Money-saving tips for enjoying cheap holiday travel and avoiding expensive booking errors

Internet searches for “cheap summer vacations” have increased by 151 percent in the past year, and many sun seekers are looking for ways to save money on their trips abroad. After many months of travel restrictions, some potential vacationers may be a little rusty when it comes to reducing costs when traveling on a budget.

Jonathan Merry, CEO of International Money Transfer Comparison Site,, has shared a selection of common mistakes people make when trying to reduce their vacation costs. By bypassing these errors, travelers can get the most out of their budget.

Book flights too early or too late

It can be easy to assume that booking flights early will provide cost savings. But booking a flight too early can actually end up costing more, as airlines often lower air fares closer to the departure date. But wait too long and prices may jump up again due to demand the week before the trip. Research has shown that it is best to book about three to four months in advance to avoid paying more.

Choosing the wrong day

Friday nights and weekends are known to be the most expensive days to fly, with most airlines charging more for flights these days. Choosing a flight in the middle of the week can save huge amounts of money.

Choosing travel insurance

Although some travel insurance policies only cost a few pounds, many holidaymakers in the UK assume that they do not need travel insurance for unexpected incidents and risk bills of thousands of pounds if things go wrong. These incidents can include illness, injury, stolen valuables and cancellations. In the US, for example, stitches to seal cuts or scratches can cost anywhere from $ 500-1,500, while in Spain it will cost up to € 300 for a trip to the emergency room alone.

Do not compare hotel / flight prices

By shopping around on several different airlines, it is possible to save money by choosing airlines without frills and non-direct flights, clearing the browser’s cache and monitoring prices months in advance.

The right currency choice

When traveling, avoid paying in pounds and instead always pay in the country’s local currency to avoid being hit by high exchange rates. It can be tempting to pay in pounds rather than the local currency when a retailer gets the opportunity. However, this could potentially land travelers with an extra charge of five percent. Always check before approving a card transaction and insist on paying in the local currency to avoid such fees.

Uses the wrong bank card

Always check before you travel if a bank charges for using a card abroad. Some banks will charge fees for all purchased items and ATM card transactions abroad. Another option could be a prepaid card, with a cash amount charged before the trip. For a longer stay or more expensive purchases abroad, the most cost-effective way to pay is by using a money transfer provider, as they offer much better exchange rates than banks.

Explore a few money transfer providers to find the most suitable one – use one Transmission speed tools to help.

Leaves currency exchange to the last minute

Changing currency at the airport may seem convenient, but it will inevitably cost more. If a holiday is at the last minute, and there is no alternative, most airports allow currency to be purchased online and picked up at the terminal. This can be arranged the night before a flight and offers a much better price than personally during the day.

Overweight luggage

Fines for overweight bags can be costly, so always weigh any bags before you arrive at the airport. Try to wear all bulky clothes and shoes such as jackets or training shoes, to avoid having to pack them.

Check the rules for liquids

Any liquids in the hand luggage must not contain more than 100 ml and the container must be in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag measuring approximately 20 cm x 20 cm. By remembering this rule, you will not have to throw away any products.

To visit sights and travel during peak hours

Often, tourist attractions will charge more during rush hour, which are usually weekends. Some countries offer free admission to museums even on certain days, for example Barcelona offers free admission to most museums on the first Sunday of each month. Most museums will also offer visits during off-peak hours, so planning visits early in the morning or later in the evening can also help you save money – not to mention crowds.

Have dinner with the locals

Eat like a local on holiday, not only for a better price but also for a more immersive travel experience. Restaurants in tourist resorts will almost always have higher prices and food of poor quality compared to the places that are often visited by the locals.

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This also applies to room service and the minibar in a hotel. Go to the local supermarket for food and drink where the prices will be much cheaper.

Reduce transportation costs

Most cities have excellent public transport options such as trains, buses and the subway / subway. Although it is faster and more convenient to take a taxi, it will cost more. To book an airport transfer, make sure it is done well in advance to avoid having to pay the high prices of the day.

Payment of tourist passports

Before you pay for a tourist or travel card, always figure out if it is worth it. Try to plan a rough itinerary before you travel to check if it is worth the money.

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