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When we approach the development of continuous improvements as recommended by the best practices of BSC, COSO II, COBIT5, BPM / PMBok, ISO 9001 / Six Sigma, ITIL / ISO 20000, CMMi, BSC-TI. ISO 17799 / ISO 27001, SAS70 / e-SCM, in compliance with the Corporate Governance and Technologies, Information and Communication models, it is of vital importance to have a solid knowledge of the business, processes, procedures, data and services that they are interested.

In this context, generally, the guiding variables remain efficiency, based on maximizing profitability, with the reduction of costs; however we are in the era of quality, sustainability and coexistence.

Today the attractive value of investments, developments, technological, scientific and technical innovations seek the other end which is the engine of all the systems we know, they are the interested parties, the people, the individuals who move the world and the different economies, and all these individuals need to be able to exist physically, far from the virtual world, from metaverses, from technologies, from ideas.

The pragmatic need for coexistence is greater than the mere reproduction of ideas and the exposure of knowledge. As we approach evolution in the history of mankind, we have world-changing moments such as: the creation of the lamp (light for the night), Henry Ford’s production line, telegraph, aviation, telecommunications, home officein all of us we have the relentless search to have time, more time to enjoy and if the environment is habitat is it not existing and balanced?

Observing the Support chainconcern for quality, sustainability, clean production, transparency, control, interdependencies between production chains, knowledge, evolution, research, all linked to a production line, which can only be evolved and improved if known and consolidated with conscience.

In this way, countless countries have built their economic and financial situation with better excellence, especially those that have awakened in the use of methods, standardizations and fine-tuning for the improvement of processes and procedures, but this is only possible for those who have the courage to document, teach and improve knowledge, where compliance is manifested in some way even if unconsciously, ISO 37301, where the knowledge base will be built so that over time lines for the analysis of evolutions will be created and indicators.

By evaluating social development after applying the experiences of knowledge, improvement, economy, profitability, we now have the opportunity to segment stocks to other portfolios or needs of the environment or the country, so even in micro systems or micro economies, we have evidence of management and diversification of development, which is not perceived in the short term, but in the long term, or decades.

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However, today’s society, after studies and awareness, avoids organizations and countries that somehow practice slave labor, the destruction of the environment, those that use animals horribly, those that practice dictatorial regimes or any practice that has already a record negative effect against humanity, sustainability, the environment and other degrading factors for the world.

One of the greatest examples of continued action was when Brazil managed to eradicate smallpox, albeit with a total lack of infrastructure, roads, telecommunications and the transcontinentality of Brazil, as a country of monstrous proportions and with a climate, economic and financial diversity., absurd, possibly competing and odd; even so, with all adversity, the Brazilian vaccination model served as the basis for the constitution of the World Health Organization – WHO. Unfortunately, Brazil is no longer immune to smallpox.

The government has a commitment and a responsibility to carry out best projects, practices and improve other needs that are not yet operational. When we view the facilities in Brazil, before we have the annual budget laws – LOA, today they are called Annual Contract Plan – CAP, so continuity and compliance are essential for the development of the country. So when we address the issues of Governance, Risks and COMPLIANCE; these become structures for the construction of the Government Plan, for the Action Plan and for the Strategic Planning of the socio-economic and financial development of the country, also to favor the attractiveness of investments in the country.

Brazil already has a policy framework of sustainability, environmental protection and a research environment for several sustainable biomes, as we have the CRFB and complementary laws.

Now with the General Data Protection Law – LGPD, it strengthens the principles of Governance, Risk and Compliance, ESG guidelines, such as the need to know the business, the processes, the procedures, the data, the timing table, the limits of the authorization to access information, and the continuous improvement curve based on the lessons learned, where the focus is on the Owners, citizens, people, nation and country.

As we improve the controls, it has been shown that time series, life history, lived experiences become the reference basis for improvement. We can observe the technological and scientific developments of other countries, however the characteristics and realities of the countries or economic blocks are individual and unique, where the reference and the reality to be modified is that of the individual, who contributes to the community, and to sustainability in the world, with the plurality of resources, products, services, experiment, and with the sustainable sharing of the continuity and existence of humanity.

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Dalva Azevedo Neiva – is Co-founder and Partner – USE Tecnologias®, Coordinator of ANPPD @ Regional DF, Member of the ANPPD® Security Committee, DPO and Data Privacy Consultant Security and Privacy Risk Manager

Paulo Emerson de O Pereira – Graduated in Data Processing Technologies Law – Legal Sciences, Specialist in Free Software Deployment, International Business – GB, Digital Law, Mediation – MESC, Post-graduate in Critical Mission – DC, Post-graduate in Forence Expertise and Master in Mediation


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