School, college, lyceum: how to become an educator?

The pawn job has always been a classic of student professions. Fixed-term and part-time teaching assistants—their formal name for administration—are responsible for supervising and supervising students. The health crisis has created additional jobs. The student explains how to use it.

“Covid is leading to a lack of teachers and administrative workers and these replacements must be provided.” In mid-January, the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, announced the recruitment of reinforcements to meet the needs caused by the health crisis: By the end of the school year, 3,300 contract teachers will be hired, as well as 1,500 additional teaching assistants..

Educational Assistants (AE or AED) was the official term for 20 years for leaders in schools, colleges and high schools. The work of the “pawn” (their nickname for students, approx. ed.) is performed by 63,000 people, of which a quarter are students.

What are the missions of educational assistants?

At the gates of the college or gymnasium, in the yard, in self-service or in the corridors, Supervision of students is the main mission of teaching assistants.
And that’s not all, they are also involved in the educational policy of the institution. They support, for example, children with learning difficulties.

By maintaining constant contact with students, they can identify worrisome situations related, in particular, to school bullying.

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They may also be given other tasks, including after hours : access to new technologies, help with documentary research, animation of cultural or sporting events, help with studies, etc.

What is the profile of a good teaching assistant?

“Today, this function requires a professional position to be not a “buddy” for teenagers, but a reference adult”, notes Carol Bauttista, Chief Educational Adviser (CPE) at Suresnes High School (92). “There are rules of procedure that must be observed, you must be be able to explain the rules to students. To do this, they still need to be understood and integrated.”

What is the workload?

Generally Educator assistants are recruited on a fixed-term, part-time contract for a few hours a week (maximum 18 hours per week for a student), although full-time work (36 hours) is also possible. In this case, it is rather adults who make it their job. AED positions historically reserved for students are now 75% occupied by people who are no longer in school. (read the box below). The average age is also 30 years old.

What are the conditions for applying?

A bachelor’s degree, regardless of the sector (general, technological professional), is sufficient to apply. for the post of teaching assistant. You must be 20 years of age at the time of taking office if you are a warden at a boarding school.

How to get a job?

Apply official procedure – apply on the SIATEN platform (information system for temporary national educational agents) of the academy where you want to work. Once registered by academic services, applications are forwarded to schools. After that, potential employers will contact you.

But nothing prevents you from sending your resume and cover letter directly to the head of the college or university you are interested in.

What is the salary of an assistant teacher?

The question of remuneration, the salary is close to the level of GOMS. As a general rule, you will be paid €803 gross per month for a part-time job and €1,607 gross for a full-time job.

If you work overtime, the hourly rate is set at 13.11 euros. Ministerial Order of December 2021. Calm down, there are additional benefits that you can claim: payment for school holidays under a 12-month contract, payment of part of transport tickets and travel expenses, etc.

Furthermore you can combine income from your work as an education assistant with your grant based on social criteria. Two conditions must be met: receive a scholarship corresponding to at least the second level, and work as a part-time study assistant.

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