Teachers attacked by far right sanctioned by the National Education

What is the Dasen of the Seine Saint-Denis playing? The teachers at the Pasteur School in Saint-Denis, who were treated like “terrorists” and slandered by a far-right magazine, hoped for a functional defense of the National Education. They collect transfers “in the interest of the service”. Thus, the national education confirms the right-wing radical campaign against the school and the Sud 93 trade union, to which only some of the displaced belong. The union is screaming and calling for a strike on April 12 to support these 6 teachers.

Teachers attached to their school Rep+

“All 6 of us are approaching a big choice,” Marie (not her real name), one of the 6 teachers moved by Dasin from the Seine Saint-Denis, tells us. They are well rated, in the top quarter of teachers. All six have been teaching at the Pasteur School in Saint-Denis for more than 10 years. The school of 19 grades, classified as rep+, is located in one of the most difficult areas of the department. The kind of school where teachers (and even IEN are said to stay) only stay for a few years. They decided to stay and take care of the children in the neighborhood. “At first I came because I had no choice,” Marie tells us. “And then we become attached to neighbors, to families. I liked the educational project about equality between girls and boys.”

Everything went well until the arrival of a new director, appointed by Dasen to a profile position. Coming straight from the private sector with just three years of experience in national education, she finds herself at the head of this particularly challenging high school. And it doesn’t go well. For Catherine Da Silva, head of Snuipp Fsu in Saint-Denis, “she wasn’t doing her job as a director.” This created tension in the team, who were very interested in running the school.

Accused of terrorism by far-right

In response, the director gave spontaneous testimony in the far-right journal L’incorrect (No. 49, January 2022). In this article, where all the teachers are presented as Court 93 “fanatic extremists” (even though they belong to several unions), she complains that “there was no hierarchy in the school.” The article is duplicated by a video from the same magazine posted on Youtube. These Rep+ teachers are called “terrorists”. They “don’t care about babysitting in the yard.” Teachers “smoke joints in the school parking lot.” They prevent children from learning to read. “The LGBT lobby has its own entrances to the school,” lamented L’incorrect, which likely alludes to an educational project about equality between girls and boys. The video suggests the teacher’s phone number. The names have hardly changed, if at all.

National entity refuses protection and moves

After this insulting and threatening publication, the teachers applied for functional protection to the Ministry of Public Education. They increased the number of applications to the Occupational Health and Safety Register.

The answer just fell. “An administrative investigation into the activities of the school was carried out in the fall of 2021,” the Saint-Saint-Denis dasen tells us. “The Commission of Inquiry has just sent its report to the rector, the conclusion of which sets out six measures of transfer in the interests of the service and a measure of removal from office in order to restore an atmosphere of calm in the school conducive to learning. The teachers concerned were informed by letter on Monday 4 April and an adversarial procedure is being applied. In addition, requests for functional protection that we have received are being considered.”

The weight of the extreme right

“This is a nameless injustice,” Marie tells us. “We are going to put contractors in our place. We helped young colleagues stay on the course at school. It will be difficult for them now. Students are angry that we are leaving. Parents are crying. I don’t understand. I got the impression that my superiors do not strive for quality public service.”

“On the eve of elections, we know the weight of the extreme right,” Catherine da Silva reminds us. But for her, conflict is primarily hierarchical. “No one wanted to see that this director chosen by Dasen was incapable of holding this leadership position. We don’t choose someone with only 3 years of experience to lead this school.” One might wonder if J. M. Blanker’s utterly failed campaign against the union of the South influenced Dasen’s decision.

An inter-union was formed, uniting Snuipp Fsu, Snes, Cgt, Sud and CNT. The disgusting climate of trivialization of far-right ideas has concrete and serious consequences for those who are its victims. The unions have petitioned and are calling for a strike on Tuesday 12 April. Require the content of the school 6 teachers.

François Jarraud

Petition (already signed by a quarter of the emergency department)

Inter-Union leaflet

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