Grizzlies preview – Warriors: not a shock but rather a GIGA shock

This is one of the posters we expected at the beginning of the Playoffs, between a band of intrepid Bears and the Warriors of a now historic trio. Our wish has been fulfilled, and it is an exciting series that awaits us… if not exactly balanced given the different beginnings of the campaigns of our two opponents.

Matches in the 2021-22 regular season:

  • Warriors- Grizzly : 101-104
  • Warriors – Grizzly bear: 113-104
  • Grizzly – Warriors: 116-108
  • Grizzly – Warriors: 123-95

The Grizzlies face the Warriors, the image is definitely beautiful. The masters of the latter part of the last decade, and those for whom the beginning of this has lavish promises. Once your depression is past, when you realize the first Golden State title was already seven years ago, you can smile again. Why ? Because these Warriors, still led by hat-trick Curry – Thompson – Green, joined by Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins, have been able to reinvent themselves to be serious title contenders this season. It was not all easy, there were bad injuries, and two difficult seasons, not easy to manage when returning from the stars … but everything is ready to go back there, and the first step was to climb to the top of the Rockies for an ideal starting point. The goal is achieved, since the Warriors have crushed the Nuggets, and without forcing. It is there, the soul of these Warriors, that makes us love them so much: insolent domination, blows from the nearby galaxy … even with Nikola Jokic averaging 31 points, Mike Malone’s men could not have fought. Too strong, too ready, too serene, Californians never seemed to have a problem for a single moment. And it is very likely to happen again starting tonight. The Grizzlies had a bad streak against the Wolves, and no doubt he would have been eliminated if D’Angelo Russell and Karl Anthony Towns hadn’t spawned a decidedly shameful series. Ja Morant broke up for the first four Luffy-style games after a big meal, and it was Desmond Bane and Brandon Clarke who did the work to keep this young pirate crew’s ship afloat. The Wolves did not hold up, but the Wolves’ defense is much less solid than that of the Warriors ship, anchored in the bay for several years with the experience of the Playoffs. As you may have guessed, if the Grizzlies don’t significantly raise their level anywhere on the pitch, they run the great risk of being sunk by the kings of an era that doesn’t want to give way yet.

Because the Warriors have all the credentials to dominate this confrontation … starting with the defense: we talked about a Jokic with an average line of MVP in the first round, and the boy could have put fifteen more in each box every night, if Draymond Green hadn’t blocked the Serbian pivot with a quadruple turn. In the rest of the game, the Golden State reps did what they did best, which was to push the opponent to the limit while protecting the basket collectively and as if he were starving. Offensively, he doesn’t even move, the splatter duo Steph – Klay are still here, more beautiful than ever, sending strings from the clouds of the Golden City. Monsoon alert as soon as it starts to get hot, the Grizzlies are warned: the slightest centimeter left free can give three points. And it doesn’t end there, because the third thief, Jordan Poole, is alone in the world right now. There are obviously shots from the Sabaody archipelago, to respect the custom of the ship, but also from the drive, from the explosiveness to the circle. There’s also Andrew Wiggins, who specializes in hoop harassment. In short, you will have understood where we come from: the attack forces of Golden State are numerous on the one hand and all diabolically effective on the other. Obviously, the Grizzlies will have to count on a captain in good shape: if Ja allows himself another nap at the beginning of the series, the consequences will undoubtedly be much more terrible than against the Wolves. Taylor Jenkins has an interest in ensuring from start to finish to offer maximum solutions to his men, because the other specialty of the Warriors is spotting the slightest flaw and diving into it to press where it hurts. We know Steve Kerr’s exceptional level when it comes to being responsive, and it’s at least that level that Tay Jen ‘will have to show in order not to sink his boat too fast. We’ll also be expecting the men who weren’t leading the first round with the Oursons: Dillon Brooks and Jaren Jackson Jr., the former was scary from 3 points but not in the same sense as his opponents in the series, and the latter still has nightmares of referees whistling fouls at home. Ultimately and as we said above, either the Grizzlies take the right course and accelerate in all compartments of the game, or they risk morphing.

This Western Conference semi-final is certainly unbalanced to look at, but it is characterized by an element dear to both teams and which can shuffle all the cards: madness. Off the beaten path, this comparison promises to deliver magnificent basketball moments, so see you without fail tonight at 9:30 pm!

Source: ESPN

The program of the series

  • Game 1: Grizzlies – Warriors, Sunday evening May 1st, at 9.30pm.
  • Game 2: Grizzlies – Warriors, on the night of Tuesday 3 May, at 3:30 am.
  • Game 3: Warriors – Grizzlies, on the night of Saturday 7 May, 2:30 am.
  • Game 4: Warriors – Grizzlies, on the night of Monday 9 May, at 4 am.
  • Game 5 *: Grizzlies – Warriors, on the night of Wednesday 11 May, time to be defined.
  • Game 6 *: Warriors – Grizzlies, on the night of Friday 13 May, time to be defined.
  • Game 7 *: Grizzlies – Warriors, on the night of Sunday 15 May, time to be defined.

*if necessary

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