DIY robotics project ideas for tech enthusiasts to work on in 2022

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May 1, 2022

Ideas for DIY robotics projects are highly valued in educational institutions to add value

Robotics is one of today’s advanced technologies to produce millions of different types of robots for all industries around the world. Robots including mobile, industrial, domestic, vehicle and many more forms have come to dominate the global technology market. Engineering students are very interested in working with robots in their educational institutions. That’s why educational institutions have started accepting robotics projects from engineering students to add value to their resumes. Robotics project ideas have created plenty of opportunities to take a deep understanding of robotics and artificial intelligence on another level. So let’s take a look at some of the top ten ideas for DIY robotics projects to work on to gain enough hands-on experience.

Top ten DIY robotics projects in educational institutions
1. Gesture Controlled Robotic Car

Engineering students can create a gesture-controlled robot car using Arduino Nano, a motor driver and much more to control a robot with their hands. The robotics project is based on wireless communication where the real-time data of hand gestures can be sent to the robot via a transmitter and receiver section.

2. Android controlled robot car

Android controlled robot car is one of the interesting robotics projects for engineering students. It is also known as a bluetooth controlled robot with a smart android app to control the robot car. There are several modules that can be used in the project to drive the robot car efficiently and without any problems.

3. Offroad Adventure Robot

Off road adventure robot is one of the interesting robotics projects for engineering students to start their professional career in robotics. Engineering students can use a 300 PRM wheeled motor to travel efficiently and smoothly through the roughest terrains. The motor moves in one direction of rotation to get out of tricky situations with a simple mechanism. It is very easy to operate and repair and replace batteries, microcontrollers and circuits. There is an action camera to capture the rough track and watch the adventurous road. This off-road adventure robot features high torque motors, heavy chassis, eye-catching wheels and a built-in camera.

4. Android Controlled Robotic Arm

An Android controlled robotic arm project allows engineering students to control a robotic arm using an Android device. The device is used for sending Bluetooth commands to the Bluetooth receiver in the receiver circuit. Then the microcontroller controls the motor to move the robot arm according to commands such as grab open, up, down, grab close, etc. Users can create these robot projects to choose, move, place and drop any object according to the commands via an Android device.

5. Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Obstacle avoidance robot is one of the top robotics projects for engineering students to develop an autonomous intelligent robot with infrared sensors. These infrared sensors help detect and detect obstacles in the path of this robot. This makes some changes in the robot’s direction while avoiding the obstacle in front of it.

6. Warfield Spy Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera

Warfield Spy Robot with Wireless Night Vision Camera is a popular robotics project that needs the implementation of a remote controlled spy robot that will be useful in war situations. The wireless night vision camera is attached to the robot to provide real-time information in total darkness using infrared lighting. It is useful to spy in dangerous areas during wars without endangering a human soldier.

7. PC Controlled Human Detection Robot

A PC-controlled human detection robot helps detect a human through a robotic vehicle. It uses infrared sensors and a microcontroller unit in times of earthquakes or other natural disasters to detect human bodies under debris.

8. GSM Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent Robot

GSM controlled intelligent robot is a well-known robotics project for engineering students to control the movements or movements of robots with modern GSM technology. Developers or users can text to the remote robot control unit to control movements efficiently and complete the necessary work.

9. MEMS Sensors Controlled Haptic Index Robot Assist

MEMS Sensors Controlled Haptic Index Finger Robot Assist covers full control of index finger based trajectory robot for efficiently assisting disabled/physical handicapped/disabled people. Engineering students use a MEMS sensor, a microcontroller and an RF module to realize the success of this robotics project.

10. Hector SLAM mapping and indoor positioning robot

One of the robot projects known as Hector SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) mapping and indoor positioning robot helps robots enable real-time accurate mapping of indoor rooms. Engineering students can develop this project by devising an inexpensive system for making accurate maps from the inside. This helps the robots to move freely without collisions or barriers on the interior floors.

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