Celtics – Bucks Ratings: Spoilers, Jrue Holiday was better than Jaylen Brown

An NBA season is made up of games, kids watching and talking about them, but also kids watching and evaluating them. Probable revenge after a youth spent collecting zeros, and in any case a perfect opportunity to remove the punchline by a kilo. Once again this season, Team Notes will delight you with its unfailing imagination, while still trying to talk a little basketball. Flea?

Start of the second round between Celtics and Bucks. In this game we will understand very soon that to win in basketball it is important… to set the shots. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown were in automatic watering mode, while Giannis managed to make up for this flaw with a passing game worthy of a Colombian passer-by. Marcus Smart’s green hair didn’t change anything, Boston immediately lost the lead on the home court after the 101-89 defeat and got the disadvantage of being smashed in the day’s charts.

# Boston Celtics

Robert Williams III (5.5): inside, it is simply the Celtics’ primary deterrent weapon with its 3 counters. If Emmanuel Macron wants to reshuffle his government, he could very well take Robert Williams, third of the name, as defense minister. Too bad for his predecessor Eric Dupond-Moretti who currently coaches the Bucks.

Al Horford (6): All our respect for the Dominican pivot, but being able to hope for something in the Playoffs when he is your best player on both sides of the pitch was potentially credible in 2013. Unfortunately this theory is no longer valid in 2022.

Jayson Tatum (4.5): Usually so sweet, so sweet and so comforting, Jayson Tatum must have been hyperglycemic in this game. Everyone loved their game, except in the city of Boston. Yes, JT is a zlabia.

Jaylen Brown (4): an ultra spectacular tap in the first half, some good moves in the second, but overall the impression that JB had just drunk a little too much pure J&B. His match was an allegory of Mario Hezonja’s career.

Smart Mark (5): it is not enough to look like Cetelem to make Cetelem. Marcus Smart and his green hair discovered this the hard way. Always ready to play by gritting his teeth, tonight he has had too many parts of his body damaged to have the impact that is his usual. Instead, she would have made a cartoon about Dr. Maboul.

Williams Grant (5): important shots at the beginning of the game, before gradually disappearing from the radar. He doesn’t really look like a basketball player, he showed up in front of the carousel but had to watch his teammates do it because his size didn’t match.

White Derrick (4): a sucking game by Derrick White. At least if it leaves streaks, we can use it as a toilet brush.

Payton Pritchard (3): a match well catalyzed for Pritchard who, not content with camping behind the 3-point line, was paved by Jevon Carter. What if it’s him, the missing camper we sometimes hear about at 8pm?

#Milwaukee Bucks

Brook Lopez (5.5): Brook Lopez is back in the game! In defense of him, “Brolo” disgusted all of Massachusetts and did not cross. Enough to be the main antagonist of the “Jay Brothers”. Brolo for Milwaukee, Broly for Boston.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (8): seeing that he was missing out on filming, Giannis decided to transform into Magic Johnson (or a Colombian passerby, it depends) with offers from another solar system for his teammates (or his mules, that is). He still finished with 24 points, 13 rebounds, 12 assists, a tap-dunk for himself and a Robert Williams castration. The Greek did several jobs to help the Bucks make ends meet.

Bobby Portis (6): always the same look from leaving in a camper to Albuquerque with Walter White, Portis put his shots, he defended himself hard and even put a small slap on the back of Jaylen Brown after a foul by the latter. One of Giannis’ mules, but who took it for personal consumption

Wesley Matthews (4): 1/6 of the car park, this is the problem when you can’t use the “auto aim” mode in video games. Tonight, Wes Matthews could have missed his own wedding.

Jrue Holiday (7.5): no Khris Middleton? No problem. In the absence of Lloyd Banks impersonator, it was Holiday who took responsibility for helping Giannis in the best possible way. Of course, not everything was perfect, but the essentials are guaranteed and the home advantage is recovered. It’s love.

Grayson Allen (6.5): probably one of the most hated dudes on the nba planet, but it’s time to respect the basketball player, you’ll make him drink a mix of whiskey coke mentos later. There, he has threads to burn. Marcus Smart also tried an MMA shot to stop him Khabib style, with no success.

Jevon Carter (6.5): a very good contribution and a very fair score from the third leader of the Bucks, who benefits greatly from the absence of George Hill. A +25 differential in 21 minutes, surprising for a guy who could advertise a “before after” hair transplant … to play the “before” skull.

Pat Connaughton (5.5): a neat and useful substitute for the Bucks. No frills or superfluous, a carbonara without cream and without bits of bacon. Would you like a plate of Pat again?

1-0 for the Bucks, after a first round certainly played, but during which the Daims let their experience speak for themselves. Giannis will be harder to quit than Kevin Durant looks. Like what, Feurs> Monaco, and no, this joke will hardly be taken for granted.

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