Test by Laura Pausini | Choose your favorite dress and I’ll tell you who you are

For this test, we play with Laura Pausini’s fantastic outfits for the semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest: what does your favorite say about you?

To present the Eurovision Song Contest, Laura Pausini chose to wear clothes from the best Italian fashion brands. The dresses of the first semi-final were by Maison Valentino, while those of the second evening were signed by Alberta Ferretti.


Valentino has chosen two shocking pink total looks, the color the house has chosen as the absolute symbol of this season’s fashion shows. The two looks were absolutely contemporary, ultra-modern and really pop.

On the contrary, the looks designed by Alberta Ferretti were much more classics both in the choice of color (a beautiful red, a black and an angelic white) as well as the style of the clothing was much more of a diva than a pop princess.

Laura has perfectly dressed all the outfits that these big fashion houses have developed for her, but the onlookers definitely have their favorite.

We encourage you to choose yours and find out how your choice reveals a lot about your personality.

Laura Pausini test

To perform this test, we ask you to: choose the look that impressed you the most and read the corresponding profile. You discover your dominant trait.

Laura Pausini test

1 – Princess Valentino Look

This Valentino look is the modern reinterpretation of the princess dress we’ve all dreamed of wearing at least once in our lives.

Elegant but at the same time graphic, original and modern, this dress succeeds in the very difficult undertaking of summarize the history of fashion in one single look.

If you have chosen this dress, it means that: the keynote of your character is innocence. Also as an adult you haven’t stopped dreaming and to cherish the hope you had as a child.

You still believe in it good always triumphs over evil and may the future hold great things for you. What if these great things don’t happen by chance? Well, you would roll up your hands and build them yourself: you will become a princess too, but a modern princess!

2 – Black Ferretti Look

This ultra-sophisticated black look is an ode to classic femininity but also to the strength and feminine power.

There creation of very voluminous shoulders is undoubtedly one of the tricks with which stylists convey the idea of ​​power and make the female figure more “voluminous”, more “powerful”.

If you chose this dress with such a dramatic impact, it means: in you there is a queen who is just waiting for the moment to put on his crown: your main feature is the safety.

You are a mature and strong woman who knows exactly what she wants And, in particular he knows he has all the means to get it.

You never lose faith in your abilities, but especially in your willpower. You are always able to make use of your infinite resources to achieve all your goals. What if people make the mistake of underestimating you? Definitely worse for them!

3 – Ferretti red look

This is for sure the most sensual look ever of the ones we suggested for this little runway.

red is the color of temptation par excellence, has always been associated with the femme fatale, that is, for the woman who is capable of making any man fall at her feet with a single snap of the finger.

The model of this dress was very reminiscent of that of the typical dresses of the divas of old Hollywood, the ones that literally left all the men with bated breath as they passed. The ones etched into the collective imagination and that generations and generations of men have continued to adore.

If you have chosen this dress, it means that: your main characteristic is sensuality. Six a woman who can use her charm well made of intelligence, character and malice.

You stop at nothing and all you want is to see the world at your feet, adoring. you will make it? Only the future will tell!

4 – Valentino Disco Diva Look

This look is extremely nice and among all those proposed it is the one who takes themselves the least seriously. This outfit designed by the Valentino maison is indeed a cross between the superhero costume and a 70s disco look.

It was characterized by large sleeves – coat from which gods sprang satin gloves and from a very deep chasm from where you could see Laura’s legs wrapped in colorful tights that matched the rest of the look.

If you have chosen this dress, it means that: your strongest quality is irony and the ability to always have fun without taking yourself too seriously. You give yourself a thousand different interpretations, you adapt to a thousand contexts without ever giving the impression that you feel out of place. you are always the queen of the party and the heart of any company of friends.

It is not worth it for you to live a life that is gray, monotonous and the same as the life led by everyone else. Much better to always be herself, conquer everyone with her sizzling personality and always be surrounded by friends.

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These tests should be regarded as a pastime to explore some sides of your personality. They cannot in any way replace a valid and complete analysis from a psychological point of view.

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