Meals Pyramid: Why Is This Diet System Outdated?

Good diet is crucial for a wholesome life, due to this fact it’s essential to create help supplies and devices in order that the inhabitants has a sure foundation for a protected food regimen, which gives adequate vitamins for particular person wants, to keep away from illnesses, similar to weight problems and weight problems, and likewise to take care of a superb dietary standing, thus stopping malnutrition.

in response to Meals information for the Brazilian individuals, “Weight problems impacts one in two adults and one in three Brazilian kids”. These help supplies change over time, and it’s because new research and analysis are carried out and on daily basis these supplies are higher tailored to the fact of the inhabitants in response to their cultural, socio-economic and environmental profile, along with enhancing the standard of life.

Such devices successfully take part within the day by day lifetime of the inhabitants by way of the instructing and understanding of a wholesome, balanced and sufficient food regimen. The supplies and devices which might be finest identified by the inhabitants are Mat pyramid it’s Meals information for the Brazilian individuals. Lets get slightly extra acquainted with them?

What’s the meals pyramid and why was it created?

Mat pyramid. (Supply: Educa Mais Brasil)

The meals pyramid was created in the USA in 1992, and emerged from the event of a meals information ready by the USA Division of Agriculture (USDA) with the objective of offering the inhabitants with a extra sufficient food regimen.

How did you place this pyramid right here in Brazil?

So as to set up this pyramid right here in Brazil, it was essential to make sure changes and thus it turned referred to as the personalized meals pyramid. The day by day vitality consumption reported for Brazilians was within the vary of 1600 to 2800 kcal. The meals was divided into 8 meals teams, there was a change within the merchandise because of the consuming habits in our nation and a rise in parts, primarily with a view to a different food regimen and in the correct amount.

How is the meals pyramid divided?

The customized meals pyramid is split into 8 teams:

  • sugar: with much less illustration are the vitality sources that needs to be consumed sparsely. Examples: chocolate and honey;
  • fats: additionally much less consultant. Examples: margarine, butter and numerous oils;
  • Meat: this group represents proteins similar to fish, rooster, crimson meat, eggs, mushrooms, and so forth .;
  • milk and dairy merchandise: additionally represents proteins, however as milk, cheeses, yoghurts, curds, and so forth .;
  • legumes: one other group of proteins, however similar to beans, lentils, peas, and so forth .;
  • Vegetable: gives nutritional vitamins, minerals and fiber. Examples are greens normally;
  • fruit: additionally gives nutritional vitamins, minerals and fiber. Examples: strawberry, mango, grape and so forth .;
  • cereals / bread: it’s the backside of the pyramid, that’s, it’s about meals that have to be consumed in bigger parts, as a result of they supply vitality. Examples: bread, potato, pasta, rice, and so forth.

What’s the meals information for the Brazilian inhabitants?

TheMeals information for the Brazilian individuals. (Supply: Ministry of Well being)

In response to the article Adherence to the meals information for the Brazilian inhabitants, it “constitutes the primary official set of dietary tips for Brazil”. It’s an official doc made solely to encourage sufficient meals for the inhabitants. The meals information was printed in 2006 and its 2nd version was printed in 2014 (changing the outdated model), and was ready by the Ministry of Well being in collaboration with the Heart for Epidemiological Analysis in Diet and Well being on the College of São Paulo (NUPENS). ), with the help of the Pan American Well being Group (PAHO).

On this newest problem, new suggestions had been talked about in gentle of the modifications within the state of affairs which have taken place in Brazilian society and likewise because of the strengthening of the institutionalization of the nationwide meals and diet safety coverage and the adoption of the natural regulation on meals and diet safety.

What are your rules and targets?

The meals information has 5 rules:

  • Meals is greater than diet;
  • Feeding suggestions needs to be according to your timing;
  • Satisfactory and wholesome meals comes from a socially and environmentally sustainable meals system;
  • Completely different information generates information for designing meals guides;
  • Meals guides lengthen the autonomy of meals decisions.

And naturally, the primary objective is to advertise well being by way of a more healthy food regimen that respects the rules and prevention of illnesses.

How is the brand new nomenclature?

The brand new nomenclature is a brand new means of classifying meals, however what does it imply? These are classes that we match meals into and are primarily based on ranges of meals processing. They’re divided as follows:

  • In nature or minimally processed meals: they’re merchandise derived from nature and which don’t endure change. Examples: greens, tomatoes, onions, carrots, potatoes, rice and beans. Minimally processed meals is in pure meals that undergoes cleansing, disinfection, cooling, milling, pasteurization, fermentation, drying, and so forth. Examples: espresso, pasteurized milk, corn and cassava flour, dried fruit;
  • Oils, fat, salt and sugar: from the extraction of in-kind merchandise that undergo a number of processes to acquire them. Examples: refined and coarse salt, soybean or sunflower oil, olive oil, butter, lard, brown sugar, demerara and refined;
  • processed meals: they’re industrially produced and salt or sugar is added to them. Examples: greens preserved in salt, fruit in syrup, dried meat, and so forth .;
  • ultra-processed meals: are industrial creations that include a considerable amount of components within the formulation. These meals are thought of to have low dietary worth merchandise that present excessive energy in addition to excessive ranges of sodium, sugar and fats. Examples: biscuits, biscuits, snacks, instantaneous noodles, delicate drinks, and so forth.

Why is it preferable and indicated right now to make use of the meals information?

The information respects Brazilians’ dietary patterns and their social actuality, in addition to selling meals tradition. It additionally prioritizes a particular relationship with consuming, not downgrading merchandise as a easy supply of vitamins, however moderately as a brand new imaginative and prescient of meals.

The meals pyramid, however, has turn out to be out of date and has not been used for years as a result of it doesn’t mirror or worth the meals tradition of the inhabitants, ie it doesn’t spotlight merchandise that carry the historical past and customs of the inhabitants. . For my part, it’s nothing greater than a graphic help that categorizes and limits the illustration of meals.

The place can I discover the meals information?

The meals information for the Brazilian inhabitants is accessible in PDF on the web site of the Ministry of Well being.


Marcela Andrade, a weekly columnist for Mega Curioso, has a bachelor’s diploma in social communication with {qualifications} in PR, a bachelor’s diploma in diet, a regulation professional in diet, and a doctoral pupil in public well being with an emphasis on household well being technique.

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