“Master your web”, an inclusive game from Lille that will help children aged 9 to 13 create and manage their own YouTube channel.

This new free online video game will be of interest to teachers, educators and librarians. And kids, of course! We tell you why.

A game “Master of Your Web”Run on a computer or tablet, it aims to help children ages 9 to 13 better understand media and social media. A game for everyone, with or without a disability. Its creators from the Signes de sens association in Lille insist on its inclusive aspect through LSF (French Sign Language), voice acting and subtitles.

The goal is to teach children to prepare for creating and posting video content on the Internet, solving all the problems associated with the Internet and social networks: sources, copyright, comment management, respect for privacy… To be well informed in order to be better informed, logic is unstoppable.

“Manage Your Web” with an interactive and collaborative video journey allows kids to break out of isolation as they face serious questions they may have about their online presence. Animation that can accompany the game (dialogues, debates) makes it possible to improve learning and thinking about the universe of YouTubers whose children are now daily users, as they were in the past on television.

This educational online game is aimed at both schools and media libraries, as well as medical, social, social and educational structures. The game can be played at school, in the media library, and also at home.

We want to inspire young people to create and be social media actors by giving them the keys to take risks.

Simon Huriez

Director of Signes de sens

video duration: 01 min 24

Master Your Internet: Teaching Media and Information

© Signs of meaning

During the game, the members follow the journey of a young girl, Emmy, who wants to share her passion for video games by creating a YouTube channel. As he prepares his project, players help him overcome obstacles: knowing which sources to use, verifying information, or protecting his privacy. Emmy’s character is portrayed Winona Guyona young deaf actress since birth, who also plays one of the main characters of the 5th season of SKAM on the French TV channel Slash.

“Manage Your Network” is a course of six consecutive video modules: creating a working format, quoting your sources, managing comments, using third-party content and respecting copyrights, spreading the word about your channel and managing your subscribers.

At the end of each module, a mini-quiz allows you to check the correct understanding of the questions and confirm the transition to the next stage. The quiz also provides an opportunity for facilitators (teachers, educators, librarians) to organize time for discussion and expression.

The course can be taken in one session (approximately 45 minutes) or as a lively session lasting from 1:30 to 2 hours, focusing on collaboration and debate among participants to complete reflection and learning for everyone. The 15-page Facilitator’s Guide (pdf) allows you to quickly discover the YouTuber universe, game structure, and resources for group play preparation.

The game was developed with the supportAnn Cordierresearcher in information and communication sciences and validated by 250 young people with or without disabilities, as well as professionals.

Sebastian Cellierdirector of development of the association, presents the game as “a media and information literacy tool for children in the 3rd cycle, accessible to everyone, with or without a disability.

Like all Signes de sens projects, Master your web is an inclusive game. Based on the motivation of children to create online videos, the game simultaneously raises their awareness of LSF and opens them up to inclusive citizenship.

Tuesday, March 29, from 16:00 to 17:30.the association organizes a webinar (free of charge) to discover the game Master your web.

Maître ton web is the latest creation of the Signes de sens association, founded in 2003 in Lille. The association employs 26 people and brings together about twenty volunteers in its educational systems to facilitate access to information, reading and learning for children and adults with hearing impairments or disabilities.

Signes de sens laid its foundations around LSF, in particular through theatrical creativity, and then developed broader programs of learning and reading, working in conjunction with educational centers, IMEs (medical educational institutions) and media libraries of the region for an audience of people with cognitive, sensory, mental or psychological disturbances.

Signes de sens is also the initiator of diverse and always innovative projects such as ElixFrench LSF dictionary on video (50,000 words and characters online) or well koalaan early learning series developed in partnership with CRA (Centre Ressources Autismes) that has reached more than 25,000 users since 2014 through the app, website and Youtube channel (1 million videos viewed) or apps. Museum +entertainment-educational courses in video (in LSF, with subtitles and with voiceover) developed in three museums, including the Palace of Fine Arts in Lille.

At the end of 2021, the association broadcast on YouTube a 5-episode mini-series about inventions born of disability that revolutionized the world (SMS, synthesizer, vegetable peeler, etc.), “Disability changes the world”co-financed by the France Télévisions Foundation and filmed on location France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

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