Report cards Achille Lauro (9) sets fire to the stage (but is eliminated), Romania is only rouches (nc), Mika-Pausini (yes) get excited

Second Semifinal, 18 countries competing and only 10 go through the final on Saturday. Eurovision 2022 has begun.

Laura Pausini – Grade 5

From the vibrant shades of pink worn on the first evening today, Laura Pausini flatters herself with three conventional tones: red, black and white. Laura Pausini’s trip to Eurovision 2022 in bold colors. For the second Semifinal, the singer and presenter of the event focuses on Alberta Ferretti. After the pink brought to the Pala Alpitur in Turin tonight there will be three changes of clothes that Laura will wear during the live broadcast. Three party dresses but it seems that the singer did not understand the theme. (vote 5)

Mika – Grade 5

It is difficult with these very tight deadlines to bring out the personality. The only thing that stands out is the canary yellow suit (Grade 5)

Alessandro Cattelan – Grade 6

English lessons are bearing fruit. Pronunciation improves and so does the outfit. That touch of rhinestones on the jacket gives light and finally Ale is also detached from the background of the stage (Grade 6)

Finland: The Rasmus – Grade 6

Together for 30 years iThe Rasmus are one of the most successful Finnish bands internationally. Apart from the frontman’s hair, the performance of Jezebel leaves nothing. The lyrics are for strong and independent women, they are a little less so but they always like their rock (Grade 6) It goes to the final

Israel: Michael Ben David – Grade 7

Rolled up in a white Michael Ben David suit, he sings his Israeli anthem to free love. Four dancers with him to help him bring his difficulties on stage to overcome prejudices. The stage with I AM it’s his, he knows how to move and keeps the attention on himself (Grade 7)

Serbia: bond – Grade 5

“Was there a need to come to Eurovision to teach us how to wash hands?” Cristiano Malgioglio makes no mistake. The Serbian singer with her In a healthy body sitting in a basin talks about keeping yourself healthy. Definitely a powerful and eclectic voice but the wide eyes and the look of a pseudo nurse are not convincing … and to think that everything started from Meghan Markle’s hair (Grade 5) It goes to the final

Azerbaijan: Nadir Rustamli – Grade 6

The voice is in the heart as well, Nadir with his Fade to black conquest. A romantic ballatona but that loosens up a bit as she progresses because she lacks the ability to hold the stage (Vote 6) It goes to the final

Georgia: Circus Mircus – Grade 5

Bizarre, almost circus outfit, for the singers of Lock me up. Aviator goggles and pirate bandages, the georgian ban d song is as strange as they are. (Vote 5)

Malta: Emma Muscat – Grade 6

With sequins and piano Emma Muscat sings I am who I am to invite everyone to accept themselves. And as she sings, even if you don’t always keep the note, she gets on the piano and holds the stage. The audience loves her and cheers her (Grade 6)

San Marino: Achille Lauro – Grade 9

“I decided to participate in Eurovision with this song because it is free as I want to be, free as it is necessary to be”. And with Stripper Achille sets fire to the Eurovision stage. Jumpsuit all transparencies and rhinestones and briefs. A boa and a cowboy hat. A free love where the roles are reversed because the roles do not exist. Flames, bulls and cages. The performance is perfect, the song similar to the others and the kiss to its guitarist is the same, but the audience rejoices (Grade 9)

Australia: Sheldon Riley – Grade 6

Face covered with rhinestones, white dress and feathers, the singer of Not the same it’s very theatrical but its pop a bit dark drama (even the outfit is white) like it (Grade 6) It goes to the final

Cyprus: Andromache – Grade 5

Like it, it has stage presence and is fascinating and can almost take the risk of putting a shell behind it to evoke Botticelli’s Venus. It’s over there? is a reggeton song that convinces a little less than the singer (Grade 5)

Ireland: Brooke – Grade 7

Is rich makes everyone dance. And after seven Eurovision victories, Brooke is also hoping for it and with her electro pop she encourages the public. Grade 7

North Macedonia: Andrea – Grade 8

She doesn’t need anything, neither koreaography nor scenography. Andrea’s intense and deep voice is enough. Circle excite Rating 8

Estonia: Stefan – Grade 5

Stefan is very handsome “a handsome” as Malgioglio the real presents him Hope is that his song does not end and that he does not leave the stage. What should you rate the song? Or beauty? (Vote 5) It goes to the final

Romania: WRS – NC

But why should a competitor from Romania bring a Spanish look to the Eurovision stage? No sense for Call me (NC) It goes to the final

Poland: Ochman – Grade 8

Crazy vocal range, elegant look (and after the Romanian flamenco dancers needed) River is a dance that gets inside you. Vote 8 It goes to the final

Montenegro: Vladana – Grade 8

One of Malgioglio’s favorite artists. A piercing voice, an exotic beauty but we still haven’t figured out what she had behind her back. However, the pathos is there and the drama too. Breathe ends in Italian and the audience applauds and we too (Grade 8)

Belgium: Jeremy Makiese – 8 votes

Finally a contemporary piece. Makiese comes from Belgium who is also a footballer by profession but after tonight we ask him to hang up his boots and just sing !!! I miss you it works (Vote 8) It goes to the final

Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs – Grade 9

Cornelia Jakobs grew up on bread and music and it shows. She owns the stage of hers Keep me closer it is supported by the shouts of the audience. Delicious (9 votes) It goes to the final

Czech Republic: We Are Domi – Grade 6

“A painless song”, Malgioglio is not held and in fact it is. We dance and jump hearing Lights Off, they are sunny and becoming, but nothing more (Grade 6) It goes to the final

Duet Mika Laura Pausini

The duet between was among the most anticipated events of the evening Mika and Laura Pausini: a medley that has peace as its theme, with a thought turned to Ukraine. With Fragile by Sting get hot but People Have the Power by Patti Smith, turns on the Pala Alpitur. “You were fantastic!” Cattelan exclaims and Pausini echoes him (breathlessly).

Il Volo “loses” a component, but technology saves them

Il Volo arrives in Turin to bring Grande Amore to the stage in a new rock version, but one of the three gets Covid and everything goes into crisis. But a solution is found: a semi-virtual exhibition. Two in the presence of the other remotely just as it was done with the dad … For heaven’s sake, the technology is advanced, and the pandemic has forced us to use it, but the hologram of Gianluca Ginoble is a bit sad (but above all for he). But the song works

Cristiano Malgioglio – Grade 8

She is the real star of the Semifinal. She has the task of criticizing the performances and she knows how to do it but what amuses most are her stories of her of her liasons.

Carolina Di Domenico – Grade 7

She is Brava and deserves more space, this is an appeal!

Gabriele Corsi – Grade 7

He knows how to do his and he does it well. He is nice and respectful.

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