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In Lyon on April 1, it was not a fish: in the National Education you can find very beautiful resources regarding Free, and they receive a better reception than one could fear in a ministry that is considered too dependent on agreements with GAFAM. . Lyon hosted the first Free Education Day (#JDLE2022 on social media: here on Twitter), jointly organized by the Lyon DRANE (Regional Academic Delegation for Digital Education) and the Department of Digital Education (DNE) of the Ministry of National Education.

Impressive richness and diversity

Alexis Kaufmann, founder of Framasoft, was hired by DNE in September 2021 as a project manager software and free and mixed educational resources in the digital sectors. Suffice it to say that for this professor of mathematics, who was at the forefront of one of the key free software associations in France, Friday’s seminar was a milestone. The day he co-organized on Friday (which the ministry says will be repeated annually, in nomadic mode) was extensive: he brought together about 400 people face to face (including yours truly), as well as Internet users who followed the distance . Between general conferences, seminars and booths of companies and associations, this day was a great opportunity to discover or view many projects.

In the morning, twelve people followed each other on stage for express presentations (mostly with workshops to learn more in the afternoon), with impressive richness and variety. I’ll be back on the blog this very busy Friday, and here’s a summary and links to these twelve projects to get you started:

Digitalis. “Responsible and free digital tools to support in-person and distance learning and learning processes.” Nineteen online applications and three software (for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux).

Jitsy box. A free video conferencing solution (developed by CentraleSupélec and France Université Numérique digital lab) for the Jitsi-based hybrid class, allowing video recording even with a limited connection. The deployment will take place throughout the Vosges department.

Canoprof. Free software based on Scenari, modified to meet the needs of teachers of course building and scripting, proposed and implemented by the Canopé network (teacher training, digital instrument assignment support).

Polimnaya Studio. Free software to create tutorial videos from LibreOffice documents, Powerpoint etc.). This solution has over 5,000 users.

Workshop. Project management tool developed by Lyon Academy since 2018 under the Apache 2.0 license.

Wikipedia. A free encyclopedia for children aged 8-13, similar to Wikipedia (the rules are generally the same, but the publishing software is identical). 34,000 articles in French to date and 2.5 million visits per month during the academic semester.

Capital. Coding Education Class Exchange Service (from the Academy of Paris) with a class library shared by teachers. At the end of 2020, it had over 180,000 users (155,000 students and 25,000 teachers) in 2,500 high schools.

PrimTux. Free distribution based on Ubuntu or Debian, depending on the version, for elementary schools. Its software library includes many free applications and self-correction exercises. Created seven years ago, PrimTux is equipped with 180 schools in France.

Sesamat. Math for everyone, with this veteran among the featured projects (see this interview from 2006 and this blog post from 2009) as Sesamat is over 20 years old! Content worthy of its time, with (free) guides, interfaces for creating exercises, a forge, a skill rating system, and more.

Tutatis. Digital Workspace (ENT) developed by the Academy of Rennes.

Story. A fascinating chronology of architectural heritage sites. Teachers can add content to it, and students can simulate (using the Minetest game) or visit existing or missing sites.

Text2Quiz. Allows you to create a quiz from a text file. This free online tool was created by Cedric Eissett, Professor of Philosophy, who licensed it under the GNU GPL 3.0.

More information caught on this day ahead. In the meantime, a Twitter account that anyone interested in free and popular digital education software can follow: @lelibreedu.

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