Eurovision 2022 final report cards: Ukraine wins, but Sweden and Italy to scream – Shows

After report cards of the first semifinal and those of second semifinalthere the votes – ironic as always – of the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. The first Italian edition after thirty-one years – the last time the Belpaese organized the European musical event was a sort of disaster from an organizational point of view and took place in the early 1990s – was an organizational success and of public. The tv plays so much of the first semifinal how much of the second evening Rai and EBU, or the European Broadcasting Union which organizes the event every year, have rewarded.

CZECH REPUBLIC We are Domi “Lights off”: vote We couldn’t have started better. The finesse of the guitarist playing with the violin bow is something that goes beyond electrodance. On listening again he loses some of that feeling of Tagadà music and becomes more of a disco remix.

ROMANIA Wrs “Llamame”: train vote. The Romanian clone of Fabrizio Rovazzi throws us directly into Viale Ceccarini in Riccione between a spritz and a Sbagliato to prepare us for the evening at the disco. Where we will probably hear the song of the band from the Czech Republic. It will be the heat, but I already feel the sand under my feet.

PORTUGAL Maro “Saudade, saudade”: vow The evil of living I encountered. How to dismantle all the enthusiasm. But I mean for the next ten to fifteen years at least. The title already suggested that we weren’t going to run into something like “Peace, love and infinite joy”, but there is a limit to everything.

FINLAND The Rasmus “Jezebel”: vote Teach me life. The singer still has an unlikely hairstyle and creepy clothing that would make the children escape and rush the police to the little park under the house. But the song is a blast and the band on stage has an energy that should be transmitted a little to the singer from Portugal. It’s been a while since you find yourself shouting “Jezebel” like any other groupie. Packet love for them.

SWITZERLAND Marius Bear “Boys do cry”: vote Merry Christmas. It continues to be a great song for a Christmas commercial. One of those songs to be combined with films like “A dog’s life” or “Miracle on 34th street”. In short, even no in May.

FRANCE Alvan & Ahez “Fulenn”: rave vote. They are almost techno in the Breton language, practically something never seen before. And for this they must be rewarded. Their performance has the atmosphere of a gypsy party. We dance wildly. Thanks.

NORWAY Subwoolfer “Give that wolf a banana”: Banana vote. I’m yellow Simpsons and I already like them. Their song is brilliant not so much in the melody – which seems to have already been heard, that is the clone of “No roots” by Alice Merton – as in the idea. That of building a parallel world in which the wolf does not eat either grandmother or Little Red Riding Hood, but is satisfied with a banana.

ARMENIA Rosa Linn “Snap”: vote From advertising. Can you also imagine the commercial of a car in a wood with this song in the background? Here, pretty. Nothing revolutionary or particularly innovative though. This does not authorize Rosa Linn to go on stage in her pajamas, but perhaps she has been ill advised.

ITALY Mahmood and Blanco “Shivers”: vote 3592079520523723572459024572095720375092735. Adopt me, take me with you wherever you want, let me do the shopping for you. I don’t know if it’s understood: I want you presidents of the Republic everywhere. The song is pure emotion. A little wrong in intonation, but frankly no one would have expected, without effect, two perfect voices. The whole PalaOlimpico sings it and it seems to be at the World Cup final: let’s go to Berlin, Beppe. Back in the ranks: a concentrate of emotions. We can never thank you enough.

SPAIN Chanel “SloMo”: Ibiza vote. Not even at Ushuaia and Pacha put together so much show concentrated in so few minutes. There are no elephants on the stage and then we saw everything. Spain did not skimp and put on stage everything she could: noises, provocative dances and a really crazy energy. I have already booked the flight to the Balearics.

NETHERLANDS S10 “De Diepte”: vote Brings us back to reality. After the squeezed heart juice of Italy and Spain’s “fiesta che fantas, fantastic, esta fiesta”, we needed a bit of healthy tranquility. Coming from Holland. Not bad.

