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As the summer holidays approach by leaps and bounds, it’s time to nail down your travel plans. Although most of us would probably love to go on a tropical cruise or enjoy a lavish trip to Europe, the costs can quickly increase if you are not careful. For Americans, the average vacation costs $ 1,145 per person – about as much as a new laptop.

So, how can you enjoy a relaxing holiday without skimping on the fun or breaking the bank? By planning ahead, choosing cheap meals and accommodation and finding ways to save on your travel activities, you will enjoy your wallet-friendly dream vacation in no time!

Plan ahead

In my family, vacation planning was a much-anticipated annual event. With two teachers for parents, we never failed to make the best of our free summers together – but we could never afford to do anything extravagant either. When we planned our summer trips together, we always tried to implement several important principles to save money.

Here are some of the methods you can use to save money on your next trip:

  • Set a budget. We all know that budgeting saves money. But is it really important to budget for a luxury expense? yes! By setting boundaries for yourself and your family, you will be able to enjoy the freedom to spend your travel budget without having to worry about the amount you spend, not to mention easy decision making when your budget is exhausted.
  • Make reservations well in advance. When it comes to bookings, the early bird gets the discount. By booking flights, hotels, campsites, event tickets and even restaurant visits well in advance, you are much more likely to get a better price, less a booking in general.
  • Start saving early. Do you remember your “travel fund” mason jar? Use it or a separate bank account to Start saving for your ultimate journey. A good way to top up is to wait to make some small purchases, such as fast food, and put the money you would have spent on your travel fund.

Food and accommodation

According to Value Penguin, Vacationers spend about $ 27 a day at restaurants but only $ 6 daily on food they cook themselves. In addition, the accommodation costs account for about a quarter of the travel costs. While food and lodging will certainly make up a large part of your holiday budget, it is not difficult to find ways to reduce your expenses in these areas. Follow these tips to save on meals and accommodation for your summer trip:

  • Make your own food. Resist the temptation to justify spending on food just because you are on vacation. When I go on a car trip, I always pack enough food for several meals during the trip so that I do not have to spend on eating out – it is a good way to save. When you arrive at your destination, buy food at the local grocery store to prepare at home instead of eating out every day. Even if your hotel only has a microwave, you can use it to prepare a variety of fresh and frozen meals.
  • Stay somewhere other than a nice hotel. Hopefully you will do so much sightseeing that you will not spend much time on your accommodation anyway. Instead of spending a lot on a hotel, check out local Airbnb ads or hostels. And, if possible, find one with a kitchen that you can use.


While vacation activities may be the most important part of your trip, it is still wise to keep them within a set budget. However, this does not mean that you need to cut down on fun experiences – you would be amazed at the amount of entertainment you can find for free.

Check out this list of ways to save money on activities during your summer vacation:

  • Borrow stuff. One of the best vacation experiences I have had was kayaking in Colorado on my honeymoon. The best part? Thanks to a friend, we were able to borrow a kayak for free! Ask around in your circles for equipment that you are interested in using. Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, or even someone in your church congregation are required to let you rent or borrow their equipment.
  • Participate in free activities. Community calendars can be a great resource for finding free or discounted events in your area. For example, locally, Now playing Utah has pages listing for all kinds of events in the Utah Valley. If you prefer something less structured, summer is also a good time for outdoor activities without or at low cost in many parts of the world. Take a hike, take a dip or simply sunbathe for some cheap holiday fun!

Other ways to survive

Every vacation you take should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience – if you come home to an increased financial burden, you are doing it wrong. “Reducing unnecessary expenses is one of the best ways to ease the financial burden,” he said Justin Hatch, CEO of Range reporting, a financial reporting software company in Springville. “Experiences do not have to be expensive to be valuable and memorable.”

Here are some additional ways to save money and create a stress-free summer vacation:

  • Student and military discounts. Many companies in a variety of industries offer discounts to students and military personnel. Take your student or military ID with you on your trip to take advantage of any discounts you may find.
  • Use public transport. In larger cities, public transport is easily accessible and quite cheap. By taking the bus, train or trolley, you can quickly reduce your petrol and parking costs.
  • Buy souvenirs at the local shops. If you are vacationing in an area that gets a lot of tourists, chances are you can find souvenirs almost anywhere. Save money on expensive tchotchkes by buying them at local grocery stores or markets rather than at the airport or tourist attractions.

When you plan ahead, choose cheap meals and accommodation and save on your travel activities, you are ready to enjoy your most exciting and cost-effective vacation ever.

Lillian Sanders is a project manager at Stage Marketing, a full-service content marketing agency based in Provo.


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