Coco Chanel: history of the myth of world fashion

controversial but still a geniusMadamoiselle Coco Chanel, in his long life it was this and much more. As an experienced networker with a desire for revenge, due to his humble originthe stylist that especially marked the fashion of the twentieth century could interpret the new female needs and dress them up with unpublished clothing. The rich men of which she surrounded herself, of course they helped her finance his dreambut it was hers entrepreneurial spirit to allow her leave a sign is made from rigiditya few drops perfumebags linear, a turn of pearls it is a little black dress or a jacket loads of easy to be disarm

Biography of Coco Chanel

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was born in Saumur the August 19, 1883 from a very poor family (Henri-Albert was a peddler, Jeanne Devolle was a seamstress). According to the premature death of the motherthey together with his four brothers are entrusted to take care of paternal grandparents who, also humbly, decide to male grandchildren until work and the female grandchildren untilAubazine orphanage† here the monastic strictness of the nuns and therigidity of the place is in the veins of the little girl Gabrielle influencing style future. reached the age of majorityhowever, Chanel moves to Moulins participate in a tailor-made course and get started with the Maison Grampayre to pay for his studies, before he opens his own study small repair shop

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Nightlife and Etienne de Balsan

With the first money earned, Gabrielle Chanel starts to to attend the locals of the place that performs like cabaret singer and enchanting groups of rich officers used to the nightlife of the city. Among them meet Chanel Etienne de Balsanvery man rich and heir apparent of a family of textile industrialists who offers her to move in with him royallieu† However, the woman is one of the many guests of his estate and – above all – it is not there official companion from the owner: this forces her to strong insulation only made of long drives† At the same time, however, he begins to work it out theories what it will stick to loyal by the career as a stylistor theimportance of uniforms in social identification andexcessive And anachronistic stiffness of the dictates of the women fashion with which women are chained useless frills prevent them move freely† Convinced she can turn her sewing study into one entrepreneurshipGabrielle pushes balsan until finance it’s the first fashion store in Paris is in the 1909begins to fascinate the local clientele with its own revolutionary clothing

Other Chanel men

If it had existed in the present day, we would have called Coco Chanel an experienced networker: in addition to taste and to technical masteryindeed, Gabrielle is able to weave important relationships and functional to maintenance his and his company. Arthur Capelifor example, falls in love with her and supports her financially by opening it up to her historic shop on Rue Cambonthe studio where the Parisian ladies (And Gabrielle Dorziatl’actress most popular of the moment) go to get theirs made hair† This store is also followed by that of Deuvillein Normandywhere the couple is going holidays: the tourist destinationit’s even the perfect place to announce his creations outside the city limits† It is here that Chanel stays during the WWIIconquering the trust of high social class women that they want at that moment away with the fashion of that time and search more comfortable clothes and suitable for movement.

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The birth of the house, of Chanel n.5 and of the petite robe noire

I’m here need for manpower and the rising female labor force participation to determine new demands on clothingCoco Chanel therefore back to Paris and gives life maison Chanel come to count more than three hundred employees† The difficult finding of the traditional raw materialin fact, it’s no problem for his creative flair: Gabriellefor example, replaces wool with jersey work with it essential seams† That’s enough to appear on Magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and to have also happened abroad

The year between the two wars they are a great time innovation for Madamoiselle Chanel than in 1921thanks to the knowledge of the chemist Ernest Beauxindicates lifeiconic perfume entrusted to Lafayette Galleries and make a boss for use in Make history: the democratic And very easy sheath dress black† In addition to all this, the jewelry

The fired, Nazi friendships, exile, death

With the outbreak of the WWIIhowever, the Acquaintances of Chanel they are counterproductive against: in those years actually the woman close all its boutiques to fire thousands of employees they had shortly before protested against her for the too strict working conditions† He then undertakes a relation right away nazi officer what she’s involved in espionage actions: in the 1944 he comes arrested and after the interrogation he takes refuge in Swiss for a voluntary exile that will last nine years† Go back to Paris only in 1954 to commit toHaute couturebut the competition from personalities like Christian Dior does not allow to achieve the success of the first half of the century. Before he leaves, however, he shows us his last genius strokes: the quilted bag 2.55 still for sale today and the jacket with chain to profile the edges to ensure the one perfect autumn worn once. Will die forRitz hotel from the French capital on January 10, 1971† The exhibition was recently dedicated to her Coco + Marilyn. Biella in the center of MI-TO

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