Education: 2022 presidential candidate proposals

Protect education. For once, almost all presidential candidates found themselves on this imperative. Each in their own way, of course. But now is not the time to skimp on the national education budget. Even Valerie Pekress, the candidate who proposes cutting most civil service positions, is offering to hire 10,000 teachers over her five-year term if she is elected. Another consequence, no doubt, of the health crisis which revealed the full place occupied by the school in French society. Candidate Program Update.

Natalie Artaud offers

  • Hire en masse in national education

Offers by Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

  • Strengthen basic knowledge such as French in elementary school (from 9:00 to 15:00 per week)
  • Restore the BAC as it existed before the Blanquer reform.
  • 20% increase in teacher salaries, introduction of a 20% tutoring allowance
  • Maintain free access to universities and all competitive examinations for higher education and access to the Grandes Ecoles

Anna Hidalgo proposals

  • Remove Parcoursup and create more seats on the most popular training courses.
  • Develop a “mixed plan” in each department to end the “college ghetto” and revise the school map.
  • Raise teachers’ salaries to the level of supervisors, starting with early career pay raises
  • Triggering General States of Pedagogy
  • Achieve 60% of graduates in each age group with a college degree, compared to 38% currently.

Suggestions by Yannick Jadot

  • Replace Parcoursup with a more transparent system, create 100,000 places in BTS and IUT for social, medical and environmental transitional professions.
  • Open 10,000 research teaching positions, dedicate 1% of GDP to research by 2025
  • Create 65,000 school teaching positions
  • Entrust the development of school programs to an independent body
  • Extend sports subscription to 20 years, invest 3 billion in sports
  • Gain practical knowledge such as gardening, cooking, materials repair, construction

Jean Lassalle proposals

  • Offer a student loan of €20,000
  • Providing young RSA to students to be trained
  • Create cross-generational housing so students can find cheaper housing
  • Limit the number of students in a class
  • Insist on basic knowledge
  • Make it compulsory to study martial arts in elementary school
  • Opening places in demanded courses of study
  • Strengthen the teaching of regional languages ​​in schools

Marine Le Pen offers

  • Return French, mathematics and history to the core of programs
  • Repeal undergraduate reform
  • Abolish “teaching languages ​​and cultures of origin” (ELCO)
  • Increase teachers’ salaries by 3% per year
  • The introduction of uniforms in elementary and secondary schools.
  • Limit the number of students per class to 20 in elementary and 30 in high school.

Emmanuel Macron’s proposals

  • Adding Mathematics to the General Core of Lessons Taught in High School
  • Providing more space for business in vocational high schools and colleges
  • “Decompartmentalize” the school by giving teachers more resources, more rewards, and more pedagogical freedom.
  • Summarizing the teaching of computer code and the use of digital technologies from the 5th grade.
  • Hire 20,000 guides to help the French in need with digital tools.
  • Improve Parcoursup by providing accurate results from previous years and providing more support to families.
  • Regulate access to social networks for the smallest children, prohibiting access to some of them by children and “younger teenagers”.
  • Invest 25 billion euros over ten years in basic research

Proposals by Jean-Luc Mélenchon

  • Remove Parcoursup and guarantee access to the university for everyone
  • Return to Emmanuel Macron’s increase in university registration fees for international students
  • Introduce an autonomy allowance of 1,063 euros for students and pupils of vocational secondary schools.
  • Create a public scientific journal so that everyone has free access to publications and help the emergence of major French-language journals.
  • Establish a sports association in all elementary schools to make supervised training free and accessible.
  • Inclusion of ecology in the school curriculum
  • Reduce enrollment to 19 students per class
  • Make swimming compulsory in schools

Offers by Valerie Pekress

  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • Complete 5-year educational mission contracts. A regional approach to recruitment and career management so that young teachers
  • Create a national digital school
  • Initiate a second phase of university autonomy to improve the quality of teaching and research in the international arena.
  • To consolidate the lessons of the history of France and its republican principles in school.
  • Increase teaching French by 2 hours per week and math by one hour
  • Introduce an exam for admission to grade 6
  • Aggression and insult to the teacher systematically entail litigation. (Minimum fine for a parent of a student)
  • Give more autonomy to all establishments
  • Establishment of public institutions by treaty
  • Ensure complete recruitment freedom for their teams at these institutions (target: 10% of institutions with a contract within 5 years)
  • Establish a national education reserve (volunteer retired teachers to help with homework from elementary to high school)
  • Create 10,000 teaching positions
  • Create a youth bank to fund your studies. In this case, the reimbursement will be deferred at the time of entry into working life.
  • Establish school reintegration structures with increased supervision of the most violent students.

Philippe Putou’s proposals

  • Limit the number of students in a class to 20
  • Back to “National Diplomas Starting with Bachelor’s”
  • Remove Parcoursup and university selection
  • Prohibit the presence of superiors in the boards of directors of universities
  • Prohibit video surveillance and the presence of security guards in universities
  • Create at least 100,000 civil servant positions

Fabien Roussel proposals

  • Return to the general baccalaureate, recognizing it as a national diploma, guaranteeing access to the course chosen in the higher education institution. Delete parkoursoup
  • Make the fight against bullying and cyberbullying a top national priority.
  • Distribute student income of 850 euros per month
  • Implement a major national plan to build, renovate or equip school facilities.
  • Return the possibility of completing a professional baccalaureate in 4 years instead of 3 by creating a CAP for all sectors
  • Hire 90,000 teachers
  • Increase the national education budget by 45%
  • Raise salaries (+30% and index point thaw). Tank Preset + Level 2
  • Increased school time (27 hours for elementary school, 32 hours for college/high school, 36 hours for high school students with options)
  • Finish your homework
  • Set logic level 3 (literature and humanities, science, culture, arts and sports)
  • Reduce class size: no more than 15 students in the small section, 20 in kindergarten and elementary school, and a maximum of 25 in high school.
  • Make “everything you need to succeed in school” free

Eric Zemmour’s proposals

  • Return to “demanding and selective” undergraduate studies
  • Completion of a unified college
  • Restore the certificate of primary education
  • Suspension of family allowances to parents of underachieving or absent students
  • Make it mandatory to wear a bathrobe in elementary school
  • Facilitate access to scholarships for the middle class
  • Resume higher normal schools

Methodology: For each answer you give, our simulator gives you more or less points than each candidate. At the end of the questionnaire, we offer you a list of candidates, starting with the one with whom you have the most points of contact on all the questions asked. This “ranking” should obviously be taken as an indication, given that it is not exhaustive, even though we have provided a variety of questions. In order to give you a final opinion, we invite you, in particular, to review all candidate programs. You can find them here or official websites.

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