MILLION DAY AND EXTRA MILLIONDAY EXTRACTION / Discover the five winning numbers of today 13 May 2022

The big moment, the most awaited one, has arrived: i winning numbers of Million Day and Extra MillionDay have been extracted. The word passes to them, after the scene is taken precisely by today’s extraction. So, each of you who took part in today’s competition is about to find out if he has hit today’s lucky five, winning a million euros, or if the appointment with luck has to be postponed. But there will certainly also be those who can still say they have experienced a lucky draw, for having hit one of the other winning categories. As well as there will be those who will be able to party thanks to the game option introduced. What matters, and which we will never tire of reminding you, is to check the winning numbers of Million Day and Extra MillionDay well when you check with your tickets. In this regard, we remind you that in addition to the official website and the betting shops, the My Lotteries app is also available for a second check of the bet, so as to leave no stone unturned. (adj. by Silvana Palazzo)


2 – 13 – 29 – 37 – 43
(The winning numbers of the contest Millions of days are published on the official website of the state monopolies we decline all responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the winning numbers, and we invite you to check directly on the monopolies website and / or in the betting shop)


5 – 7 – 14 – 31 – 48
(The winning numbers of the contest MillionDay extra are published on the official website of the state monopolies we decline all responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the winning numbers, and we invite you to check directly on the monopolies website and / or in the betting shop)


While waiting to know the winning numbers of Million Day and Extra MillionDay, we want to tell you the story of a winner, the last one from Ferrara. With one euro he won one million euro on May 4th. The lucky one is unknown, but it is known that he is a regular customer of the tobacconist’s in via Bentivoglio, in the Barco district. According to what was reported by the Corriere della Sera, which heard the manager, it would be a pensioner of about 75-80 years who would have shown himself calm, as usual, despite the win, while showing his satisfaction. At the tobacconist he said he had won and then asked how to collect the prize. He, who had not yet verified the draws and will not collect any percentage of the winnings, has had confirmation of the super win from the system. Then, he took the photo of the ticket to display at the point of sale. In the neighborhood, the hunt for the lucky has begun, who could also be from another area of ​​the city. Today, however, the same fate could befall you … (adj. By Silvana Palazzo)


Let’s now take a look at the MillionDay statistics, focusing on the lagging numbers, the ones that are making themselves particularly desired. In first place is 19, absent from 75 draws. 32, which has not been seen for 37 appointments, are much more detached, while 44 has reached 36 absences. The 53 has collected 32, which is therefore off the podium. One less absence for the 36 who closes the top five. Now let’s move on to the late numbers of Extra MillionDay. In first place there is the 48 who does not come out of 48 appointments with luck. There are 45 absences for 34, while 16 has collected 41 and therefore we find him on the lowest step of the podium. To complete the top five in this case there are 18 and 3. The first has collected 37 absences, the other instead is at 35. Who knows if any of these will make an appearance with today’s draw of Million Day and Extra MillionDay . But there is only one way to find out: wait for today’s winning numbers to come out! (adj. by Silvana Palazzo)


Millions of days and MillionDay extra they are back today, Friday 13 May 2022, with a new drawing of the winning numbers and the chance to win one million euros. As you well know, this is the amount you get by matching all the lucky five, but since the new game option is available, you also have a second chance, with the second draw from the remaining numbers. The hope, therefore, also for this competition is to further increase the list of winners, who were given a shock on May 4th.

On that occasion it was centered on Ferrara the thirteenth win at Millions of days from one million euros, but only for this year, given that a total of 212 winnings are achieved. But this game also proved generous with its other payout categories. In this regard, we remind you that al MillionDay (and so also atExtra) you also win by matching 4, 3 or just 2 winning numbers, with amounts that clearly differ depending on the amount of numbers centered.


The appointment for theMillion Day and Extra Million Day draw is at 20:30. The time has changed, but not our attention. We will collect the numbers live to offer you as soon as possible, so you can quickly check the winning numbers. Now, however, let’s focus on a topic that can certainly interest you in this waiting phase: the Quote. How much do you win on Million Day? Premise: the amount depends on the type of bet made. Let’s now consider a single, the simplest, one euro bet.

Neglecting the 5, since we know that it guarantees a win of one million euros, well with the 4 you get a thousand euros, with the 3 instead 50 euros, finally with the 2 you win two euros. What changes for MillionDay extra? In this case, with 5 you win 100 thousand euros, with 4 always one thousand euros, but with 3 you get 100 euros, while with 2 you win 4 euros. These prizes are net of the 8% withdrawal applied to winnings. Those won with Extra MillionDay add up to those won on Million Day.


If it is important to know how much you win at Million Day and Extra MillionDayeven more is knowing how to play. We had mentioned, moreover, the different types of play provided. That singlefor example, it consists in filling out the coupon with 5 numbers at the cost of one euro. But there is also the multiple playwith which you can insert multiple single bets, each from one euro. Alternatively, there is the systematic playconsisting of a con integral system and one with reduced system.

In the first case, all the possible single bets with the selected numbers are developed. In the other case, a part of the possible bets is developed with the selected numbers, so compared to the previous one it has lower costs. Even simpler it is play Extra MillionDay. In any type of bet (therefore single, multiple or systematic) you can also add the new game option to have a second winning chance. Also in this case you simply have to compare the numbers drawn with those in your possession.


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