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Six days of events, meetings, workshops, music and gastronomy in a dream location. “Villa Ormond in Fiore” is an annual event that was born in 2017 as collateral for the Corso Fiorito of Sanremo. Organized by the Villa Ormond Foundation with the collaboration and contribution of the Municipality of Sanremo, the Region of Liguria, ANCEF, the Academy of Fine Arts of Sanremo, the Flower Market of Sanremo and Unoenergy, the 2022 edition will be held on May 14 and 15.

A weekend of flower exhibitions, thematic exhibitions, educational workshops, visual arts, theater and music where the flower and environmental sustainability will be the undisputed protagonists. Admission will be free.

From 2022 – explains Livio Emanueli, head of the Villa Ormond Foundation – the event broadens its horizons to the themes of responsible development and environmental sustainability. By involving various professionals from the sector, the event also opens its doors to a young audience. Didactic animations and moments of experience are the tools used to sensitize students of all levels. Sustainability, sensory experience and experimentation represent the three great concepts that generate the fil rouge of the event. The public will actively participate in the event, not only as a spectator but also as a protagonist, thus living an experience that makes them more aware. The aim is to engage a transversal audience in the safeguarding and protection of an extraordinary yet delicate environment, recognizing that every gesture, even the smallest, has an impact and value on the environment and that the only way to go is that which leads to a concrete ecological transition

We are very happy to participate in this initiative – explain to councilors Giuseppe Faraldi (Tourism) and Sara Tonegutti (Environment) – because it can improve flower production, one of our excellence. Sanremo “Città dei Fiori” is an internationally known brand, precisely because Sanremo is widely known for its flower production. For the passionate and simply curious visitor, “Villa Ormond in bloom” presents itself as a unique opportunity to learn and appreciate the historical heritage of floriculture, which thus becomes the real tourist offer. Thanks in part to the involvement of schools and young people, the many initiatives proposed offer the opportunity to address the issue of a sustainable approach to the environment, for an increasingly effective preservation and improvement of our landscapes of everyday life.

The doors of the noble floor of Villa Ormond open to receive the flowers of Sanremo. In collaboration with Mercato dei Fiori and ANCEF, with the artistic direction of flower designers Sabina di Mattia and Jessica Tua, the rooms will host installations dedicated to the history of floriculture on the Riviera and the tradition of the Bouquet of the Sanremo Festival. The local horticultural production is thus elevated and presented in its maximum splendor. The staff of the floral artist Mauro Fiordiluna will also propose an installation dedicated to the wedding, with Villa Ormond always being the preferred site. In the Palazzina Pedriali and in the square of the Villa, respectively, two extraordinary temporary exhibitions will be set up: “Bottles in Bloom” by the Czech artist Veronika Richterova, able to bring banal plastic bottles to life and transform them into naturalistic works of art with zero impact and “Dea Vegetus” by photographer Natalia Mlodzikowska, author of a series of photographs celebrating feminine strength and beauty through colours, flowers and plants. The Floriseum hosts flower-themed photo exhibitions.

The artists Mauro Fiordiluna, Marta Laveneziana, Natalia Mlodzikowska and Eleonora Olivieri will present their works of floral dresses and body painting. The park will then be populated with actors and extras ready to interact with visitors. The happiest guests will also be able to be part of the work with the privilege of being dressed and made up directly by the flower’s artists.

Participatory artworks, involving visitors, will be created by the artists Monica Lerda and Marta Laveneziana with the Academy of Fine Arts and ANCEF.

The lush park of Villa Ormond will be enriched with thematic floral installations created by the municipalities of the Sanremo Basin. An activity that emphasizes the excellence of the area while creating sharing. The municipalities of Castellaro, Ceriana, Costarainera, Molini di Triora, Pietrabruna, Riva Ligure, San Lorenzo al Mare and Santo Stefano al Mare have joined the initiative.
In corso Trento Trieste, a boulevard by the sea adjacent to the park, CIA and Coldiretti will be present with a floro-food market.
It will be the Young Orchestra Riviera dei Fiori “Free Notes” to guide the visitor along the path in the Villa. An instrumental youth group that has already entered many important stages despite the deadline will present themselves to the guests with their own repertoire, both classical and pop.

The Adventures collective returns once again to the meadows of Villa Ormond for two days of music and relaxation. The trumpet of Alex Otta, the sax of Chalanga, the drums of Luigi Arieta and the records of the best DJs on the Riviera for a fusion of live music and DJ sets. Under the guidance of the versatile artist Giorgia Brusco, Hic et Nunc will present two theatrical performances in the park with the students of the junior acting groups of Sanremo and Imperia: “The wonder world of Oz” and “Alice in the country of flowers”.
The Ad Hoc catering will offer the opportunity for a picnic in the Park by setting up a themed buffet in the Villa to put together the baskets. Guests can then take a seat in various furnished areas within the park. All in the name of environmental sustainability and eco-compatibility. The Floriseum cafeteria will also offer cold dishes and aperitifs to match the theme of the event.

The 2022 edition will be preceded by the series of events called “Waiting for Villa Ormond in Fiore”: three days dedicated to innovation in the horticultural sector and flower shows (May 10, 11, 12). The day of May 13, on the other hand, provides a focus on schools.

From Tuesday to Thursday, the Villa hosts the conference “Sustainable innovation in floriculture”, organized by the Floriculture District of Liguria, CREA-OF Sanremo and CERSAA Albenga (for information +39 0184 694829).
Followed by floral show cooking with some of the best chefs in the area, hosted by the Palette’s restaurants and presented by industry journalists in the presence of Stefano Bicocchi, aka Vito.
Friday is the school day: the scientific animators of the Science Festival with the Regional Institute of Floriculture and the CREA-OF Sanremo will explain to the children the relationship between science, flowers and plants through on-site experiments (for information +39 349 2554571).
Finally, for those with a sweet tooth, the possibility of a gala dinner with flowers on Wednesday evening 11 May (for reservations

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