Storm on Kim Kardashian for Marilyn Monroe’s Dress: How She Defends Herself

At the end Kim Kardashian was forced to intervene to try and calm the controversy that has overwhelmed it ever since, al with Galashe showed up with the very famous mermaid dress that Marilyn Monroe wore the night he sang “Happy Birthday, Mr President” on the stage of the Madison Square Garden
The occasion was the 45th birthday of the President of the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy† It was the 1962† A few weeks later, the great diva would die. The dress went down in fashion history. Kim Kardashian took it out of the temperature-controlled safe where it was stored to wear. Too bad not everyone liked their choice.

Kim Kardashian overwhelmed by the controversy on Instagram

It was clear that something would happen when the entrepreneur and influencer posted photos of Marilyn’s beautiful dress on her Instagram profile. “I am so honored to wear the iconic dress Marilyn Monroe wore in 1962. It is a beautiful fitted dress adorned with over 6,000 crystals hand sewn by costume designer Jean Louis,” she wrote, “I will be forever grateful here for his. moment.” † Perhaps she thought her followers would all greet her. Instead, while some praised her, many began to accuse her, writing: “We just needed you to feel like Marilynyou ruined everything, until now, this dress has been associated with an unforgettable moment in the life of Marilyn Monroe. Now, when we look at it, we will think of you ”,“ Your choice is disrespectful

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Experts’ criticism: ‘He compromised the dress’

Even great fashion experts and historians have criticized it. “A worrying choice”, the doctor said, among other things, to the magazine “People” Justine DeYoungprofessor of fashion history at the Fashion Institute of Technology, “Kim Kardashian could have ordered one” replica which would be indistinguishable from the original. Such an iconic piece of American history should not be put on the line just for an ego boost and a photo on the red carpet.”
Marilyn Monroe’s historian and collector, Scott Fortneradded: “While I understand the appeal of wanting to wear such an iconic dress, it cannot be ignored or overlooked that the dress is tailor-made for Marilyn. It is not a standard piece of clothing”. So she pointed out that the night Marilyn wore it, a seamstress was forced to… sew it on him to close it. “Kim Kardashian how did she do it? He didn’t show us how he closed it,” Fortner asked concerned.

A $4.5 Million Dress

The famous cream mermaid dress is one of the most iconic pieces of the history of fashion and film. The dress was so tight that Marilyn wore nothing else below. When she came out and took off her fur coat, everyone thought she was naked.
The dress has arrived flesh colored tullestudded with 2500 small crystals glittering hand sewn. It was designed by Bob Mackie, who at the time worked for the studio of costume designer Jean Louis, who had already sewn the costumes for Marilyn for her last two films.
Then it cost 12 thousand dollarsbut a few years ago it was auctioned for a record price for 4.5 million euros: the highest mark ever struck for a dress. Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the American media empire specializing in bizarre or historically significant objects and curios that it has lent to Kim Kardashian in recent days, won.

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Kim Kardashian defends herself: ‘I would never have screwed up’

“I made sure to respect the dress immensely and what it means to American history. That I would never have sat down“I wouldn’t have eaten with the dress on and I wouldn’t have risked damaging it,” Kim Kardashian said in defense of the charges.
Too bad she also explained that when the dress arrived at her home she realized she wasn’t “going in”. To be able to wear it, Kim Kardashian he lost seven kilos in three weekswho are on such a drastic diet that all the dietitians in the world have their hair on their head.

Kim Kardashian’s “Dangerous” Diet

Kim Kardashian explained that she had completely eliminated carbohydrates and endured grueling gymnastics sessions. “The theme of the exhibition this year was’In America: An Anthology of Fashion‘, inspired by the golden age. To me, Marilyn is the most American thing you can think of,” Kim Kardashian added, “I always thought Marilyn was extremely round. I thought I could be smaller in places where it was bigger and bigger in places where it was smaller. So when I found out the dress didn’t fit me, I cried because it can’t be changed. I only had two choices: lose weight to match the dress or find something else to wear. But this second option didn’t exist for me, I didn’t really consider it.”
To lose weight, Kim Kardashian wore one sauna suit twice a day, course on Tapis Roulantcompletely eliminated all sugars egg carbohydrates and eaten alone vegetables and proteins† But dietitians accuse her of sending the wrong message to girls: “He glorified the most toxic aspect of the diet.” Who knows how Kim Kardashian will defend herself.

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