Lola Marois (Plus belle la vie) was injured while filming!

Since 2017 Lola Marois has embodied the character of Ariane in “Plus belle la vie”. How long, she still doesn’t know.

No date has been announced yet but the end of the series may be near. If Lola Marois, aka Ariane Hersant, would have liked to continue the adventure in the city of Marseille, she cannot hide that the cessation of filming should do a world of good to her body since, as she herself puts it so well, filming does not they are easy. Especially when she plays a policewoman.

Lola Marois, Jean-Marie Bigard’s wife, revealed that the storyline in which her character plays an important role was not without physical consequences: it was a complex enough ark for me to play.

We were often on sets where it was very cold. I got hurt twice, Bella and Jules’ mother, 9 years old, confessed.

Lola Marois injured her neck for the first time in a stunt with Jacob (played by Christophe Morillon, ed). If she certainly didn’t have to undergo operations of any kind to get back on her feet, in fact, on the side of her feet, it’s not really a joy since she too was hit in a chase. She is not completely immobilized but she was forced to wear a splint to help her wound heal as quickly as possible.

Suffice it to say that rest is recommended for Lola Marois since this risk of shooting. The 39-year-old actress is fortunate to have a husband and two children who care for her in these troubled times.

It could also be that soon Lola Marois and Jean-Marie Bigard will expand the family. She the actress in any case would not be against since she had indicated at the end of the year 2020 in an Instagram story that she sometimes wanted a third child. Case to follow.

More beautiful life: Lola Marois does not believe in the future of the series!

According to the words of Lola Marois in an interview, the soap opera Plus belle la vie will not last long.

Although Lola Marois does not believe in the future of Plus belle la vie, it will be very sad the day the series officially ends. People Act Magazine editorial team explains everything, from A to Z!


It has been a few weeks since we heard that Plus belle la vie will cease to be produced. It was recently Laurent Kérusoré (who plays the role of Thomas Marci) who confirmed the news.

“Since the series ends because it is a secret of Pulcinella, I hope that we will always meet again, that we will always see each other on social networks.

Otherwise I will feel a little lonely. “, She swung into an Instagram video. Yes, the actor wants at all costs to stay in touch with his colleagues.

But he is not the only one who thinks that Plus belle la vie will soon bring the curtain down. This is also the opinion of Lola Marois, the one who lends her features to Ariane.

It’s simple, when she heard the rumors she immediately said that “it was over”. The latter would still like to have answers from production.

“We are in the dark, without precise information. We are preparing for the end of the series. “, You have thus launched, with our colleagues from Gala. Editorial People Act magazine tells you more, in the rest of this article.


Even as Lola Marois prepares for the end of Plus belle la vie, it will not be easy for her to abandon her character. “I will be very sorry to leave this character that I have given so much to. she exclaimed.

If there is one who will probably be happy, on the other hand, it is Jean-Marie Bigard. As you probably know, the comedian is in a relationship with the actress. They are even married and the parents of two adorable children named Jules and Bella.

In another interview, Lola Marois confided that her sweetheart was jealous of seeing her flirt with other men on set.

“He knows he’s married an actress and it’s not the first time he’s seen me kissing guys. “, she explained. Before adding:” He’s pretty jealous. He tries not to look too much. He laughs at it, but sometimes it annoys him. “.

And this is a solved problem. For her part, Lola Marois does not intend to be defeated. You have many other projects in mind. At the latest news, she may also join the cast of Tomorrow Belongs to Us or That Great Sun.

Lola Marois

In fact, when reporters asked her if she would agree to have a role in one of the two soap operas, she replied: “Frankly, yes.” Good !

And you, what do you think of the end of Plus belle la vie? Likewise, do you think Lola Marois has her place in Tomorrow belongs to us or Un si grand soleil? Tell us everything!

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