I will call the liquidator

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I’ll call the superintendent!


Eternalized in the voice of Tim Maia, the song “Chama o Síndico” cites a function that is even today considered a profession. And condominiums, increasingly large and luxurious, have been the target of several embarrassing situations. To name just two of the most luxurious condominiums in Salvador, Le Parc, on Avenida Paralela, and Villaggio Panambi, in Horto Florestal, have recently experienced problems. The first due to a bitter dispute during the internal elections. The second for serious complaint and procedure for alleged overpricing of works and imposition of abusive prices. Faced with these imbroglios, issues such as income from co-ownership, accountability and even the salary of trustees have come to the fore.

The most expensive mansions in Brazil


Those who have a bullet in the needle in Brazil are: Luan Santana, Luciana Gimenez and Chiquinho Scarpa. These three celebrities sell luxury properties in São Paulo, and the values ​​are impressive. According to MBRAS, the real estate boutique in charge of negotiating the houses, Luan Santana’s mansion, located in Santana do Parnaíba, a few minutes from the capital, costs R$43 million. With a constructed area of ​​over 2,000 m², the residence has 5 suites, home cinema, office, covered gourmet area, infinity pool, sauna, whirlpool, fireplace, 20 spaces and much more. Luciana, on the other hand, has a property for sale on the penthouse of one of the most exclusive and luxurious residential condominiums in the capital of São Paulo, in the south of the city. With approximately 1,800 m² of private space and a sale value of R$70 million, the property was, for years, the residence of the presenter and her ex-husband, the vice-president of RedeTV!, Marcelo de Carvalho. Another mansion for sale is that of Count Chiquinho Scarpa, located in the Jardim América district, in the center of São Paulo. The property costs 63 million reais. With a total area of ​​4,000 m², with 1,500 m² of floor space, the house has a structure of 8 rooms, 10 bathrooms and a garage for 12 cars. The building is an inheritance from the count’s grandfather and was purchased in 1907, in a coveted address in the luxurious district of São Paulo, occupying the largest plot of land in the region. The curiosity in this case is that the only reason for the sale is, according to the famous, because only he and his girlfriend live in a very large space. And get fat, right? !

International Happiness Congress and “Happiest Country in the World”


The main event for well-being, quality of life and self-knowledge in Latin America will have a very special return in 2022. After a period in which the world has faced severe restrictions and great challenges due to the pandemic, the International Congress of Happiness will have its fifth edition in face-to-face format, bringing together speakers in Curitiba who will address the theme of happiness from four aspects: scientific, spiritual, artistic and philosophical. The event will take place on November 5 and 6 at the Positivo Exhibition Center, in Parque Barigui, and registration is now open on the event website (www.congressodefelicidade.com.br). One of the confirmed foreign speakers is Thakur S. Powdyel, former Minister of Education of Bhutan, a country considered “the happiest in the world”. He will talk about the GNI index (Gross Interior Happiness) and the vision of sustainable development in the country. In times of pandemic, war and crisis, all happiness is always welcome!

The aviation sector shows the resumption of flights… and delays


The number of passengers who purchased tickets to board at Brazilian airports in the first quarter of this year almost doubled compared to the same period in 2021. The larger movement, however, has come with some inconvenience for travelers . The number of delays and cancellations has tripled and delays over 4 hours have increased more than fivefold over the same period, according to data from AirHelp, a leading global air passenger defense company. According to the survey, based on data tracked by the company’s artificial intelligence platform, the number of passengers boarding in the country rose from 9.4 million in the first quarter of 2021 to 17.3 million in 2022. the same range, the number of passengers affected by delays and cancellations fell from 787.7 thousand to 2.2 million. One in 12 passengers suffered from the problem in 2021. In 2022, this proportion has increased to 1 in 8. The traveler’s life is not easy.

Is it okay to talk about sex with your kids? at what age?


Many people were surprised by an interview published this week in which singer Kelly Key, 39, claims that she and her husband, Mico Freitas, 41, deal with sex issues naturally at home with their children, Suzanna, 21, Jaime Vitor, 17, and Arthur, 5. For the artist, there are no taboos when it comes to tackling more intimate subjects and the family even watches series like Netflix’s Sex Education together. BNews spoke to sex therapist Maiara Magalhães, who confirmed that it’s completely normal and appropriate to bring up sensitive topics with younger children:

“Sex education for children should start very early. Parents should teach, for example, the correct names of sexual organs and who can touch them. Such attitudes prevent the abuse that is so common within the family. When the child comes up with questions, parents should respond simply and naturally, without embarrassment. If you don’t know the answer, be honest and say you will. The intimacy of parents with their children must be encouraged from childhood. This kind of conversation creates a relationship of trust in the family. Trying to establish this link only when adolescence arrives is much more difficult. Don’t forget that if you don’t talk to the little ones, the Internet will do it for you. The average age range in which the child accesses pornography is 10 years old. And the consequences of this kind of behavior can be disastrous. Many parents have not had sex education and therefore find it difficult to deal with this problem. But it is a responsibility that should not be neglected. If it’s hard to talk about sex with children, it’s important to ask for help.

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