Chic and thrills: an explosive mix that combines high fashion and the world of gambling

The atmosphere of the casinos in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau has always been associated with luxury and glamour. A visit to a luxury gambling establishment was a great opportunity to wear the best clothing from well-known designers and expensive jewelry. Going to the casino was a kind of party that required careful preparation. Over time, however, dress codes have been relaxed, especially with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. The luxurious dresses hung in the closet, waiting for better times, and the possibilities and desires to wear them disappeared with the last splash of perfume, leaving only a trail of pleasant memories.

Digitization is a tribute to fashion or a forced decision

The relaxed home lifestyle started to affect all areas, including the gaming industry. At home it’s fine: you even sit in shorts on the comfortable couch and start playing poker, blackjack, roulette, Book of Ra, you could also play for free on, a site dedicated to gamers, without having to worry about a stain of red wine accidentally spilled on a white Armani shirt or a thread that is out of place on the Roberto Cavalli suit. Do you want to step out of your comfort zone again when everything seems so perfect to you? I do not think so.

2020 has also changed everything in the fashion industry. The physical sales opportunities were very limited, and even those who were previously skeptical about digitization had to reconsider. In 2020, the share of online luxury goods sales rose to 23% compared to 12% in 2019, almost doubling. Next to the big ones Farfetch luxury markets and YNAP, the Amazon Luxury Stores platform appeared. In addition, fashion brands have become much more active in the use of social media and the collaboration with influencers on Instagram and TikTok.

Fashion brands are changing and adopting digital channels to keep up with their new youth audience, for whom online shopping is more familiar and convenient. For example, Zoomers are 38% more likely to shop online than consumers of other generations.

Implementing advanced technologies in the gambling and fashion industries

To keep players interested, developers are constantly competing to make their products more interesting and attractive. Some of the changes and new trends introduced this year have been highly praised by gamers around the world. Many of these trends are likely to stay with us for a long time to come.

AI technologies in games of chance, it will be possible to create an individual offer for each customer, to monitor and analyze his activity, to simplify identification and make it more reliable, in particular through speech. Artificial intelligence technologies will help owners of online gaming platforms identify the behavior of players and create the most attractive bonuses for them.

Virtual and augmented reality† The development and implementation of VR technologies so that people can communicate directly, enabling the online gambling sites even more realistic and attractive. It will be playable with the Oculus Rift headset and HTC Vive.

Gucci actively uses technologies such as AR, VR, AI-based chatbots and various applications. That is why the brand is launching virtual versions of its collections and products. At the same time, Gucci’s share of Kering’s profit is 59%, so we can safely conclude that this approach works. Other brands are also entering the online space. For example, fashion house Missoni said it plans to double its online sales over the next two years.

Conscious consumption and responsible gaming

Another major challenge for the fashion industry to overcome is the growth of conscious consumption. 67% of consumers say they pay attention to the environmental friendliness of materials when buying. In Italy, the policy of conscious consumption is also supported by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. In 2021, the organization released its third document (the first two came out in 2016 and 2018), which prescribes recommendations for materials and chemicals to be used in manufacturing. Following the new course, fashion brands must gradually reduce their ecological footprint to zero.

The fashion houses are taking steps themselves to make their products more sustainable. Valentino from 2022 will refuse to use natural fur in the collections. Gucci has released sneakers made from Demetra, a leather substitute made with 77% plant-based materials. Prada has created a skirt made entirely from recycled nylon.

Many online casinos in Italy offer ways to detect addiction and provide assistance, right down to removing players from the customer list. As the number of people out of control of their gambling habits is steadily increasing, responsible gambling policies have been put in place. The initiative is from software developers, government agencies and accounting firms that verify the integrity of slot machines.

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