Playoff 2022, editorial predictions for the Grizzlies series

A Playoff series is obviously the struggle between two franchises, a few cracks and two fans, but they are also opposing opinions, even within our editorial team. Who thinks what, who is the most gifted with a crystal ball in his hands? Here are the editorial predictions for the Grizzlies – Warriors series!


Get comfortable on your sofa and carry a pocket with you because we won’t have time to pee. The Playoff series par excellence, between two teams that know how to give their best in this kind of match-up. An advice ? Don’t be fooled by the first round. The Warriors dominated the Nuggets ultra but against a Denver team that suited them perfectly, while the Grizzlies seemed in trouble against the Wolves but mostly because they had foolishly decided to play who has the biggest mouth rather than aim for the I inputs. this series will go in 7 and in a game 7 anything can happen, even if this time I see rather Golden State taking its revenge for last season. 4-3 Warriors, an incredible series that will make history, too hasty, too fast.

Nico M.

The most exciting series in the conference semifinals? Perhaps. However, as the Grizzlies prepare, they will have to show a different face than against Minnesota in the first round. Because if Ja Morant’s band was able to deliver the essentials against the Wolves, there they will face the Warriors who know what it means to win NBA titles and who have no intention of giving any gifts unlike the Wolves. Translation, the slightest mistake risks paying cash against Steph, Klay, Draymond et Cie. The latter impressed against the Nuggets and I think they’ll show those cheeky Grizzlies who the boss really is. In order for Memphis to take over in this series, several basic conditions will have to be met: a much more inspired Morant than in the first round, cleaner basketball, a Desmond Bane – Brandon Clarke duo still just as efficient, a Jaren Jackson Jr. who finally avoid mistakes and valuable contributions from everyone. That’s a bit much, so Warriors in 6.

Alessio T

Once again, the series that everyone was waiting for this second round. Memphis surprised me a bit in this first round because I saw the Grizzlies with more edge. We saw Memphis too beautiful, are the Playoffs rocking Taylor Jenkins’ band? In front, a monster of post-season experience with Golden State. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green each have more experience than the entire Tennessee team combined. The five deaths of the Warriors are pretty scary, but Steve Kerr has also weakened his bench by removing Stephen Curry or Jordan Poole. Gary Payton II appears to be the only second unit player who can really make a difference now, while Taylor Jenkins has more options with substitutes than him (Brandon Clarke, Tyus Jones, Kyle Anderson). I also believe that the opposition with a big chunk of the league will arouse the envy of Memphis, who no doubt took the Wolves a bit high and was surprised. Memphis won 4-2.


Very special series that I find. In the first round, Golden State made Golden State, that is, dominate. Memphis, for its part, took longer than expected. So, without thinking too much, the Warriors are favorites and should go to the final. But be careful not to underestimate the Grizzlies. Ja Morant, Desmond Bane and the whole gang can hurt their recklessness and their athletic talent. However, how do you go about defeating these Warriors who are so experienced, so defensive and so deadly on offense? I think the Cubs will be a bit light to limit Splash Bros to 3 points. The only good news for them is that Steven Adams should be able to play again (once released by the H&S protocol). Final verdict: Golden State win, 4-1.


A series that a lot of people wanted to see, and of course I’m one of them. Ja Morant vs Stephen Curry, the rising star against the Chief, and a great symbol for whoever comes out victorious in this duel. I expected Memphis to be calmer against Minnesota, the solidity the team has shown throughout the season has sometimes been well hidden in the series, but this team can clearly perform during the big comparisons. The Warriors them, nothing to say. Overall, there are too many qualities on both sides of the pitch, the team has experience for this type of match, and the three Splash Brothers are watering it all down. Come on, I bet on the 4-3 Grizzlies, with a Ja in Super Saiyan mode.


Ah well here are the Grizzlies, finally. The Warriors were almost waiting. Memphis pulled himself out of the Minnesota quagmire and now stands in the way of GS who has taken advantage of Nikola Jokic’s loneliness. Stephen Curry is back in Warriors’ 5 and took the title of best player in franchise history from Jordan Poole, Klay Thompson is back and Draymond Green … will still be the same. But on the contrary, Ja Morant, even in trouble, remains Ja Morant and will hurt based on hard hitting drives and salty tweets, he who for the moment has more tweets than baskets recorded in these playoffs. The styles are opposed but the fight will only be fiercer. However, the Warriors seem a hair above the Grizzlies to me also remembering that last year in the play-ins the Bears took the best, returning the Chief and his friends a little earlier than expected in Punta Cana. This year, Golden State takes revenge on the talented but perhaps still soft Grizzlies, and they will take the 4-2.

Nico V

This is the series that smacks of shōnen, between the Grizzlies ready to open a new era for the NBA, and the Warriors absolutely undecided to close their history page. Young people are determined to overthrow everything, but unfortunately they are more likely to be overthrown. Why ? Because the San Francisco Bay Warriors are once again too prepared and armed to be bothered before the Conference Finals. The Bears, for their part, had a lot of trouble getting rid of the Wolves and I don’t see how they could actually have fought during this series. Ja Morant will undoubtedly do the same, but he will act first on the pitch and then on Twitter, and not vice versa. In short, for me the Warriors will be humiliating as usual, so they will give a 4-1 similar to that of a sweep.

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