Nancy dethrones Saint-Chamond, Boulazac very close to the upkeep

Nancy is the new leader of Pro B! With a successful course on RMB (98-93), Nancy takes over from Saint-Chamond and can afford to dream of the title. It was not over, however, against the good last in the standings. SLUC needed a 13-0 run in the second quarter to regain control of the game. Stephane Gombauld dominates the championship once again, with 24 points and 6 rebounds, for a solid 29 rating. Ludovic Pouillart’s men fought the entire match to hold on to the opponent and leave with their heads held high. The promising French international Brice Dessert gave an excellent performance, closing the game with 29 units accompanied by 9 out of 30 appraisal catches. His best game of the season.

Boulazac and ASA choose a maintenance option

We can finally breathe again, in Périgord. The BBD dominated Tours 101-91 at Monconseil, a direct competitor for maintenance. The guests started the game better (23-12), which allowed them to face the rest of the game with serenity. They were able to punish over the long distance (12/23) as well as swell: four players finished with more than 15 points. As a technical leader, Nick Moore he stood out once again with his 18 points and 22 rating. Ivan February went along with it perfectly (17 points) e Bathiste Tchouaffe he hurt Tourangeaux very badly in the first half (11 points in this period). Alexandre Menard only needs one victory to secure a stay in Pro B. For Tours, orphan of Marques Townes, it will be necessary to react.

The ASA for its part offered Chalon to extra time (92-88) at the Colosseum and now he finds himself … ninth with a victory in the play-offs. This is Strahinja Gavrilovic who wore the man of the match costume: 26 points, 10 rebounds and 30 points for the Serbian, who arrived at the club three weeks ago. After his game winner on the last day Antonio Radice once again he felt inspired to sanction from afar (19 points to 4/9 to 3 points). There is something to bite your fingers for Elan: the free 10/21 will definitely stay in your throat. Desi Washington was wrong (9 points, 4/16 on shots of which 1/7 from 3 points), and Elan’s 5th major lacked a defensive penalty in order to win this Tuesday, May 4th.


ASA overthrows the ogre of Châlons in his room at the Colosseum after extra time, with a warrior mentality #GoASA #ProB #ELANASA

– Alliance Sport Alsace (@basket_asa) May 3, 2022

On top of the table, Evreux and Saint-Quentin provide

Where will Evreux stop? The Norman club walks on water and confirms its eleventh consecutive success against Saint-Chamond on the smallest of the margins (79-78). The SCBVG had an address failure in the second quarter (21-13) and therefore lost the first place in the standings. He is called the executioner of Saint-Chamond Fabio Pasquale, who dominated Mathieu Boyer (limited to 17 minutes of play) head and shoulders (23 points, 7 rebounds and 22 ratings). Evreux’s evening was not perfect, despite this splendid victory: Bangaly Fofana went out prematurely, hit in the ankle after just four minutes on the pitch. Meanwhile, Mathieu Guichard will have done everything to win (17 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists). This victory could perhaps weigh on the race for the title of best coach of the year, Asceric and Thinet are both among the finalists.

Julien Mahé, the best coach of the previous year, didn’t have to fight a big battle with his Picardy team. In Vichy, the SQBB won 87-71 with an excellent Deane Williams (24 points, 5 rebounds, 27 rating). Kendall Anthony had a more complicated evening, having trouble setting the sights (11 points at 3/10 on shots). JAV now climbs to eighth place in Pro B and will have to play hard until the end to secure the latter. Dominez Burnett’s 22 points weren’t enough to overturn the game. They will meet Saint-Chamond on May 7, 2022.

At the bottom of the table, Lille, Denain and Tours will have to fight

While they seemed far from worried in the race to keep them, Lille are scared and have slipped to 14th place in the table (13 wins, 19 losses) after losing 91-83 to Antibes. However, they had started the match well, leaving no shots open to the opponents. This is Temidayo Yussuf and his experience which allowed the sharks not to sink. But in the second half Tim Derksen woke up and finished the game with 20 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals for 22 evaluations. Viacheslav Petrov did very well with his long-range ability (15 points, 3/5 from distance), which allowed Antibes to find openings in the racket. Jean-Victor Traoré and Thomas Hieu-Courtois were the strongmen of Lille (14 and 21 points respectively). The Red Giants will play two major games against Denain and Boulazac to end the season.

Denain, who also lost, this time to Saint-Vallier (91-75). The great first half of the locals got the better of the Dragons (56-38). Dominated on the rebound (37-23), Rémy Valin’s men are now the first players in the league not to be relegated. Watt Demon He will have used his experience to score a very solid statistical line: 11 points, 15 rebounds, 2 assists for 23 evaluations. Pape Beye helped a lot from the bench (16 points on 5/5 shots in 19 minutes). The end of the season promises to be calmer in the Drôme.

Another team with 13 wins, Quimper falls slightly against Blois. UJAP held the entire meeting, but didn’t have the extra soul to carry out the robbery. They were unable to sanction the 3 points (3/17). The ADA refers to Zeke Moore and his 22 points, 5 rebounds, 2 steals and 22 votes to walk away with the win. Thomas Cornely, finalist in the MVP race, had a lackluster match (6 points, 1/2 shots, 6 rebounds and 6 assists). On the bench, Mbaye Ndiaye and Timothé Vergiat imitated each other by closing the game with 13 units.

Defeat 78-83.

See you on Saturday 7 May for the 33rd matchday of the championship against Tours at the Michel Gloaguen room (book your seat at the ticket office for the last season at home: pic.twitter .com / KmDSTPLrxl

– Rams of Kemper (@BeliersdeKemper) May 3, 2022

Pro B J32 Results:

  • Nancy – Rouen: 98 – 93
  • Evreux – Saint-Chamond: 79-78
  • Towers – Boulazac : 91 – 101
  • Chalon- Gries soufflé : 88 – 92
  • Vichy-Clermont – San Quentin : 71 – 87
  • Lille- Antibes : 83 – 91
  • San Vallier – Denain: 91 – 75
  • Quimper- Blois : 78 – 83

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