Judge Campos Amaral celebrates 90 years with family lunch

The brothers Francisco, Paulo César, André, Eduardo and Beatriz orchestrated a lunch, on the afternoon of last Tuesday (3/5), to celebrate the 90th birthday of their father, judge José de Campos Amaral. The place chosen for the celebration was the balcony of the traditional restaurant Trattoria da Rosario, in Lago Sul.

Present on the occasion were children, grandchildren, sisters, nephews, friends and the wife of the birthday boy, who came together to organize a moment of tribute around the well-regarded Italian menu of the house. Two starter options were included in the menu, namely bruschetta al pomodoro and carpáccio di carne con carciofini; Amalfi pesce costiera, chef’s steak, Vitello ravioli and risotto di Zucca e Gamberi as main courses. For dessert, petit gateau and tiramisu. Lunch was washed down with Mariana red wine.

José de Campos Amaral with his five children

The tables arranged on the balcony were decorated with flower arrangements made up of white roses, hydrangeas and foliage, the same ones that adorned the cake table. Cups of milk and tasty sweets completed the look and added charm to the setting. Personalized balloons were not lacking at the event.


Upon arriving at the place, José de Campos Amaral was faced with a beautiful surprise. To the sound of the duet Rebeca Pacheco and Victor Hugo Sanchez – who sang classical songs, the family members received the birthday boy with applause and ovations.

Family welcomes the birthday boy José de Campos Amaral
José de Campos Amaral is surprised

After lunch, grandsons of the judge got together to honor their grandfather. Among speeches, poems and quotes from biblical passages, the Campos Amaral family was moved by the tributes. The birthday boy, in turn, ended the moment with words of gratitude.

“I thank you all for attending this celebration of my 90th birthday, I believe it was well lived”, introduced José de Campos Amaral, mentioning the figures of his father, Francisco, and his mother, Iracema, to whom he attributed his great learnings.

Jose de Campos Amaral

The judge also quoted a phrase by the poet Guimarães Rosa, which makes him reflect on the month of May, the month of his birth: “I wish well these Mays, the good sun, the cold of health, the flowers of the field, the fine little winds”.

José ended the speech saying that he felt rewarded just to see everyone gathered.

90 years of José de Campos Amaral
Birthday boy with his wife, Clélia Amaral

For the electoral judge Francisco Amaral, the birthday boy’s firstborn, the father is a very dear person and adored by all his children, grandchildren, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law. “Theyhe was always a person turned to the good. He tried to do the best he could for his family, friends and colleagues, not only in his private life, but also in his public life. He was always a just man and oriented towards justice,” he says.

about the birthday boy

Born in Anápolis (Goiás), José de Campos Amaral visited the capital of the Republic in 1957, when he was still a student at the Law School of Largo de São Francisco (USP). Impressed by the saga of the construction of Brasília, he returned for its inauguration on April 21, 1960, moving permanently on March 31, 1961.

Goiano was one of the first lawyers in the Federal District, having also been Novacap’s legal attorney, in 1964. Later, he held the position of attorney general of the DF, from 1967 to 1969, in the administration of Mayor Wadjô Gomide, of whom he became a great friend.

In 1991, José was appointed judge of the TJDFT, whose career earned him much praise from his peers and servants. When he retired, in 2002, as vice president, he then returned to the law and started to manage his farm in the municipality of Cocalzinho (GO), his passions.

Of the five children, three followed in his footsteps in the legal field: Francisco, Paulo César and André. While Eduardo and Beatriz launched themselves into the business sphere.

Check out the photos from the birthday lunch:

José de Campos Amaral hugs his daughter, Beatriz Amaral
José de Campos Amaral hugs his sister Isis Amaral
José de Campos Amaral with the deputy governor of the DF, Paco Britto
Paco Britto between César, Isis, José, Francisco and Eduardo Campos Amaral

Juliana, Paulo César and Maria Vitória Amaral
Birthday between Eduardo, Adriana and Maria Eduarda Amaral
José de Campos Amaral with Fernanda and Rafaela Amaral
Isis, Gabriel and Isabel Amaral
Francisco Amaral and chef Rosario Tessier
Adriana and Juliana Amaral
André, Franceska, André and Leonardo Amaral
Maria Vitória and Maria Eduarda Amaral
André Amaral with Cléber Pioto and Fabiano Henrique Amaral
João Guilherme and José Felipe Amaral
José de Campos Amaral with Emílio and Heriberto Silva
Beatriz Arantes and Rafaela Arantes Amaral
José with his sisters, Creusa and Isis Amaral
Gabriel and Creusa Amaral, Ubirajara Siqueira, Ana Sofia and Fabiano Amaral
José de Campos Amaral with grandchildren Gabriel, Matheus, André, João Guilherme and José Felipe
Beatriz, Rafaela, Fernanda and Francisco Amaral
Jose de Campos Amaral
Matheus and Leonardo Amaral
Jose and André Amaral
Heriberto Silva honors his birthday friend
Heriberto Silva and José de Campos Amaral
Speech by José de Campos Amaral
Fernanda with her grandfather, José de Campos Amaral
tribute from grandchildren
Rafaela Amaral
Isabel and Gabriel Amaral
Beatriz and Isis Amaral
Duet Rebeca Pacheco and Victor Hugo Sanchez (Lights, Music and Action)
Gabriel, Matheus, Leonardo, João Guilherme and José Felipe Amaral
Cleber Pioto
Family members pray for the birthday boy

Location: Trattoria do Rosario Restaurant
Menu: Trattoria da Rosario Restaurant
Decoration: Villa Rizza
Sweets: Cirônia Sweets
Cake: Rose Cake
Band: Light, Music and Action
Balloons: Merge

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