Hand ball. Proligue: Relive JS Cherbourg’s insane victory over Pontault-Combault

JS Cherbourg faced Pontault-Combault this Friday. (© Nadine DJEBBAR)

The JS Cherbourg compared Pontault Combaultthis Friday, April 29, 2022, on behalf of the 27th day of Extension. The two teams were neck and neck for 2nd place, behind Ivryundisputed leader.

This meeting took place on the whole Chantereyne full as an egg. More than 2,000 spectators came to support the Nord-Cotentin team. And they left delighted with their evening, both the show and the atmosphere were incredible.

End of the game: Cherbourg – Pontault-Combault: 32-26. Head-to-head for 52 minutes, the two teams engaged in a fantastic fight in an atmosphere of madness. JS Cherbourg once again managed to make a difference in terms of money thanks to their key players, Lucas Vanègue (13 goals) and Gauthier Ivah (17 saves). The JSC is 2nd with 3 points ahead of 3rd!

Relive the match live with commentary

60 ‘: Jason Muel concludes the sign (32-26) !!!

59 ‘: Tike scores on his wing. Then it is Jametal who shoots from a distance into the empty goal (31-26)

58’40 : Dead time established by Frédéric Bougeant. We don’t see how the JSC won’t win. What a scenery! The audience is not mistaken and sings standing up! (29-26)

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There are 2 minutes left… Pontault penalty. Dupoux sees his penalty deflected by Ivan. It’s crazy !!! (29-26)

58 ‘: Lucas Jametal scores from afar (29-26)

57 ‘: Pontault takes risks and attacks with 7 players. He succeeded (28-25). On the counterattack Badi brings Pontault to 2 (28-26)

57 ‘: And again Vanègue who frees an entire people from his famous hip stroke !!! (28-24)

56 ‘: Loss of ball from Bouity…. Ball for the JSC! (27-24). The mops are out

55 ‘: The new skylight by Vanèèèèèègue !!! (27-24)

55 ‘: Another save by Gauthier Ivah on a long shot from Lima. Magnificent!!! (26-24)

54 ‘: Lima’s hip shot rejected by Ivan. Behind, Jametal gives JSC a 2 goal lead (26-24)

53 ‘: Pontault is struggling to arm himself against the aggressive defense of the JSC. His coach Hamani takes a break (25-24). Everyone needs to breathe.

53 ′ : The light filters and does not shake (25-24)

52 ‘: Huge tie Ferreira on Jametal !! The Pontault player gets away with 2 minutes … (24-24)

52 ‘: Jacoby makes his first save on Léger (24-24). Ivan also stops Bouity (24-24). How tense it is …

49 ‘: Kikiiiiiii! (24-23). But Moran, still on the fast attack, drew very quickly. it’s been twice that the JSC got caught up in these commitments (24-24)

48 ‘: Ivah stops on Moran. On the quick attack, concludes Tike. But Moran even 5 seconds later (23-23)

47 ‘: Garaudet pierces the defense of the JSC and Pontault returns to the front line (21-22). But Vanègue is still there !!! (22-22). The eleventh goal of the Cherbourg midfield!

46 ‘: Lucas Vanègue deceives him again with Horvat. The Croatian gives way to Jacoby in Pontault’s goal (21-20). Dupoux equalized on the wing. Proligue’s top scorer creates a festival (21-21)

45 ‘: Penalty for Pontault. And 2 minutes for Jametal. Dupoux draws (20-20). Dead time set by Frédéric Bougeant. How hot!

44 ‘: Vanèèèèèèègue skylight! (20-19)

43 ‘: Reversed roucoulette by Nkonda and the JSC took the lead. Too bad, Moran equalized soon after because Weber is not careful (19-19)

43 ‘: Huge Gauthier Ivah !! On a point blank shot from Bouity, the Reunionese remains stoic! (18-18)

42 ‘: At the end of the possession, Bouity climbs very high. But Ivan stands guard (17-18). Orsted draws behind !!! (18-18)

40 ‘: Gunko fouls Vanègue from head to goal. The Ukrainian allows himself 2 minutes and Vanègue scores the penalty (17-18). Chantereyne rejoices !!!

40 ‘: Vanègue reduces the score of an all-axis shot (16-18)

39 ‘: Horvat stops Orsted, still found 6 meters away. Behind, Dupoux puts Pontault up by 3 goals (15-18)

37 ‘: Moran is flawless on the right wing (15-17). Horvat rejects an attempt by Weber. The JSC did not take advantage of their numerical superiority.

