Novak Djokovic has no mercy for Gaël Monfils, beaten for the 18th time in 18 comparisons … Relive this match live

19:41: 31 unforced errors for Monfils against 15 for Djokovic. Obviously too much for the French to hope to avoid an 18th defeat in 18 comparisons. The number 1 in the world, who would have lost his seat in the event of today’s defeat, closed the case in just 1:27. Djoko will meet Murray winner – Shapovalov in the next round.

7:37 pm: IT’S OVER on a winning serve !!! Curious, the two players congratulate each other when a challenge is requested. The ball is good, so it’s over.

19:36: MATCH BALL !!!

19:36 : And another monstrous save by Djokovic, who manages to amaze even at 60% of his level.

19:35 : New break point after a bizarre attack by the Serbian well countered by Monfils.

7:34 pm: Ah well, Djokovic is relaxing. First break point for Monfils in this second round … saved without worries by the Serbian.

19:33: Pfff … This listless straight that ends up on the net. 30-30. Djokovic two points from the game.

7:31 pm: Djokovic serves for the match … I don’t even know if he’ll need a shower because he didn’t sweat too much.

19:29: 5-2 Djoko after yet another foul by Monfils, straight into the net. The Frenchman has not saved a single break point from the start of the match, which should not be long in coming to an end.

19:28: Another long backhand from Djokovic. Ctrl C + Ctrl V … And behind Monfils do a double fault. Two 5-2 balls for the Serbian.

19:27: Djokovic’s long line backhand who is clearly in step with the times. It’s been 4-2 …

19:24: But what mistakes Monfils makes … Incredible all these too long straight … 15-15

19:21: Monfils match, which drops to 3-2. Djokovic politely disputes a decision by the referee who gives him “Novak”… The Serbian didn’t ask for the video fast enough. We try to be reassured.

7:19 pm: The best point of the match in front of our eyes (well, mine anyway). Drop shot, lob, tweener, volley. And finally the point for Djokovic. 30-15 Monfils.

7:17 pm: Physically, Djokovic still looks a lot better than Monfils, which is not surprising given the Frenchman is coming out of more than a month off. The Serbian confirms the breakup of him. 3-1

19:16 : Djoko’s amortization … On the net. It is not Hugo Gaston he wants. 40-40

7.15pm: Another very short ball from Djokovic, another straight mine from Monfils. And another fault of the French. 40-30

19:14 : Nothing. 30-30.

7:11 pm: But here’s my big, here it is beautiful, this cross ball on Djokovic’s amortization! 0-30

19:10 : I’m not saying I don’t believe it, but the signs of optimism are only visible under the microscope.

7:08 pm: And bam, white Djoko game. Two break points, two breaks. Clinic … 2-1

7:07 pm: Barely time to blow my sore knuckles from a day’s work when Monfils finds himself with three breakpoints against him …

19:06: 1-1 It’s not necessarily more exciting than the Tournoi des Vendanges final in Fronton, but Djoko gets back together without too many problems.

19:05 : Bold this right like a gunshot in exchange for service. Too bad for Monfils, he comes out … 40-30

19:03 : Does Djokovic make a big mistake on the forehand? Monfils imitates him in step … 30-15 in the service of the Serbian.

19:01: Suffice it to say that for Gaël Monfils to win the first match of the second round with authority …

7:00 pm : Frankly, the Parisian is a bit sleepy right now. Still, he’s not the most magical Djoko in history to play.

18:56: A last curved backhand that slips into the tarpaulins and makes Djokovic 6-3. Monfils had three break points which he missed, the Serbian converted the only one he had. The difference between a champion and an immense champion.

6:55 pm: However, many faults of Monfils. Too much. Two set points for Djokovic.

6:53 pm: One shot on the backhand, another on the forehand. Monfils doesn’t give up and wins his serve match with relative ease. 5-3

18:50: 5-2 Djokovic. Monfils body language is not extraordinary …

18:48 : The quality of the game is better since post-rain recovery. 40-40

18:46: Djokovic is acceptable for the moment. The Monfils crossing is absolutely beautiful. 30-30

18:45 : Monfils is the windshield wiper before swinging a backhand on a Djokovic drop shot too long. Not the kind of thing to lose against the gluten-free man. 30-15

18:43: And the Serbian does not spoil him … 4-2 service to follow …

18:42 : Ah, but there’s nothing behind it … Double foul and two break points for Djokovic. 15-40

6:41 pm: PAN !!! (to be read with the voice of Jean-Paul Loth) What an uncrossed right of Monfils !!! Beautiful. 15-15

6:39 pm: An ace and a trade led later, Djoko leads 3-2 …

6:37 pm: Gaël’s backhand too long of 3 m. Another wasted opportunity …

6:36 pm: A 34-shot exchange, and A THIRD BREAK BALL FOR MONFILS!

18:35: We start again !!! 2-2 40 A on Djokovic’s serve.

18:32 : Two more minutes of warm-up.

18:30: The players leave the changing rooms (no, it’s not Endless Day).

