“Obi-Wan Kenobi”, “The Responder”, “The Essex Serpent” … The series not to be missed in May

Salto, MyCanal, Arte.tv, OCS, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV + and even Starzplay … Plus all TV channels! Faced with this gigantic serial offering, can you no longer keep up? 20 minutes selects for you every month the best new series to be released in France and provides you with the calendar (regularly updated) of the airing or publication dates of new series or new seasons of your favorite fiction.

The must-see series in May

Ewan McGregor Returns as “Obi-Wan Kenobi”

A series highly anticipated by fans of the Star Wars saga! After The Mandalorian And Boba Fett’s Book, the 3rd series in live Star Wars is interested in one of the most emblematic characters of the intergalactic saga, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Ten years after the prelogy, Ewan McGregor finds himself Obi-Wan Kenobi the legendary role of the Jedi Knight, while Hayden Christensen wears the Darth Vader costume. Lucasfilm has entrusted the production of the series to Deborah Chow, who has signed several episodes of The Mandalorian. In the 6 episodes that make up this miniseries, broadcast on a weekly basis, with the exception of the first 2 put online on May 27 on Disney +, the former Jedi Master embarks on a crucial mission during which he will have to face allies who have now become enemies and face the wrath of the Empire. May the force be with you!

The night thriller “The Responder”

Former cop turned screenwriter like Olivier Marchal in France, Tony Schumacher spent many years on a night patrol in Liverpool before breaking down and giving up his badge. He was inspired by his personal memories of him in The Responderaired on 9 and 10 May on Canal +, to create the character of Chris Carson, an exhausted and disillusioned policeman in the midst of an existential crisis, played by a Martin Freeman (Fargo, Sherlock) at the pinnacle of his art, which connects a series of night patrols. As he tries to keep his head above water at work and in his personal life, Chris finds himself forced to accept a novice partner, Rachel. In the dangerous neighborhoods of Liverpool, they will only be able to survive the night by sticking together. Otherwise, their mutual destruction is ensured. Unveiled as a French premiere at Séries Mania, this gripping nighttime thriller, built around an orderly plot tinged with black humor, implicitly protests against an underfunded and understaffed public service.

The gothic mystery “The Essex Serpent”

After Separationworn by Adam Scott, Slow horsesworn by Gary Oldman, Roar with Nicole Kidman, Pachinko And We collapsed, Apple TV + continues to amaze with its prestigious original content! Adapted from Sarah Perry’s novel of the same name, The Essex snakewhose first two episodes go online May 13, followed by one episode a week until Friday June 10, he has the good idea to reunite Claire Danes (Homeland) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki). Set in Victorian England, she plays Cora Seaborne, a paleontology-savvy London widow who investigates a legendary snake in a fictional small village in County Essex. She plays Will Ransome, the town shepherd. They will join forces to solve the mystery around this sea creature. A gothic fiction that questions the links between science, religion and fanaticism.

The detective biopic “Clark”

A series to wait until May 27 before discovering the highly anticipated first part of the new season of Stranger things on the platform! clark, available May 5 on Netflix, starring Bill Skarsgård as Clark Olofsson, a famous Swedish bank robber in the 1970s, who originated the concept of “Stockholm syndrome”. A crazy story based on the “truth and lies” of the gangster’s autobiography.

Space-time love from “The Time Traveler’s Wife”

After the movie Out of time from 2009 worn by Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana, the novel by Audrey Niffenegger Time is nothing was adapted as a series for HBO. The time traveler’s wifewhich will be seen in US + 24 on OCS on May 16, follows the extraordinary and contrasting love story of Clare and Henry, played by Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones) and Theo James (Divergent), who suffers from chronodeficiency and the in spite of himself he finds himself transported back in time … A space-time love story revisited by Steven Moffat (Doctor Chi, Sherlock) and by the director of game of ThronesDavid Nutter.

