People share how they transformed their bathroom on a shoestring budget with DIY

These bathrooms have undergone some major transformations (Picture: Getty/

Your bathroom can be a sanctuary.

The place where you get clean, pamper yourself, relax after a hard day, or just take some time for yourself away from the rest of the family or your roommates.

If your bathroom is looking a little tired or tired, it can be difficult to create the spa-like zen you’re looking for – but updating your bathroom doesn’t have to be a huge job.

Getting a new bathroom — including the plumbing, tile, and all fixtures — can feel daunting, but there are ways to use DIYs and clever hacks to keep costs down.

We spoke to some people who have done just that and got their top tips for turning your bathroom into a beautiful, restful space without breaking the bank. Starting with my own bathroom renovation:


Journalist, East London

Bathroom for

Still a long way to go (Picture: Natalie)

The bathroom was one of the biggest jobs in the renovation of our garden apartment on the ground floor.

We had to start all over, literally ripping everything out until the bare brick walls were exposed.

The most expensive was repairing the pipes which meant changing the angle of some of the pipes so they were less likely to get clogged in the future – so hopefully that saved us some money and some stress in the future.

Bathroom for

We even replaced the radiator (Picture: Natalie)

Bathroom while working

These subway tiles were for sale (Photo: Natalie)

The bathroom is small with just enough space for a combined bath and shower, a small vanity unit with a sink and the toilet. We’ve created some extra storage by putting hooks on the walls to hang towels and some shelves for our toiletries.

Bathroom while working

Obsessed with these tiles (Picture: Natalie)


The sunny yellow/orange lifts the space (Picture: Natalie)


#Shelfie (Photo: Natalie)

We chose monochromatic tiles in a bold Art Deco print, which I absolutely love, and I set my sights on Farrow & Ball’s Dutch Orange for the walls and ceiling because I wanted the room to feel bright, warm and Mediterranean. .

I also love the black shower screen and giant shower head, which feels really modern and sleek.


Home staging advisor, Kent

Lisa bathroom before

Front (Photo: Lisa, Stylize)

‘The original bathroom was very dirty and dated in the green. I’ve used crisp whites and light grays to brighten up the space, with vibrant accents of berry tones, as natural light doesn’t get into the room.

Lisa saved money by not punching the pipes because the plumber told her it would be an extra cost.

“He suggested I spray paint the pipes the same color as the tiles,” she says. “I used a concrete effect spray to match the gray tiles so they look hidden.”

Lisa explains that large format tiles are more cost effective because there are fewer cuts.

Lisa bathroom na

After (Photo: Lisa, stylize)

‘Of course they also cover a larger surface’, she adds. ‘The original walls were of poor quality, so I tiled them instead of plastered them. I also proceeded to tile the floor instead of using cheap lino.

“Continuing with the same tiles, pattern and color can make the room seem bigger. It originally had a dirty carpet, so this has been ripped out, ready for the tiles.’

Plumbing is one of the precious parts of a bathroom, so Lisa used the same footprint and plumbing system.

lisa bathroom before

Much more modern (Photo: Lisa, Stylize)

“This avoids long-term plumbing relocation costs, which leads to material costs and extra daily fees for a plumber,” she says. ‘There was no shower when I started, but the rough plumbing was there, so luckily no extra work was needed there.’

Lisa used an L-shaped bath to integrate both bathing and showering without having to find space for two separate appliances.


Founder of PR Agency, London

bathroom earlier

Not very inspiring (Picture: Nick)

“The bathroom is small and we’ll be tearing it down when we build an addition, so the idea was to make it look ‘wow’ but on a budget,” explains Nick.

When it came to decor, Nick didn’t shy away from bold choices.

“We liked the idea of ​​a Hollywood feel, so we got paint 12 from Lick, a deep pink.

‘I love the wallpaper at the Beverly Hills Hotel, but for over £300 a roll we opted instead for a roll of I Love Wallpaper which cost £24 a roll.’

Bathroom na

Quite the transformation (Picture: Nick)

Nick says the floor is made of shower wall tile squares.

“We decided to use them as our grout floor sprinkled with gold glitter to give the floor a real shine,” he says.

bathroom floor

Look at that floor! (Photo: Nick)

bathroom after

A space-saving sink (Photo: Nick)

bathroom lighting

Beautiful lights (Picture: Nick)

‘The mirror and ceiling light were on sale on and the toilet paper holder was also from – which is great is that it has a shelf so it’s perfect for putting in a diffuser for limited space.

‘The whole room cost about £200, but the sense of fun, wow and a little slice of Hollywood glamour.’


The style cushion

Bathroom for

The bare bones (Photo: Louise)

“The bathroom was originally a bedroom, so my husband and I cut it down to the bone and renovated the whole room ourselves,” says Louise.

The pair added salvaged panels torn from an old school hall that was about to be demolished. And that wasn’t their only clever find.

Bathroom for

You’ll probably need some walls first (Picture: Louise)

“The sink was a chest of drawers that I picked up for free and repurposed,” she says.

“The mirror is a £5 Facebook Marketplace find that I made myself, and the plant stand was a bargain from an auction house that I also upcycled.”

Bathroom na

The chest of drawers is a nice touch (Picture: Louise)

Bathroom na

Small features have been found on Facebook and charity shops (Picture: Louise)

Bathroom na

Timeless elegance (Photo: Louise)

Louise’s advice to anyone embarking on a bathroom makeover is to challenge yourself to think outside the box.

‘For example, should I look for new washbasins or can I reuse something with more character?’ she asks.

‘And do I need a real toothbrush holder or would something else work just as well, but be nicer and cheaper? My go-to is to find secondhand bargains or DIY things I have because it’s more fun and saves me a lot of money.”

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