Marine Le Pen denounces “stripped down” national education and targets communitarianism

While the Ukrainian crisis is front-page news, the nationalist impostor has launched her program about the school as if nothing had happened.

To casually present your program proposal, while the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has become one of the main topics of conversation for the French? This is the dilemma that all presidential candidates have faced ever since this war raged on Europe’s doorstep. Starting with the one who could well have run into the President of the Republic on April 24: Marine Le Pen.

So on Monday morning the RN candidate was playing counterprogramming. 34 days after the first round, the one running for the third time wanted to detail his “National Education” project. Regardless of cost. Despite the fact that at present the focus is not on the proposals of presidential candidates. The list of measures that it qualifies as “specific, applicable in the short term and ambitious” raise the bar of the system”massacresince the 1970s. “massive access to secondary education”, “pedagogism” 1980s and “reforms” started in the next decade. What to regret for the hundredth time”the collapse of the level of French students” and “a school that has become a machine for the reproduction of social inequality“.

Coincidence or not, but the words of Marine Le Pen echo the thinking of her main nationalist rival. “The cult of the child, his spontaneity, the transition from the transfer of knowledge by the teacher to active pedagogy, making the child an “actor in the construction of his knowledge”, will destroy the French elementary school, which was justly proud of itself. about being “the best in the world”wrote the writer Zemmour in 2014 in his flagship work. french suicide.

Le Pen praises “the taste for assimilation and the sense of effort”.

Whereas the latter competes with it on migration, Islamism and how France integrates newcomers, Marine Le Pen denounces the school organization.failing to give immigrant students a taste for assimilation and a sense of effort“. The arrow is uncontrollable and against a wide phenomenon”no waveswhich, she says, led to the murder of Samuel Paty a year and a half ago, or to the lynching of Professor Didier Lemaire on social media. She even makes it one of her mantras.. “In all institutions, violations of secularism will be treated with zero tolerance”warns the applicant who wishes, in particular, to ban the wearing of the veil for “accompanying persons for school excursions“. And this, to better announce the new measure: “Any religious pressure” school “would constitute a crime punishable by imprisonment.”

Bill on the content of education and “disciplinary action”develop vocational training, raise the salaries of teachers by 3% per year”proletarianized for twenty-five years”reversal of the secondary school reform initiated by Jean-Michel Blanquer… Marine Le Pen unfolds her program without flinching to make “National education is an institution that all French people are proud of.”

Without an accurate quantitative assessment of his project at the moment, on education, as well as on other thematic sections, the deputy of Pas de Calais promises to return”soonto the French to clarify the economic viability of his reforms. A way to make contact… but also to delay the presentation of what constituted one of his weaknesses during the second round of debate in 2017: his knowledge of the files and his credibility in terms of funding. Probably knowing that her message will be barely audible in this fast-paced international context, Marine Le Pen is simply banking on the media to broadcast the aspirants’ programs to the Elysee Palace.

If the RN candidate also wanted to present her project at any cost, it was because she also had to face a second political news… and a personal one: the rallying of Marion Maréchal with Eric Zemmour, formalized during the great turmoil in Toulon (Var). When asked about her feelings after the pictures on Sunday, the presidential candidate looked slightly annoyed.

I didn’t have the opportunity to see this meeting, but we already knew everything before it took place, she chuckled. I still don’t have any explanation, which seems consistent to me, regarding this change made by Marion Maréchal, who stated more than a month ago that she would support the best entries in this competition.” If this “change of foot” it seems to him “incomprehensible”, his entourage also knows that this translation, made between the war in Ukraine and the decline of the regime of the leader of the Reconquista, did not have the expected political and media effect. Hence the desire on their part not to comment on this program beyond measure and to focus on the content of the program.

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