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Dreaming of the black pharaohs

IThey came from present-day Sudan and for nearly a century stood tall on the throne of ancient Egypt. Pharaohs in their own right, who defended Egyptian rituals, writing, and pantheon against Assyrian aggressors, were also Kings of Napata, uniting Black Africa with Egyptian civilization under their spellbinding reign. In an erudite and splendid exhibition, the Louvre Museum, which has been carrying out an excavation program in Sudan for several years, tells us the epic story of these peoples south of the Nile, so ignored by French archaeologists. To make the most of the beauty and, above all, the symbolic meaning of the objects and statues on display, we recommend that you carefully read the didactic sheet available on the museum’s website before your visit. The journey to the heart of this XXVY dynasty will only be more fascinating.

“Pharaohs of the two lands, the epic of the kings of Napata”, at the Louvre Museum, in Paris, until July 25, 2022.

Click for Ukraine

On February 24, at the time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the members of the Ukrainian pop rock group Antytila, one of the best known in the country, took up arms to defend their country. For Taras Topolya, 34, the group’s singer, Dmytro Zholud, 35, their guitarist, and Sergii Vusyk, 39, their pianist, time has passed in combat. But Taras Topolya lowered her arms long enough to mix his voice with that of English pop star Ed Sheeran, in the clip of a remix of “2 Steps”, his latest single. While he originally shared the microphone with rapper Lil Baby, in a video shot in Kyiv before the war, Ed Sheeran asked Taras Topolya to write and sing a verse in Ukrainian. Un nouveau clip, poignant, accompagne le duo, dans lequel un enfant danse dans des bâtiments en ruines, tandis qu’une petite fille fuet les zones de combat en compagnie de sa mère, la chanson résonnant dans ses écouteurs, fragile rempart contre les horreurs weather. Recorded in harsh conditions, on the outskirts of kyiv, the verse written by Taras Topolya evokes, in solidarity with the thousands of Ukrainian men who live the same situation, the lack of love inspired by the forced separation he lives with his wife, the Alyosha singer. , and his three children, refugees far from Ukraine. Click without moderation – all profits from watching the original clip and the remix with Antytila ​​​​will be donated to the NGO Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

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Embark with Charlotte Gainsbourg

Family, even broken, I love you, Mikhaël Hers tells us in summary in night passengers, which immerses us in the Paris of the early years of Mitterrand, where reality quickly intertwined with utopia. Elisabeth has just been abandoned by her husband and is single-handedly raising her two teenage children, Mathias and Judith. To make ends meet, she finds a job as the host of a late-night radio show (Emmanuelle Béart) and meets Talulah (Noée Abita), an idle young woman whom she takes into her home. Talulah then becomes a kind of “passenger” looking for a little warmth in this family. Charlotte Gainsbourg carries with great charm and a touch of melancholy this family chronicle of the 80s made in a bittersweet way by a discreet, modest filmmaker, a follower of slowness and already noted in amanda haswith Vincent Lacoste. Just let yourself go.

night passengers, indoors.

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Discover the fabulous Madame du Parc

Marvelous ! Surely you have already heard of this theatrical UFO of which everyone in Paris communicates the strange title love as marquise. Written in verse and prose by Philippe Frojet, this contemporary work recounts the true life of Thérèse du Parc, at the time she was nicknamed Marquise, who was a great actress adored by Molière, Corneille and Racine. The boxy text is lively and ultra-fun, the incredibly clever mise-en-scène, the inventive set design, and the four actors, acting alone, in a relentless but highly fluid ballet of costume changes, ten roles, are all exceptional. . Go to the beautiful theater La Bruyère, or stay tuned for the dates of the future tour of the provinces, you will have an unforgettable time…

love as marquiseby Philippe Froget and directed by Chloé Froget, Sundays at 4 p.m. and Mondays at 8 p.m., at the La Bruyère theater, Paris 9Ythen on tour.

Go behind the curtain of the operas

If you dream of slipping backstage at a rehearsal or taking a lesson with the little rats, now is the time! From Friday to Sunday, twenty-nine opera houses and lyrical companies open their doors wide to the public for the 15Y edition of Everything at the Opera under the patronage, this year, of the contralto and conductor Nathalie Stutzmann. Subtitled “Protagonism in the workshops: from instrumental crafts to performing arts”, this edition, which the sector hopes will mean its definitive reunion with the public, invites you to discover the know-how and excellence of those who do not shine in the center of attention, but allow the spectacles to exist.

Everyone at the Opera, May 6, 7 and 8 throughout France. Participants and program at

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