing room in the professional field, but this news will bring her the Moon which will soon arrive in your sign. Saturn is also active and commercial and Mercury in Gemini is in an excellent position. Certain agreements must be secret for now. As a reward, the stars organize a passionate May finale. A new rose is about to bloom in your sky. For it Scorpio a noticeable practical sense has come, thanks to the Moon having made a solicitation in Virgo. Jupiter, the largest planet, now goes into the fields of work, health, money and business alongside Venus, which may go crazy next to you. Saturday and Sunday full moon, which will bring you a him or her.

Branko horoscope today May 12, 2022: forecasts for Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

We close our roundup of forecasts taken fromBranko horoscope for today, Thursday 12 Maywith the last four zodiac signs. Even if you have an elastic and sporty body, many were born under the sign of Sagittarius they suffer from the Moon in Virgo especially when there is a contrast with Mars and Neptune. Beware of allergies. There is also Mercury now in Gemini. Luck for you falls in the sign of Aries with Venus and Jupiter. Luck is welcome right now. News for the Capricorn with the two planets in Aries, which is always the fourth house that calls the family and the parent-child relationship. Possibility of new jobs, but you have to be flexible. Yours is a creative chaos. In love, moreover, the satisfactions are not lacking despite that Venus. Mars is always there, even Uranus and the Sun. Jealousy can be awakened. The desire for love that burns in the heart ofAcquarium find the answer today. Moon in Virgo is still intriguing for love. Venus will have the strength to awaken even sleeping couples. Openness in work and business. She magnifies the Moon in Libra. You will win a case. As for the Fish: beautiful Jupiter and Mars is still fixed and sure, almost insistent, especially for your conquests of love. There are minor health problems. Then check all the weak points. Transits are passing through and there is a sinking in your heart. He trusts so much in the full Moon that it will explode in Scorpio between Saturday and Monday 16.


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