Myriam plans to leave Marc, Claire decides to return to her place in the hospital (Recap before episode 889)

“Un Si Grand Soleil” premiered with the complete and detailed summary of episode 889 on Friday 13 May 2022In your daily series, a new police investigation opens up as Marc projects into his relationship with Myriam.


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The detailed account of the previous episode of Un Si Grand Soleil it is also online. Enjoy the reading.


Un Si Grand Soleil: An early recap of episode 889 on Friday 13 May 2022

Night has fallen when the police carry out a security check. A Verneuil transport truck is stationary. Thierry and Akim check the documents of the driver, Bruno who is returning from Spain and carrying non-perishable food. But Thierry, intrigued by the driver’s nervous attitude, decides to follow his intuition. He prefers to check the load of his truck before letting it go. Bruno finished his tour early and would like to be able to go home. But the two policemen leave him no choice. A drug sniffer dog detects the presence of cannabis. The transport driver Verneuil is boarded at the police station.

Police seized nearly a ton of cannabis. Attorney Bernier asks Superintendent Becker to congratulate his man on his insight. He wants to climb the chain, and fast. That’s why Clément asks Judge Alphand for a search warrant.

During his audition, Bruno proclaims his innocence to Élise and Alex. He claims he knows nothing. Bruno assures the two policemen that he had checked his load before setting off on the street and points out that the drug was hidden deep inside. But the police found € 30,000 in cash at his home. Bruno tries to make Alex and Elise believe that they have won this amount in poker in a gambling club, but they are not fooled. Elise is standing with Bruno. Either he tells the whole truth, or he is brought before the judge and risks spending 10 years in prison. Bruno ends up accusing the boss of him.

Police searched Verneuil’s transport. Philippe Verneuil is heard in turn by Elise and Alex. The entrepreneur does not understand why his employee accuses him and claims he is innocent. Florent interrupts the interrogation to speak privately with his client. For her part, Aurore Verneuil (played by Clara Huet) telephones Johanna Lemeur. She is concerned because she has no news of her father who is in police custody. In addition, the company is stopped because the police have confiscated the computers. Johanna assures Aurore that Florent will do anything to help her and her father. At the police station, Philippe assures Florent that he has done nothing, especially since her daughter works with him and she would never do anything to indict him. Florent has known Verneuil for years, and believes in his innocence, especially as the charges against him are non-existent.


Will Myriam leave Marc?

Louis’s mother accompanies her son to school. She plans to have dinner with her tennis club friends at home, but her son has to brush up on her calculations. She advises Louis to stop putting pressure on himself because he knows his class by heart. But Louis knows full well that if he fails his test, Sabine won’t offer him a third chance. Marc’s ex-wife encourages her son to change his strategy, forget classes and spend the evening with them. But Louis isn’t thrilled to hear his mother’s guests talk about Rafael Nadal and Georges Federer. But the mother points out to her son that Julia, the daughter of her friend Jeff, will be there and that she will be very happy to spend the evening with him. But their discussion is cut short when Kira joins them.

An art gallery in Rome suggests that Marc exhibit some of his paintings. Photographer Midi Libre invites Myriam to accompany him to the inauguration. Myriam is ready, she loves everything improvised. But when Marc tells her the exhibition won’t start until mid-July, Myriam’s face closes. She then confides to Davia that she doesn’t know if she will still be with Marc on that date. Myriam wants a light relationship and doesn’t want to commit. Davia thinks the only question from her that she’s cousin should ask is whether she feels comfortable with him. Myriam smiles and says yes, she finds Marc brilliant.

Marc and Myriam have planned to have dinner together but at the back of the building they meet Louis who has finally preferred to spend the evening with his father. Marc introduces him and invites his son to dinner with them. But Myriam steps aside to leave them to her family.

Myriam receives a visit from Claire. She confides to him that she has made the decision to leave Marc. Myriam is convinced that Marc won’t want another child and she feels she has no time to waste on a relationship that will make her suffer. Claire doesn’t feel her friend convinced of her. Plus, she doesn’t give him two days to change his mind.

Claire, meanwhile, has decided to return to her place in the hospital. Even if she is afraid of bad memories, she will take care of them. But in the meantime, in prison, Hélène tirelessly stares at a photo of Claire.

Un Si Grand Soleil: summary and spoilers in sight

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