Passengers of the Night, Warsaw 83, Limbo, Doctor Strange 2 … Films to see or avoid this week

France in the 80s with Charlotte Gainsbourg, an Orwellian nightmare in Warsaw in 1980, a joyful and breathtaking superhero film … What to see this week? Discover the cinematic selection of Figaro.

passengers of the night– Have

Drama by Mikhaël Hers, 1h 51

Is very far. For a while, the film was supposed to be in black and white. The 80s, remember? Mitterrand had just been elected. Hope had rosy cheeks. Even if it didn’t last, the jubilation was there. Archival footage confirms this. A great sweetness emanates from this chronicle that seems whispered. This cinematic murmur was already the sign ofAmanda, softly summoning the Bataclan’s attacks. Mikhaël Hers has its own mark of modesty and discretion. He shows a capital full of adrift beings, of hopes that dare not show themselves. The film is like its heroine, who cries in secret. She doesn’t admit it to anyone, but she keeps her diary. You need to find a job. Librarian, this job will only be temporary. Tomorrow did not sing for long, even though it was promised to us. Charlotte Gainsbourg finds a role tailored to her, an oiled bird with a miserable smile, sleeping on the sofa, which above all she does not want to disturb. Visits to the father are characterized by a common embarrassment. Tenderness does not always find his words … IN.

Warsaw 83, a question of state – Have

Judicial Thriller by Jan P. Matuszynski, 2h

There are movies you come out of with rage in your stomach. Warsaw 83,a question of state is one of them. In competition at the latest Venice Film Festival, the Polish legal thriller inspired by real events and directed by Jan P. Matuszynski tells how a police error turns into an unbearable Orwellian nightmare, before becoming a state affair. The director films with an almost Jansenist detachment the martyrdom of a Polish student, in the heart of Communist Poland in the 1980s, under the totalitarian regime of General Jaruzelski. Diving is relentless … OD.

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness – Have

Sam Raimi fantasy film, 2h06

Sure, Sam Raimi isn’t done with superheroes. This veteran Hollywood director, who managed in 2002 to give the push Spiderman and his trilogy at the box office is back in business. Charming in his sixties, he returns to the heart of the genre that made him famous: the superhero film. Assuming the character of Strange Doctor, the director ofevil Dead (1981) knows it touches esotericism, witchcraft, mysticism and … multiverses. A joyful and breathtaking film. OD

He drank– Have

Historical narrative by Michelangelo Frammartino, 1h33

He drank, special jury prize at the Venice Film Festival, retraces the first exploration in 1961 of the Bifurto chasm in Calabria by a group of young speleologists, originally from Piedmont. The second deepest cave in the world (almost 700 meters). A discovery that Michelangelo Frammartino, filmmaker of decline or at least of sobriety, stages with an austerity that does not exclude malice. There is something burlesque in Tati in his way of filming the arrival of speleologists in the village and on the Pollino plateau among cows and shepherds. A small sideMr Speleology Holidays ” Where “ My uncle in Calabria“. A muted satire of modernity. Like when two speleologists play football over the hole and end up dropping the ball into the cavity.He drank it is also a film without dialogue and a lot of sound, from cowbells to the noises of the cave. ex

Limbo – Have

Ben Sharrock Drama, 1H43

“It is a disturbing film that you have to see on the big screen to get lost in the image, in this landscape and this time, infinitely extensible, that trap the protagonists” , rightly warns actress Sidse Babett Knudsen. Between Waiting for Godot and the Wes Anderson films, Limbo plays with the spectator’s patience, mixing the absurd and a dreamlike melancholy to describe Omar’s daily life. This young oud player has fled the war in Syria. He languishes with an Afghan and two Ethiopians in the migrant shelter on a windswept, cellless Scottish island, waiting for the British authorities to consider their asylum application. Director Ben Sharrock captures with surprising economy of means and humanity the lack of horizon, the uprooting, the dissolution of an identity in the face of uncertainty. A vision of the migration crisis without pathos, fear or sensationalism. CJ

Detroiter – You can see

Documentary by Andreï Schtakleff, 1 h 26

Since 2008 and the subprime crisis, Detroit has become the symbol of capitalism’s failure. Andreï Schtakleff retraces the fall of Motor City, the cradle of the automobile industry and of Motown, a record company that publishes soul and R’n’B songs. Essentially giving a voice to African Americans, the director recounts the transition from one segregation to another, from exploitation to gentrification. ex

miss marx– You can see

Drama by Susanna Nicchiarelli, 1:47

After Nico, Susanna Nicchiarelli takes an interest in Karl Marx’s youngest daughter, Eleanor. Upon her death (1883), the young woman continued her father’s struggle in London, fighting for women’s rights and the abolition of child labor. But the socialist is infatuated with Edward Aveling, playwright, opium smoker, runner of women up to their necks in debt. Eleanor Marx is a kind of Simone de Beauvoir, revolutionary spirit and the heart of a working girl. The actress Romola Garai (the Angel of François Ozon) is not demerit but the costumes weigh a lot. Nicchiarelli is content to rock her images to make them all modern. ex

little lesson of love– To avoid

Comedy by Eve Deboise, 1h 27

As inYoung woman, Laetitia Dosch plays a lost 30-year-old Parisian. Except that her partner here is Pierre Deladonchamps and Eve Deboise’s comedy fails. From a misunderstanding, a crazy race without rhythm or great originality. ex

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