Monaco surpasses OM thanks to Ben Yedder! – Reports and NOTES of the players (ASM 4-2 Brest) – Football

Leading 2-0 in the first half, AS Monaco toppled Stade Brestois (4-2) thanks to a hat-trick from Ben Yedder! This success allowed the Principality club to take 2nd place after the defeat of OM Rennes (2-0).

Triple for Wissam Ben Yedder!

Under pressure from rivals vying for the podium and with OM’s 2nd place in sight, AS Monaco had to score their ninth consecutive win against Brest.

But the evening got off to a bad start for the Mongasks, who immediately took the lead after Duverne’s goal (0-1, 10th) on a corner kick combination!

The Monaco completely misses his start

Thesis, probably due to the stakes, Philippe Clement’s men have had a lot of trouble putting their game on his line of Lasne.

It was a bad night for Monaco, still surprised by Belali (0-2, 24th) alone! Just think that 2nd place was moving away for ASM. It took a happy penalty, on a hand from Belali, to allow Ben Yedder (1-2, 44th) to relaunch his team in the game and in the race for the podium. We can think that the Mongaschi took a look at the scores during the break, starting with that of the OM who lost Rennes.

The unstoppable Ben Yedder!

A heavy blow was therefore within their reach provided they overturned Brest. Mission accomplished as the locals, upset after returning from the locker room, hastened to equalize with Ben Yedder (2-2, 51st) and it was once again the former Toulouse who gave ASM the lead (3-2 , 55 °) gives the header from Tchouamni’s cross!

Brest were outclassed in this weak moment and definitely cracked Volland’s lucky goal (4-2, 70th). This is how Monaco, while OM were still losing to Rennes (2-0), finished 2nd in Ligue 1 before the final matchday, simply thanks to a better goal difference! Note that the ASM will defend its position during a dangerous move to Lens.

The score of the match: 7/10

Despite the technical waste at the start of the game, we ended up having a very enjoyable game. The number of goals speaks volumes about the attacking ambitions of both teams. We also got jaw-dropping scenery and a nice Louis II vibe. Yes, yes…

The objectives :

– On the corner, Belali finds Magnetti between the surface. The midfielder misses a little bit, which allows Duverne to cut without being offside, as Vanderson returned late (0-1, 10th).

– After Duverne’s comeback at Vanderson’s feet in midfield, Belali makes a solo turn, eliminates Disasi in the area and hits hard on the near post, not covered by Nbel (0-2, 24th).

– On a penalty obtained by himself, thanks to a hand from Belali, Ben Yedder slightly uncrosses his flat right foot and takes Bizot on the wrong foot (1-2, 44 °).

– Receiving a high ball, Volland deflects perfectly for Ben Yedder at 30 meters. The French international precedes Hrelle, pierces the whole board and goes to deceive Bizot with a sharp (2-2, 51st).

– After a badly returned ball by Hrelle, Tchouamni inherits the ball on the left in the box. The midfielder hits the near post for Ben Yedder’s uncrossed header (3-2, 55th).

– After a Bizot save from Ben Yedder’s attempt, Hrelle tries to block but the ball is blocked in the goal by Volland (4-2, 70 °).

NOTES from players

Maxifoot scored (out of 10) comments for each player.

Man of the match: Wissam Ben Yedder (9.5 / 10)

Like his team, the Mongasian striker started very timidly with some technical inaccuracies and a missed opportunity at the pivot. But the French international quickly regained his connection with Volland and above all his formidable efficiency! He offered himself a superb hat-trick to place his team in 2nd place in Ligue 1, and could have afforded a quadruple as well. Replaced to a well-deserved ovation in the 89th from Myron Boadu (not no).


Alexander Nbel (6): decisive in his two duels against Cardona, the Monaco goalkeeper prevented Brest from building a greater gap in the first period. Someone will blame him again for Belali’s goal, on which he does not sufficiently protect his first post.

Ruben Aguilar (6.5): abused by Belali in the first period, the right ends up reversing the trend. He offered many solutions in his lane and should have ended up with a goal or an assist. But he completely misses his comeback on the surface, then sees Jakobs miss the header on a perfect cross.

Axel Disasi (3.5): it’s true, the central defender has failed in his two header occasions. But we will especially remember his turnip when he was eliminated twice by Belali, in particular on the action of the Algerian goal.

Benot Badiashile (7): still so calm, the French international Espoirs made the right interventions without giving the impression of forcing. He also shone on the raise, most notably with a superb opening for Aguilar.

Caio Henrique (5.5): discreet at the start of the game, the Brazilian immediately understood why the collector Magnetti had been put in his lane. However, he handed out some interesting crosses. And he can consider himself lucky to see Cardona miss his chance after a call behind him.

Youssouf Fofana (6): Clumsy in the first half, the former Strasbourg raised the bar after the break. The power of him did damage in recovery and on some ball to foot punches.