The schedule of broadcasts in France

The torch, the adventurers of ChupacabraFollowing The flamein May on Canal +

Oussekineminiseries, on Disney + in May

Sunday 1st May

Magnum PIseason 2, Amazon Prime Video

Wistingseason 2, two episodes per night on Sundays at 8:55 pm on Polar +

Monday 2 May

The dealseason 1, two episodes per night on Mondays at 8:55 pm on Polar +

The equalizerseason 2, Monday at 9pm on Serieclub

Tuesday 3rd May

trillions, season 6, two episodes a night on Tuesdays at 9pm on Canal + Series

Wednesday 4th May

The originalsseasons 1-5, Amazon Prime Video

Three meters above the skyseason 3, Netflix

The marginalSeason 5, Netflix

SHIELD agents, season 7, Disney +

The fansseason 5, Disney +

Leone Mattei, youth brigade, seasons 8 and 9, Disney +

The promiseminiseries, Disney +

Thursday 5th May

Platonicseason 1, at 8:40 pm, OCS Max and in full on demand on OCS

The Pentaveratominiseries, Netflix

clarkminiseries, Netflix

Welcome to Edenseason 1, Netflix

Friday 6 May

Tehran, season 2, Apple TV +

The savagesseason 2, Amazon Prime Video

Bosch: Legacyseason 1, Amazon Prime Video

Girls5Evaseason 2, three episodes then one per night at US time on Fridays at 11:15 pm on Canal + Series and MyCanal

Charmed (2018), season 2, Leap

The Vampire DiariesIntegral, Jump

The sound of magicseason 1, Netflix

State of happinessseason 1, Arte.tv

Coronerseason 4, at 9pm on 13th Street

Monday 9 May

Mobile teamseason 1, Arte.tv

The Responderseason 1, three episodes on May 9th and two episodes on May 10th at 9pm on Canal + and in full on MyCanal

Better thingsseason 5, three episodes per evening on Mondays at 9pm on Canal + Séries

Parliamentseason 2, France TV Slash (and season 1 on France 5)

Replacementnew unreleased episodes, at 21:10 on TF1

Tuesday 10 May

Visitorsseason 1, Warner TV

Working mothersseason 6, Netflix

Wednesday 11 May

How I met your father, season 1, Disney +

The Everrealm tournamentseason 1, Disney +

Anna, miniseries, Disney +

brothers in crimeseason 2, Netflix

42 days of darknessseason 1, Netflix

Wild beauty, season 1, Netflix

Thursday 12 May

HPI, season 2, at 9:10 pm on TF1

Ad Vitamminiseries, fully from 12 May to 17 June on Arte.tv

Friday 13 May

The Essex snakeminiseries, the first two episodes will be available on May 13, followed by an episode every Friday, Apple TV +

Triofour episodes a night on Friday at 9pm and in full on MyCanal

That’s how I love youseason 2, somersault

Lincoln’s defenseseason 1, Netflix

Neumattseason 1, Netflix

The handyman, season 1, Netflix

Saturday 14 May

Tin starseason 1, at 8:50 pm on Altice Studio

Monday 16th May

The time traveler’s wife, season 1, at 8:40 pm on OCS City

Vampire in the garden, season 1, Netflix

Visionsseason 1, at 9:10 pm on TF1

Tuesday 17th May

The diary of the futureseason 2, Netflix

Wednesday 18 May

Vita & Beth, season 1, Disney +

Grand Hotelseason 1, Disney +

Grown-ishseason 4, Disney +

TOTSseason 2, Disney +

I promise youseason 2, Disney +

Who killed Sara?season 3, Netflix

Thursday 19th May

bang bang babyseason 1, part 2, Amazon Prime Video

disturbing showseason 3, at 11:25 pm on Paris Première

The mountain of secretsminiseries, fully on Arte.tv until 8 July

Sisterhood, season 1, at 8:50 pm on Altice Studio

Friday 20 May

Occasionallyseason 1, Apple TV +

Towards the starsseason 1, Amazon Prime Video

Queens of the mafiaseason 1, Arte.tv

Theodosiaseason 1, somersault

Love, death and robotsVolume 3, Netflix

queens of the mafia, seasons 1 and 2, Arte.tv

Wednesday 25 May

Wu-Tang: an American sagaseason 1, Disney +

Bob’s burgerseason 12, Disney +

cranberry, seasons 1 to 3, Disney +

Philadelphiaseasons 3 to 7, Disney +

Thursday May 26th

The mountain of secretsminiseries, Thursday until June 9, on Arte

Friday 27 May

Stranger thingsseason 4, volume 1, Netflix

Obi-One Kenobi, season 1, two episodes, then one episode a week on Disney +

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