36 ‘: Big foul by Ferreira, who receives 2 minutes. Vanègue transforms the penalty (15-16)

35 ‘: John Nkonda is looking to bring JSC back to 1 goal. But Moran gives air to Pontault, on the wing (14-16)

34 ‘: Ivah blocks a shot from Bouity but Jametal misses the pass and brings possession back to Pontault. Bouity, this time, finds the nets (13-15)

34 ′ : Tike is in the pivot and turns Horvat on! (13-14)

33 ‘: After another big defense, Tike, in the area, concedes the penalty. Dupoux brand (12-14)

32 ‘: Penalty Vanega. It’s inside! (12-13)

31 ‘: JSC’s first major defense which ends with a rescue from Ivan (11-13)

Half time: Cherbourg – Pontault: 11-13. As expected, the two teams played an intense match. The guests got into the game better and even had a four-goal lead. But the Mauves are back, even passed before giving up at the end of the period. Also fundamental, as expected, the duel between the goalkeepers Horvat (9 saves) and Ivah (8 saves). And it will also be after the break.

30 ‘: Vanegas Kung Fu – Tike finds Horvat’s leg (11-13)

30 ‘: Moran, on the right wing, leads Pontault with two goals (11-13)

29 ‘: strongly defends on both sides. And Tike finds the square and doesn’t draw for the JSC (11-12)

28 ‘: After a good feint, Jametal opens the way to the door but finds Horvat’s steady hand (11-12)

27 ‘: Lior Gurman fined 2 minutes for foot dragging (11-11). brand badi (11-12)

26 ‘: Dupoux puts the two teams on a par (11-11)

24 ‘: Gauthier Ivah makes a monstrous save on a shot from Moran’s wing. The audience sings “Gauthier”! Too bad the JSC foolishly lost their balls on the next attack … (11-10)

23 ‘: It’s crazy !! Ivah multiplies the shows !! And Gurman gives the JSC the edge (11-10)

22 ‘ : Ivan’s new arrest. And Vanègue concludes with his famous hip strike. Equalization of the JSC !! (10-10)

21 ‘: Frédéric Bougeant makes his first time out (8-10). Antoine Léger sends heavy at 9 meters! (9-10)

19 ‘: Orsted gets 2 minutes for a crocodile in the legs (8-9). Souid takes advantage of it, as a pivot (8-10)

18 ‘: The new rescue of Ivah and Orsted quickly ends behind. Chantereyne is on fire. Cherif Hamani takes a break in big fanfare, even as the JSC falls behind in scoring (8-9)

17 ‘: Gauthier Ivanh keeps the JSC alive thanks to a save on Dupoux (6-9). Jametal shoots a skylight with a fast pace (7-9)

16 ‘: Vanègue once, but not twice (6-9)

14 ‘: Souid, from afar, replies to Orsted, and the gap remains the same (5-9)

13 ′ : Pontault unrolls his hand ball as the JSC fight against the best defense in the league. +4 for the Ile-de-France club thanks to Dupoux and Moran (4-8)

11 ‘: Vanègue’s magic pass finds Nkonda but the right fielder shoots wide (4-6). Horvat does another “karate” stage on Jametal. The Croatian is on fire.

9 ‘: In 15 seconds Walid Badi scored two goals for Pontault. First on the wing then on the counterattack. The JSC did not exploit its numerical superiority and will have to chase the score (3-6)

8 ‘: Judgment of Gauthier Ivah. On the quick attack, Vanègue stabs Horvat (3-4)

7 ‘: The Mauves don’t take advantage of it… Léger’s shot finds the post! (2-4)

7 ‘: Two more minutes for Pontault. Chaudanson returned to Vanègue (2-4). The JSC evolves to 7 vs 5.

6 ‘: Two more minutes for Pontault. This time it’s Dupoux for a foul on Nkonda. Penalty for the JSC. Horvat stops Tike’s shot (2-3)

5 ‘: On the wing, Léo Weber responds to Dmytro Gunko. The JSC resumes (2-3). All this in an even more incandescent atmosphere than usual in Chantereyne!

4 ‘: Horvat makes his first save on an attempt by Nkonda on the wing (1-2). It should be noted that the two teams evolve outnumbered.

3 ‘: Despite a stop by Ivah on a wing shot, the referees whistled a penalty. Dupoux transforms him (1-2)

2′: A little lucky, Gunko opens the scoring for Pontault. Orsted, found in pivot, quickly equalized (1-1)

1 ‘: Let’s go !

The pre-match

Reida is absent from the ranks of the JSC Rezzuki, who became a dad this week. He is replaced by Victor Dudinsky on the right wing.

In Pontault-Combault, three players have evolved with the JSC during their careers, goalkeepers Sven Horvat and Giordana Jacobas well as the rear Dmytro Gunko. Coach Cherif hamani he also spent a season in the Cotentin.

JS Cherbourg warming up this Friday.
JS Cherbourg warming up this Friday.
A few minutes before the meeting starts.
A few minutes before the meeting starts.

Both teams are warming up.

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