Aurlien Tchouamni (6): would the international flag be troubled by the many rumors about its future? In any case, we’ve already seen it much more inspired. He has lost an unusual number of balls due to Agoum’s tight marking. He still ends up with an assist for Ben Yedder.

Vanderson (3): able to make the difference with the ball between his feet, the Brazilian winger was decisive especially for Brest … He was slow to reach Duverne’s goal, and lost the ball at the origin of the conquest Belali staff. Replace the 54th with Ismail Jakobs (not)who misses a header a few meters from the cage!

Kevin Volland (8): As his deal with Ben Yedder develops, the Mongasks become very hard to stop. A new example this Saturday as the German, a decisive passer-by for his teammate, managed to find him in interesting areas. He also had two chances but clashed with goalkeeper Bizot. Replace 89 with Jean Lucas (not no).

Aleksandr Golovin (7): apart from a nice extended shot by Bizot, the attacking midfielder was rather shy in the first period. But he is one of the Mongas who accelerated sharply when returning from the locker room. His tendency to cut towards the axis gave him a lot of freedom in orienting the game, an image of his involvement in Volland’s goal. Replace the 79th with Gelson Martins (not).

Wissam Ben Yedder (9.5): see comments above.


Marco Bizot (4): without being to blame for the goals conceded, even the Brest goalkeeper is not decisive. He managed to save only on fairly axial hits.

Ronal Pierre-Gabriel (4.5): well helped by Magnetti in front of him, and by the axial positioning of Golovin, he did not endanger the right wing. But his offensive contribution was non-existent.

Lilian Brassier (3): Very present on Ben Yedder early in the game, the center-back had a much harder time when the striker just started playing. Overwhelmed, he was no longer able to follow the Mongas movements in the second period.

Christopher Hrelle (2): nervous and on the street, the former Niois has missed the game! He could have already taken a penalty from Ben Yedder at the start of the match and hasn’t gone far from scoring a goal against his team. He will still end up scoring a goal due to his bad response on the decisive passer Tchouamni.

Jean-Kevin Duverne (6): If Brest have long thought of winning over Monaco it is mainly because his left opened the scoring, before recovering the ball that leads to the half-time goal. But it must be recognized that he too suffered during the bad weather in Monaco, especially on Vanderson’s accelerations.

Hugo Magnetti (5): expected in the middle, the midfielder has finally moved to the right wing. Probably a way to control Caio Henrique’s climbs, which he did. The problem is that he brought almost nothing up front except his unintentional deciding pass to Duverne. Replace the 64th with Haris Belkebla (not no).

Lucien Agoum (4.5): it is clear that the midfielder had the mission to block Tchouamni. Objective achieved in the first period since the Mongasco suffered an unusual loss. But his opponent raised the bar slightly later and the game immediately became more complicated for him.

Paul Lasne (4): A superb save on the line after a header from Disasi, and a magnificent deep opening for Cardona nearly saves his game. For the rest, he struggled to exist.

Irvin Cardona (3): Against his training team, the Brest forward can blame himself. He loses two big chances in the first period, including the one that could have allowed Brest to take the lead 3-0! The references to the depth of him wound, but are useless without effectiveness. Replace the 56th with Jrmy Le Douaron (not no).

Martn Satriano (2): his best action? Great defensive comeback on Golovin … As you may have understood, the attacker on loan from Inter has never been dangerous. Replace the 64th with Steve Mouni (no no).

Youcef Belali (7): the Algerian international alone set fire to the Monegasque defense in the first period! His ability to accelerate on the break and eliminate in one-on-one caused damage, as did his solo goal. So it caused Aguilar a lot of trouble. But he suffered a fundamental penalty that revived Monaco. Before lowering his foot during the second act, during which he does not sufficiently wrap his shot off target. Replace the 77th with Rafiki Sad (no no).

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MUNICH 4-2 BREST (half time: 1-2) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 37th matchday
Stadium: Stade Louis II, Fontvieille – Referee: Brisard Jerome, France

Targets : W. Ben Yedder (44th, pen.) W. Ben Yedder (51st) W. Ben Yedder (54th) K. Volland (70th) for MONACO – J. Duverne (10th) Y. Belali (23rd) °) for BREST
Warnings : A. Golovin (45 + 3 °), K.Volland (62nd)for MONACO – C. Hrelle (45 + 3 °)for BREST

MONK : A.NbelA. Disasters, B. BadiashileR.Aguilar, Gaius HenriqueY.Fofana, A. ChuamniK. Volland (Jean Lucas, 89th)Vanderson (I. Jakobs, 54th), A. Golovin (Gelson Martins, 79th)W. Ben Yedder (M. Boadu, 89 °)

BREST : Mr. BizotC. Hrelle (B. Chardonnet, 78 °), L. BrassierR. Pierre-Gabriel, J.DuverneH. Magnetti (S. Mouni, 64 °), L. Agoumè, P. LasneI. Cardona (J. Le Douaron, 56 °), Martin Satriano, Y. Belali (R. Said Ahamada, 77)

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