Michel Polnareff hospitalized, he was very close to death!

Back to the day Michel Polnareff almost died. Victim of a pulmonary embolism, the singer almost died a few years ago.

Victim of bilateral pulmonary embolism, Michel Polnareff had to cancel the last two concerts of his tour. Her doctor at the time, Dr. Saliou, reassured us about her condition, despite the tragic nature of this medical problem:

Fortunately he was caught in time, because if he had played his two scheduled concerts on Friday and Saturday, he could have died on stage, added Dr. Saliou, who then detailed the singer’s state of weakness. Progression of the disease has led to repeated drops in blood pressure.

A sudden cancellation of his concerts

Michel Polnareff suffered from sinusitis earlier in the week, which turned into bronchitis. He has been infiltrated to be able to perform in Toulouse, Pau and Bordeaux (last week, ed). But on Friday morning, he suffered from severe dizziness and a drop in blood pressure, he said. And to add: if the treatment goes well, he will recover and sing again without consequences.

Pulmonary embolism, an often fatal scourge

A pulmonary embolism is the blockage of an artery in the lungs, most often by a blood clot. It is caused by phlebitis. A pulmonary embolism requires emergency treatment. In fact, one in three victims of a pulmonary embolism dies of asphyxiation before seeing a doctor.

“Marilou” singer Michel Polnareff was therefore very lucky to survive this respiratory crisis. Placed on anticoagulant treatment after this hospitalization in 2016, doctors still kept him under surveillance for several days before he fully recovered.

Michel Polnareff forced to postpone his immersive experience, explains the reason.

While his immersive experience called Polnarêves was due to start on May 5 at the Théâtre du Palais in Paris, Michel Polnareff announced that he was forced to postpone this grandiose project. On Twitter, the singer claimed the postponement was beyond his control.

It is a heavy blow for Michel Polnareff. After four years of absence, the singer was delighted with her return, having announced last January a mysterious project called Polnarêves.

The immersive experience is an extraordinary journey designed with Michel Polnareff.

His mythical and iconic songs lead the viewer into an experience towards the unexpected and an explosion of musical images, we could read in a press release sent by the Théâtre du Palace, where the experience would have taken place from May 5th.

Michel Polnareff was looking forward to showing his fans this half-show, half-concert project, despite suffering from the health crisis and government-imposed isolation. I did not suffer from Covid, but I suffered from the lack of contact, like everyone else. I lived it very, very badly. I don’t like people who force things on me.

I miss my audience, I miss Paris. We will put color in a slightly gray world, she explained in the Parisian columns. Then he adds: We will take revenge on the freedoms that have been stolen from us with more or less understandable pretexts.

Postponement to June

Fans of the bespectacled singer will have to wait several more weeks before seeing him again, as the experience will begin on June 2. On Twitter, Michel Polnareff explained the reason for this last minute postponement.

Due to issues with delivering some of the broadcast equipment needed to give you the most perfect experience possible, we were forced to postpone Michel Polnareff’s immersive experience at the Palais until June 2, he wrote.

An experience that only Parisians or those who can go to the capital will be able to live, since the 77-year-old singer replied to a user who regretted not being able to participate.

This immersion can only be experienced within the confines of the Paris Palace, the artist replied.

Michel Polnareff

For the fans there is only one thing left to do: be patient!

Due to delivery defects of some of the transmission equipment necessary to give you the most perfect experience possible, we are forced to postpone Michel Polnareff’s immersive experience at the Palazzo until June 2nd ⚓️.

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