The 13 best things to remember about Koh Lanta the cursed totem pole, episode 11

Bonchourrr the Totemix! Is it boom? Gasa? Did he mate with Koh-Lanta last night? Well, all the better because today is the summary. So last week we lost two soldiers: Pauline, a knockout, and Yannick, on a bold but wrong strategy from the former yellows. Yellow ex who are in a bit of trouble and who will probably try to convince Maxime to let go of the ex reds who can no longer support him. Will it work? Will Olga be able to find a new best friend? Will we see François take a shower again? This is what we will find out without further ado.

1. Anne-Sophie is the hospital that doesn’t care about charity

She is mad at the reds for betraying the yellows at the last council (by not voting for Maxime) while her strategy was to betray them (by not even voting for Maxime).


We like Anne-So, but it must remain a little logical here. Anyway, on Koh-Lanta, everyone cheats on everyone, and that’s what makes the beauty of this game.

“No, but the reds could really make us win”

2. Never let Nico register on an online betting site

The boy bets his rations of cassava and rice for the rest of the adventure against François, the only one who really knows how to shoot with a bow. Obviously he lost. And he helped inflate Francois’s melon which was already very ripe.

He will have at least proved to everyone that François was good at archery, which could cost him his seat during the event (spoiler: no).

In this photo you can see two men and a melon

3. Francis the Macho

Amber brings a fish, so the boy decides to go get MORE fish than her. It took her little ego to be touched to finally start fishing.

And of course, when François brings the fish, he wants to give it to THE GIRLS to cook it. Oh ok, the men who hunt, the women who cook, we get it.


4. We like Fouzi but hey …

“The Mbappé of finance” ??? No, Fouzi.

Look at this quality acting, you can see he’s negotiating a 500 million euro envelope.

5. Francesco has fallen

François’s melon was too heavy to carry, so it lifted up. Some will call it karma, but let’s just hope it gets your ego back in place (spoiler: no).


6. JC is lucid

JC before the comfort test: “So far I’m still bad, so I’d like to win once”

This is the kind of honesty we value.

JC doesn’t do much but we like it anyway

7. It’s up to you Denis

The reward for the comfort test is the famous phone call to relatives, and it’s Denis’ favorite moment. The moment when he can make any candidate cry by telling him about his relatives. He likes it, Denis, who makes everyone cry. He also likes him a little too much. He gets weird.

“So Olga do you miss your husband ??? Go cry Olga, I’ll collect your tears and drink them “

8. JC is a chef

Chosen by neither team, the boy is deprived of a test of comfort yet remains hyper fair play. This is a true leader. Did we mention we loved the JC?

“I don’t blame you guys, anyway I was going to lose him again in this event”

9. The melon is not ready to deflate

Third consecutive victory for François, it’s nice, but we would have preferred it to happen to someone with less swollen ankles.

Be that as it may, thanks to François, his teammates in the event earn the right to make a phone call to loved ones (or their ex ???? Seriously Bastien ???). And as always, while one is on the phone, the others get pissed off like dead rats. But really good shit. Look at the pictures, they don’t even try to hide it.

The last time I saw so many people getting pissed was during my end-of-year show in fifth grade.

10. Wait, we downloaded Arte or what

JC’s portrait looks like a documentary about a nice guy who lives in the woods with his dog. For two minutes we had the impression of being on Arte. It was nice. I hope you enjoyed this little break because …

11. It’s time for the queen event!

Yes, it’s the obstacle course, the test of true warriors.

On the female side, Queen Louana wins easily. In the men Bastien wins, but really at the limit. The two must then compete in a blind labyrinth, a test that requires only a little logic and a cool head. Qualities that Bastien did not possess that was totally lost. It is therefore Louana who won the event. Really very strong, this Louana.

Beautiful, strong, logical, humble: this girl deserves to go to the final


Olga found a PILE necklace when the yolks needed them most. Okay, if in doubt, we will act as if it really is a coincidence. In any case, what is certain is that it gives the yellow an opportunity to blow up a red.

Anne-So and Olga decide to target François, but Nico, the double agent, will continue to ruin everything. Well, even if it sucks, Nico is just playing his game, his strategy is good and that too is Koh-Lanta. But he sucks.

For his part, Maxime FINALLY realizes that the Reds are using him as a fuse to explode just in case. But what are you waiting for to rebel against Maxime ???

“Uh, I don’t understand, they don’t like me or what, reds?”


In the end it was Olga who played the immunity necklace, but all the reds’ votes were directed against Anne-So. With no luck. We will miss her because she had the anger, the desire to win and to try strategies. Without it, Bastien and Olga are clearly doomed.

Maxime was warm in the buttocks. Hopefully he will keep it for the future.

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