UKRAINE Kalush Orchestra “Stefania”: vote They did it. Stripping their performance of any political significance, it’s an average song. The mix of folk and rap is interesting. But there are better ones.

GERMANY Malik Harris “Rockstars”: vote You are not Eminem. Bleached blonde he is, he tries to rap like him, but there is only one Eminem. And he is not German. Catchy song, but it gets lost in the sea magnum of the other songs. However, the arrangement is truly fabulous.

LITHUANIA Monika Liu “Feelings”: Class vote. The share elegance and delicacy with her makes the en plein. Her Mireille Mathieu bob has become iconic, as has her sensual voice. The song gets into your head at a minimum, but what is most striking is the stage presence of Monika Liu.

AZERBAIJAN Nadir Rustamli “Fade to black”: vote But if you had to do this you could send someone else. There is torment. A lot of. On the steps of a sports stand he looks like a quarterback excluded from the Superbowl final. In short, ‘na joy.

BELGIUM Jérémie Makiese “I miss you”: vote Without praise and without infamy. Nice choreography and, I’ll tell you, the song wouldn’t be bad either. If it were part of a musical, it would be perfect. Like a “Dick Tracy”, for example. There are, however, much more engaging songs.

GREECE Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord “Die together”: vote Every jewel every beauty. La Lorde del Peloponnese – go and see the photos of the New Zealand singer, they are two drops of water – it seems more Lana Del Rey from the tone of the song. The voice is one of those that are not forgotten, despite the inaccuracies, but the text is a blow.

ICELAND Sister “With the rising sun”: vote Frozen lake. They take you there with their song and their angelic voices. They are so ethereal that they don’t even seem earthly. They are the lounge moment we needed.

MOLDAVIA ldavia Zdob and Zdub & Frații Advahov “Trenuleţul”: vote for Pizza and mortadella, the way is always the same. A little ‘Cesaroni, a little’ Davide Van De Sfroos: listening to them, you want to fill your glass with red wine, even of poor quality, and go to toast with the neighbors.

SWEDEN Cornelia Jacobs “Hold me closer”: Unearthly vote. She is the victory. She is the triumph. She has that scratch in her voice that reaches the soul. And a song that is objectively a bomb. The piece belongs to another category, Cornelia is from another world.

AUSTRALIA Sheldon Riley “Not the same”: vote Sore throat. He screams a lot. Too much to be bearable. The song is profound, unquestionable. But it is an unprecedented complaint. He is excited and it shows. But he can’t bore us with his problems. We have a life too.

UNITED KINGDOM Sam Ryder “Spaceman”: vote But how do you dress? If his outfit was to represent some sort of astronaut suit, we went light years away. But right at a sidereal distance. His voice at times approaches that of-not wanting, I know that you are the God of rock in heaven, on earth and everywhere and I will worship you until you are reincarnated in any pop star-Freddie Mercury. At least this year the UK will not score zero points.

POLAND Ochman “River”: vote Yes ok, but don’t be angry. The intro of the song is sensationally “The world before you” by Annalisa. And this does not speak in favor of her right away. Then he starts yelling at Tarzan and the song ends badly. In the middle a nice pop ballad.

SERBIA Konstrakta “In corpore sano”: vote Populate my nightmares. He washes his hands all the time again tonight and, frankly, I would never have the courage to contradict Serbian Navy Abramovich. This is peffomance, as a Virginia Raffaele would say that if she had known Konstrakta she would never have had the courage to make fun of her.

ESTONIA Stefan “Hope”: vote Don’t shoot the pianist. He has fun and entertains the audience. He takes us into an Old West atmosphere and listening to him we imagine ourselves galloping on horseback in the boundless pampas. The question arises: but is the guitar that you carry on your shoulder useful for something or is it just to give a little attention to Venditti (carrying the piano on your shoulder would be objectively too much for anyone)?

Ronela Hajati’s absence from the final: vote Are you crazy? But do you realize what spectacle we missed by leaving Albania out of this evening and including Greece or Portugal instead? This is a crime against humanity.

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