Prada and the artist’s bag, Philosophy and the other news of the week

Weekend is just around the corner, let’s get comfortable and discover the fashion news of the week!

We know, you know: the time has certainly come to prepare forsummer† Like? Kicking off that special routine consisting of workouts, super lunches fresh, ice cream and thematic shopping. THE costumesof course, but also i pareialways been the garment with the most holiday flavor and the perfect emblem of summer freedom

But summer it also means parties and guaranteed fun, where you have to ensure the right look, maybe even with respect for the environment. And finally a special bag portrayed by the masters of photography. Have we convinced you to follow us? Here are the fashion pills from

Fashion Pills: Monday and Summer on Panarehi Island


(Credits: Courtesy of Press Service)

What do you think is the most effective symbol of summer? In these parts we are convinced fans of the pareo, an emblematic piece of clothing for holidays, which has no fashion, sizes or restrictions on use. The democratic garment par excellence, versatile and suggestive like a postcard of exotic beaches. Well, the sarong is the flagship of a newborn brand, but we are sure it will go a long way. His name is Panarehi, an island that does not exist but is not unreal for this, that smells of salt and fragrant flowers. The collection just presented revolves around the sarong and its many uses, transforming it from a garment designed for the beach to one suitable for the everyday look. Cotton, viscose, prints and winding fringes are the elements that are mixed to give us an elegant or cheerful, casual or sophisticated piece. All models are made by artisan hands on the outskirts of Milan, in a one size fits all and with a focus on sustainability. #FringesLovers

Fashion Pills: Tuesday and the Prada artist bag


(Credits: Courtesy of Press Service)

Catherine OpieThomas Ruff And Carrie Mae Weems: these are the prestigious brands chosen by Miuccia Prada to tell Prada Symbols, the bag inspired by the iconic Prada triangle, the carrier of a new concept of emblem. The campaign, conceived as a triptych, was created by the three masters of photography, first lent to a fashion campaign, through a series of portraits of the campaign’s protagonist, the actress Hunter Shafer† In an ideal dialogue between the three, which also becomes challenge, conversation, exchange, Opie, Ruff and Weems explore and investigate the figure of the model and the Prada Symbole moving in front of the lens, each with an unexpected characteristic of the relationship. Indeed, when Opie Schafer sculpts through light into a series of triangles, fusing woman and object, Ruff reinterprets with the ready-made images, distorting and manipulating reality, while Weems connects his images with concepts of identity. , representation, projection – bringing them back to notions of transformation and courage. #FashionMasterpiece

Fashion Pills: Wednesday is Andreadamo’s beachwear for Ssense


(Credits: Courtesy of Press Service)

Flowing sensuality and a touch of sophisticated eroticism have always been the cornerstones of the aesthetic canon created by Andreadamo it immediately became very recognizable and loved. A canon that we find today in the beachwear designed by the Calabrian designer who came out of the Academy of Fine Arts and became a stylist due to the lockdown. The new proposal is an exclusive capsule made for the iconic e-store sentence, for which Andrea Adamo has rejected the stylistic features that have made the brand internationally recognizable in a new version. Made of ribbed lycra and solid lycra that reproduces the flashes of the wet effect in nude colours, the capsule swimwear includes harness, layered cutout, drawstring and porthole: the details that, playfully playing with fabric and leather, they amplify nudity as an expression of the most authentic personal truth. #Sex on the beach

Fashion Pills: Thursday is the upcycled by Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini


(Credits: Courtesy of Press Service)

Reviving stocks, avoiding waste and without introducing new waste into the environment: a noble aim, but also very trendy, especially if it bears the Lorenzo Serafini signature. He’s even the brains behind ‘s first upcycling project PhilosophyPhilosophy restyled by Lorenzo Serafini 001a capsule collection of nine pieces recovered from the company’s stock, from which the designer chose the iconic garments of his artistic career and personalized them with a special label embroidered with the words “Adapted by Lorenzo”. Available in limited numbers, the pieces that make up the collection, ideal for cocktail parties and celebrations, range from a precious suit to a party dress, to a three-piece set, with bras, culottes and overshirts presented in delicate colours, floral prints and sparkling details , which reflect the brand’s most romantic and feminine DNA. So all waiting for the models that make up this exclusive artist’s wardrobe, which will be unveiled to the public during the Cannes Film Festival. #LuxuryRenovation

Fashion Pills: Friday and adidas x Parley “Run for the Oceans”


(Credits: Courtesy of Press Service)

A global and inclusive mobilization for a much bigger goal than a – albeit very healthy – draw and form: cleaning up the oceans. This is the promise of adidas And Parley for the oceans, who are collaborating for the fifth consecutive year on the initiative launched today that brings together athletes from around the world. From 23 May to 8 June it is possible to register your training and thus contribute to Run for the Oceans: for every 10 minutes of the chosen activity – from running, to tennis, to football, but also Wheelchair Sports – Attendee registering via the adidas Runtastic app or on Joyrun, Codoon, Yeudongquan or Strava, Parley will clear beaches, remote islands and shores of waste equal to the weight of a plastic bottle before it reaches the oceans. A task to which it is important to dedicate ourselves with the greatest commitment, given that, according to research, the world has now reached a point of no return, with the oceans destined to contain more plastic than fish by 2050. #GreenWorkout

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