6:24 pm: The roof is completely open. Okay, the game will resume soon. But the indoor conditions will undoubtedly favor Djokovic, who didn’t necessarily need them, although he hasn’t made a good impression so far.

6:21 pm: A small point on the continuation. The winner of this match will meet at the 8th that of the duel between Murray and Shapovalov (and leather boots)

6:15 pm: Ah yes, it floats as it should there, in Madrid. And since the roof closes at the speed of a lazy neurasthenic, we’ll have to wait a bit.

18:11 : I’d do a number of taps to keep you waiting, but my webcam isn’t working. Sorry, you missed something …

18:07: OH NO !!! The game was interrupted by rain, at 2-2 and 40 A in Djokovic’s service. We will close the roof of the Manolo-Santana courthouse (well, “we” is a saying, I won’t do anything at all).

18:05: WHAT AUTHORITY !!! After a long exchange, Monfils gets to shoot his opponent with a twisted forehand.

18:04: Already third double foul for Djokovic. 40-40 …

18:02: 30-30 on the Serbian service. There is clearly something to be done, Djoko makes a lot of mistakes.

18:00 MONFILS GAME Tranquilou bilou.

5:58 pm: Monfils is really in play for now. He just slipped a huge bread on the forehand that Djoko couldn’t control. 40-0.

17:56: A Monfils ball too long, and Djokovic leads 2-1. Too bad these two break points, not sure that he will come out at every Serbian service match.

17:54: two well-saved break points. We are talking about Djoko, not Gilbert, the ternnis teacher ranked 15/2 in Savignac-les-Ormeaux.

17:53: A low backhand from Djoko’s net and two break points for Monfils !!!

17:51: Yes, Monf’s backhand acrobatic flight behind a drop shot … Du Gaël everyone spits …

5:50 pm: Come on, hold on! 1-1 after a good serve by the French.

17:49: And hop, double foul that puts Djoko back into play (40-40)

17:48 : The field is completely open, but Monfils throws a potato 2m behind the baseline …

17:48: Djoko has the forehand completely off-center !!! Incredible … 15-15

17:45: Oh my God, Monfils puts a badly played volley directly on Djokovic by the Serbian. Inevitably, the Belgrade Punisher takes advantage of this. 1-0 Djoko.

17:45 : 40-30. Too long straight of Djoko while Monfils was strawberry.

17:44 : First double fault for Djoko. 30-15

17:42: We gently place the towels next to the geraniums. The game begins, Djoko service.

17:39 : During their last meeting, in Dubai in February 2020 (shortly before the Covid crisis),. Before falling, then.


17:29: The two players get ready behind the scenes. I can’t wait to see what mood Monfils will be in, after his statements at the press conference: “When someone is stronger than you, he is stronger than you. You can beat him once, maybe two, three times. I’ve never really succeeded. But not many guys beat Usain Bolt! Well, it’s Gaël’s time!

17:23: Come on, let’s project ourselves on this Djokovic – Monfils. Therefore, 17 victories to zero for the Serbian on the main circuit, but only one match on clay. In 2006 at Roland-Garros there is therefore an eternity.

5:21 pm: IT’S OVER !!! After 19 hours and 53 minutes of play, Sara Sorribes Tormo beats Daria Kasatkina.

17:20 : But isn’t it a match point that I see there?

17:19 : 5-3, 30-0 Sorribes Tormo. Go Sara !!!

17:15: 4-3, 40-40 in this 3rd set for Sorribes Tormo. We ran into the longest women’s match in history when we just wanted to give you joy and pleasure with a little Monfils – Djokovic. BECAUSE ???

17:05 : Kasatkina’s break … Help !!!

16:57 : 4-1 for Sorribes Tormo in the third. I have nothing against Kasatkina but I’m going to Spain !!!

16:45 : Note that Monfils recently beat a world number 1 :.

16:37 : Well, we started with a third set between Kasatkina and Sorribes Tormo. What happiness…

16:30 : A little bit of Djoko waiting (because the previous game could drag on).

4 pm. : Hello ! When you write “no earlier than 4pm”, you are not lying. For the moment, it is Kasatkina and Sorribes-Tormo who battle it out on the Manolo-Santana pitch in the tournament, where Gaël and Nole will perform. We are on the 2nd set …

What, a 20-minute live broadcast for a second round of Masters 1000? Yes, it’s crazy, but here we are, to paraphrase the title, with the late Pierre Tornade and Michel Gérard. After the easy entry victory over the Spanish Gimeno, he takes on Novak Djokovic on Spanish clay.

For the moment, world number 1 leads 17-0 against the French, currently 21st at the ATP. But the cards can be reshuffled between two convalescent veterans. The “Monf” (35) has just returned after a month’s absence due to a foot injury.

Still marked by the Australian tragicomedy, Djoko (34) has just played five games in three weeks, but he is not at the maximum, between the missed entry in Monte-Carlo against Davidovich-Fokina and the defeat in the final in Belgrade against Rublev, with a “Bubble” in the third set.

“Because, win or not, we never get bored with Monfils, we meet for this match (not before 16:00)

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