Let’s talk about MotoGP: Bagnaia’s masterpiece

The Spanish Grand Prix has delivered its verdict. As usual, we will elaborate three lessons related to this intense weekend.

I) Bagnaia on another planet

Pecco’s performance should be shown to all young people interested in motorcycle racing. The qualifying session alone is already historic. On the one hand, it was very interesting to note the total absence of signs of nervousness. However, Francesco sees his first round canceled due to the fall of Jorge Martino in turn 1, in addition to being followed by Marc Marquezwho, as more and more often, makes this game particularly unpleasant for the hare (Mir in Qatar).

With Olympic calm, Bagnaia makes a first fast lap, beaten by Quartararo. Then the factory Ducati gives us its masterclass. 1’36 ” 170fastest lap obtained here, e 0 ” 473 in front of Fabio. A world apart, especially nowadays. This is the first pole not awarded to a Honda or Yamaha in 16 years and 17 rounds at Jerez de la Frontera. Immense.

Then the race. Again, nothing to say. Even if Bagnaia had come back strong from Argentina, no one could have bet on such a dominant victory. In the lead from the start, he achieved a grand slam, which is increasingly rare in motorsport (pole, best lap in the race, victory in the lead at all laps). Of course, Fabio was tirelessly approaching the end but Pecco probably had some under his feet, as evidenced by the total absence of errors.

This victory means a lot, and ” answer “ directly to that of Quarta ‘in Portugal. Bagnaia has accomplished what no one else, in the 21st century, has been able to do: install doubt with observers in a single race. Recall that no rider was crowned world champion being so late at the start of the season.

II) Let’s not forget “El Diablo”

Quartararo drew with Rins, and came out first in the league seven points behind Aleix, in style. An excellent operation, no matter what. Photo: Michelin Motorsport

After reflection, Fabio Quartararo’s weekend is almost perfect. The latter had a good qualifying session with two important laps, also followed by Márquez in the second exit. At the checkered flag also has a nice mattress in front of the third, in the person ofAleix Espargarò.

His race is error free and he was never left behind by Bagnaia. At present, nothing to disappoint for this second place in such an unpredictable season. Only two riders have reached the podium at least three times since Losail, testifying to his consistency.

Finally, the only question is psychological. This is, statistically, the circuit that works best for Fabio, his garden. He absolutely must not be impressed by this performance, a priori difficult to reproduce.

In fact, Bagnaia starts to win races so every Sunday, we will have to ask ourselves some questions. Fabio did his job, he increased his advantage and showed, in the final laps, that he is not that far behind. This is what he insisted on (the gap with the third party) during the post-race interview.

The context lends itself to psychological damage, but it doesn’t seem to touch it : market window on the right path, Suzuki maybe at the start (so two very talented riders to replace, potentially), Le Mans that is coming, where the Yamahas, like the Ducati, are strong. As it stands, it’s not a turning point of the season. The wind is still in the direction of the French it is, mentally, one of the best since 2021. But we must continue to be solid – just like in Jerez or Termas – even more than two seconds from the first.

Benefiting from the status of “fake” of favorite or “favorite too soon”, Bagnaia no longer has so much pressure ; It is up to Fabio to play, and therefore to dictate the rules. But in motorsports, it’s much easier to be a hunter than a hunter if he plays a duel championship (Rossi 2015 And 2006, Kent 2015, 2021…) This is why the Italian should not be forgotten given his position in the overall standings, which is quite anecdotal at this time of the season.

The podium was the same as the first row. It hadn’t happened since the 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix. Photo: Michelin Motorsport

III) Warning for Pramac

Let’s close on a completely different note. While the team has been described as “sister” rather than “daughter” from Davide Tardozzi in Portugal, Pramac is having an average start to the season. In Jerez, the team did not score any points, which hasn’t happened since Grand Prix of Teruel (Aragon) 2020.

Jorge Martino crashed for the fourth time in six games, the worst record in the entire field. Zarco, also on the ground, is having a difficult start to the season but remains afloat. Pramac perhaps suffers from this team status almost on par with the factory. Riders usually feel less pressure in smaller venues, but with Ducati proliferating this year, the “little ones” no longer exist. All teams equipped with Desmosedici can potentially get on the podium.

Martín is young, in a satellite team: his place is not yet on the top step of the podium nor in pole position in every race, theIt shouldn’t aim that high. This situation is directly related to performance leveling, a policy initiated and adopted since 2016.

That’s all for today ! We will return to the case Aleix Espargarò separately, a little later. What do you think of the championship battle and Bagnaia’s performance? Tell us in the comments!

Seeing an incisive (albeit late) Marquez is a pleasure. Photo: Michelin Motorsport

Cover photo: Michelin Motorsport

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