Horoscope May 12-18 2022

l’horoscope by May 12 to 18 2022 by Simon and the starsthe web’s most loved celebrity blogger, and WONDERFUL astrologer from Elle

The moon of truth

Digging into the depths of our existence: This is the stimulus that the Full Moon in Scorpio gives us, to bring back the truth that resides within each of us. That part where the intimacy, the secrets, the lights and the shadows of our lives lie. A moment of evolution, a moment of liberation. The leading word for everyone: Brightness

The favorite sign according to the horoscope Simon and the stars

Aquarius from January 21 to February 19

You have the sound of a rocket going into space. With Jupiter finally having the advantage, you’re ready to fly and not just metaphorically. Great is the desire to travel, to “move” from the habit and, who knows, to find love even outside the city. When? Ideal from 12 to 14. News at work: no restrictions, now only more satisfying projects. Leading word: movement

Aries from March 21 to April 20

Let’s start here! From Venus and especially Jupiter returned to the sign. If you need to clarify a matter with your partner, an ex or a relative, or a work representative, it’s good to talk about it around 1 pm. Come forward: now you have the opportunity to plan, to change the way things are going. Single in the mood for new encounters. Leading word: decisions

Taurus from April 21 to May 20

The climax is what represents the turning point in a story. Just like in the movies, this period also prepares you to take a test, if not a job challenge, which will make you winners. At the moment, however, you do not want to deal with those who did not believe in you: towards the end of the year there are important changes. Leading word: equations

Gemini from May 21 to June 21

It is time to rebuild certainties. Recently, someone may have broken your trust, but now you have the option to get it back or make ransom demands. Whether at work or in love: let your emotions flow during the weekend and you will understand where your heart is taking you. Slightly more economic focus. Leading word: reconstruction

Cancer from June 22 to July 22

Something isn’t going the way you would like. Delays or misunderstandings at work, as well as some household expenses, can cause unrest. Let’s avoid dragging problems into the couple or the family, otherwise days like 13 and 14 will be difficult. Check the coupon for recent relationships: there are those who don’t make it. Leading word: Verify

Leo from July 23 to August 23

Turn the page! By personal initiative or fate, you can catch news or important changes at work. A communication between 12 and 13 confirms this, even if the real turning point comes in the summer. Those who were out of shape are in great recovery. There are only minor concerns in the family or for money. Leading word: recovery

Virgo from August 24 to September 22

An endless dialogue, even if you don’t see each other: just argue with your brain! If you want to reconnect with an ex, or at least clarify the matter, you need to come out. Ditto if you’ve been through a crisis or want to see someone who broke your heart: to take a step forward, you have to take risks! Leading word: courage

Libra from September 23 to October 22

The world’s responsibility on your shoulders: maybe this is how you feel! At work, when you burden yourself with obligations that do not compete with you. Or in love, if the partner no longer takes care of you or can not meet your needs. Take it easy and don’t jump to conclusions. Leading word: mediation

Scorpio from October 23 to November 22

Responsibility or fun? You feel split in two. Between what ‘must’ ‘out of duty’ and what your instincts suggest. Think about it carefully, because what you are planning now will have an important reflection in the summer. From a professional change to a love break, anything can happen. Leading word: decisions

Sagittarius from November 23 to December 21

If I told you that Jupiter – recently in favor – is the planet of the turning point… would you believe me? No, and you’re not completely wrong! In fact, the future still seems vague at this point, especially at work where you are drawn to an uncertain expectation and answers. Have faith: news in the summer. Leading word: to trust

Capricorn from December 22 to January 20

You miss something. In love or at work, you find yourself in a confused, if not precarious, atmosphere. And this destabilizes you. The puzzle is about to come together, but avoid bigoted poses, especially between 12 and 14. Relatives snakes? Between man and woman, do not “force” him to lay his finger. Hold on! Leading word: perseverance

Fishing from February 20 to March 20

Who knows if a trip, the idea of ​​moving house or moving house or the desire to take care of something new at work won’t bring motivation back into your life. It is a fertile period of stimuli and changes, which must, however, be reasoned and approached calmly. Especially if you have to splurge: for now, the saucer… howls! Leading word: aspirations

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