Carole Delga, lead the left counter-offensive “Charlie”!

While socialists and rebels would have agreed last night on a list of 70 electoral districts, Carole Delga, Olivier Faure’s rival and influential president of the Region, inaugurated an exhibition dedicated to Cabu. Tomorrow, gathered in the National Council, will the socialists sell their souls to the devil by allying themselves with the Islamic-left? What will Madame Delga do then?

On the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, the charismatic President of the Occitania Region Carole Delga inaugurated on Tuesday the launch of an exhibition in homage to Cabu, the cartoonist of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdodied under fire from the Kouachi brothers’ Kalashnikov on January 7, 2015.

The exhibition, entitled ” Cabu’s laugh “, Which will be held until June 19, proposes almost 400 caricatures of the stylist, known for his impertinence anchored in pencil, at the Hôtel de Région de Toulouse and in the square of the Hôtel de Région de Montpellier.

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Is it legitimate to be a socialist and participate in this exhibition? Yes but…

No limits to humor which is at the service of freedom of expression! It is with this emblematic phrase of Cabu that this retrospective opens. But those who say that freedom of expression say the courage to speak out loud and clear about their beliefs. This is what the elected socialist has always done, with a certain courage, who after the beheading of Samuel Paty had decided to project caricatures on the facades of the two hotels in the Region, challenging the risk run by all those who venture to take tour of the prophet or to criticize Islam. With her sunny accent, Carole Delga’s voice then boomed: “The first danger is the weakening of the Republic. We cannot back down, we cannot have any weakness or compromise towards these acts which are fundamentalism or fanaticism. “

The elected socialist has not moved an iota. Today, at a time when the Socialist Party (PS) came out of the soup of negotiations with insubordinate France (LFI) – where the critical point was not so much the defense of the values ​​it left behind, but the sharing of the college cake election – Carole Delga insists and signs, in a removed tweet: “There can be no compromise with freedom of expression, conscience or secularism. “

Carole Delga is a fighter, who believes in what she stands for. During the 2th regional round, in June 2021, had already ruled out any merger with LFI and EELV, and won hands down and for the second consecutive time the Occitania Region, with 58% of the votes, crushing these frontists and opponents of LR.

The bad barter of the socialists

What once stood as a bulwark against the breakup of the Socialist Party at the national level cannot support the rallying of his political family, which was traditionally anchored to the universalism of the social and secular Republic, to the communal left of Jean-Luc Melenchon.

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It would be to make a pact with a party that took part in the ” march against Islamophobia Sponsored by Islamist organizations close to the Muslim Brotherhood – such as the CCIF, now dissolved; a party praised by the indigenist Houria Bouteldja who wrote Ozar Hatorah the day after the attacks against the Jewish school in Toulouse ” Mohamed Merah is me and I am him “; and who now considers the leader of the Insoumi as a ” spoils of war “And boasts of having converted” the crazy laycard like a good soldier of communitarianism. He would agree with a party that intends to hit the militant journalist Taha Bouhafs, convicted of public insult because of her origin after calling the police unionist Linda Kebbab. “of Arab service”.

Cowardly Compromises

To keep their seats in the hemicycle, the PS would then be on the verge of exchanging “Don’t touch my friend” for “Don’t touch my seat”.

Faced with these vile compromises, Carole Delga responds with a thunderous “I am Charlie”, without candles or teddy bears, but demonstrating her convictions. The elected socialist still embodies this left which unfortunately has been brain dead since she abandoned her historical electorate: the popular categories, ordinary people as Orwell would say and as Elisabeth Lévy reminds us in her editorial, to seduce the France of diversity and replace historical social struggles with dubious social battles.

Faced with this agreement in principle that PS and LFI have just signed last night, Carole Delga therefore has no choice but to disagree!

It would be his song of the partisans, his way of erecting the sanitary cordon of French humor against the corruption of the soul of socialism by the extreme communal and Islamophile left.

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